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That's how they explained it to me when I purchased. But I did try...
Thanks fritzl"What does those steel plates do to wooden floors?"Anyone else?
It was said above that bulling with Kiwi - if you lightly bump something it will leave a mark but with Saphir that mark would be less likely?I have experienced that marking during normal wear with my Kiwi bulled shoe. I would just keep a small patch of tee-shirt in my inside breast pocket to do a battle field repair. If Saphir reduces the chance that would save me the effort.
I'm thinking I'm going to hear what I don't want to hear but here goes.Because I used some Kiwi to bull my shoes - if I use Saphir to do period touch ups will that cause any issues?Also , is the consciences here that Saphir is the only (best) way to go with polishing and bulling?
What do those steel plates do to wooden floors?I've used the plastic plates. Not the classiest but safe for my floors.
As I thought the Saks branded suits were half canvassed?They also have Saks branded Zegna suits.. any idea on them canvassed or fused?
Who usually makes Saks Fifth Avenue branded suit? Are they usually worth buying for $700.00 in your experiences?
He got beat up badly...Got his butt whipped....
+1My calf copy fits OK... no great but OK
Norwich in cordovan.. In brown cordovan. Interesting. I have brown calf Norwich. They fit ok but I do bettter with lace-ups. Thoughts?
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