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Pleated pants will never go by way of the Edsel. Pleats have been around forever and will be around. To me pleats are more fattering on my not so slim frame and belly pouch. The recent styles have more flat front pants. As clothing goes more pleats, more flat front then more pleats. Narrower lapels, wider lapels then narrower lapels again.
Careful - I wear a 12D and found that they are too tight. I have not tried a 12E yet but will.Love the shoe btw. I have an older pair that are cobblers leather and are a different shape. To bad they are too beat to recraft.
Why would you do that. - unless you never really liked them.
Dead Horse aside - I use rubber taps on heels and toes. My concern is the metal tap scratching my wood floors as well as the loud sound on the concreate and brick walkways. At times I do drag my toes which will cause unusual wear. I install the taps myself. I inspect them each every now and again when cleaning and polishing. If the taps are worn a bit - I replace them before wearing again. They may not be as sexy as the recessed metal taps but are functional and...
Black and Burgundy?I picked up a pair a few weeks back. They are calf (not the cobbler's leather of old). There was a "scratching" issue with the cobbler's leather so AE changed to the standard calf.Also everytime I ordered a pair of AEs the shipping has been free.There is a sale coming around Father's Day but I was told that the black and burgundy Sheltons won't be inclulded in that sale but some other colors will.Here's to your pair being in great condition!!!
^ +1The walnut Srand for sure. It has different shades in the shoe that looks really good.The McAllister in merlot (1000% better if you get them in burgundy shell cordovan) looks classy and the color is rich and deep.
I mentioned this a few weeks ago - I have and old better pair on Sheltons. I wanted to replace them as they appear too beat to recraft. I used them for inclimate weather. I was told my old pair was made with Cobblers's leather. My new pair came in with calf leather. I called the AE (2nd hand) SA and was told that Cobbler's leather was no longer used because of complaints about the leather. The complaints were that if they get a little scratch it would be hard to cover. I...
Suck it up and take you "19-ounce-apiece size 12 Peal/BB patent oxfords". You could purchase some patent opera pumps (simular to Albert slippers). They appear to be even lighter than the shoes you show above. I would totaly stay away from the above.
Some were labeled "Ermenegildo Zegna" on one side or and Saks on the other side. Would those be canvassed or fused in your experience.?Anyone?
Can someone point out some of the most noticable differences between the blazer and suit coat?
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