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I spoke with an AE SA and he suggested I ship the shoes back and he would send me another pair in the same size to . He test. He said he is baffled and think it may be the pair I have. I think that is a long shot but it may be worth a shot.My issue is that I wear a 12D and the next size is a 13 and I would think that the size 13 would ruin the fit in the heel.
Great looking shoes and I get an education also I now know what a Francophile is....
A few stores can get them but none have them in stock. As mentioned I have quite a few of AEs and they fit well in 12D. Some have not been worn yet.Also the new Shelton is a completly different shoe (shape and leather).
1" ?? I'm trying to vision a 1" heel cowboy boot?
Bull hockey! Unless the keys are 2 inches square or the sleeves are too long I can't see how they would disturb typing. My cuff links never touch but I type as I was taught in school with my wrist up.
Greetings, I purchased a pair of Allen Edmonds Sheltons about a month back. I wore the shoes twice. They are extremely tight in the upper part of the toe box (near the little toe). After my 2nd wearing I realize that they are un-wearable. I do have an old pair of Sheltons (too beat to re-craft) and the new shoes are different from my old pair. I have quite a number of Allen Edmonds shoes including Stands, McAllister, Park Ave, McClains, McNeils, to name a few. They all...
I notice that Gray had white trousers with his Black-Tie attire? I have never heard of that. Have you?
Returning it for a larger size would probably have the shoulders not fit - which is almost impossible to remedy.Now if you are saying return it for another cut that may fit better then I would agree. Other than that he would have to have all points taken out as others suggested.
I have a few pair of Happy Socks and enjoy them. I believe one has to be careful not to over do it. I've gotten a number of compliments and enquiries. I'm usually a bit conservative with my dress and this adds a tad of fun and color.
No need to be afraid of having the corns cut off by a doctor. It's much faster than the off the shelf medicated pads. After they are cut you should be good to go in a week (if not sooner). Have you gained a little weight? I find as I gain and loose weight my feet expand and contract. I'm on the loosing weight sid now and my shoes are begining to feel looser.
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