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^+1 on 1/2 size up.I ordered Opera Pumps from them a couple of years back. They were very responsive to my emails and also emailed me with the progress. I did an outline of my foot as well and gave them my US size.I find that the pumps are a bit snug (not tight). For me it is ok as I have low arches and slippers/loafer flop a little on me. The material of the shoe is the thinner patent and is very pliable. I only wear the pumps 4 times a year and they are soft so its no...
Wouldn't the only reasons to revamp be climate, work atmosphere or upgrade to wardrobe? Are there any other reasons make one change his/her clothing?
I'm limited on options I'm losing a little weight. With that said can this combination be seen in public? I only have my phone therefore the image is not well (especially the shoe comparison). The suit is olive. The shirt his blue and purple strips. The tie is purple, blue, green and yellow. The pocket square is all I currently have. The tie is all I have that will remotely work. Also which shoe would look better with this combo (if you will allow me to leave the house...
Boy do you have a square head!!
I have the Fifth Streets in brown also and haven't worn them yet but will in the next few days after seeing yours. Mine don't quite meet up in the vamp as yours do but not too wide open. I was trying to lace them as you did in your picture but I don't think they look as good as there is some gap. I may have to go with bar lacing... So many choices.. what is a man to do?I wonder if they need to be put up soon because summer is coming?
On an outing today I stopped at one of our shoe stores. They didn't have the Shelton in stock and never do. I tried on a few pair of Aldens and Allen Edmonds in a 12D and they fit fine. The Braddock device says I'm a 12D. Once I return them and get a replacement pair I will let you know the outcome. Thanks all.
Wow.. that was easy.. Thanks..
You skinny guys are killing me.. I bet that's like a 38R US or something?I like the combo..a lot..But I love this tie...PM me... oh never mind. I can't afford it.
What stripe on the suit?Unless I missed the joke?Personally, I think it's ok.. just ok.Disclaimer: I have no sense of style.
I agree. It does sound crazy. It would have been a great help to find a store that stocked AE in my area. I can't believe that a large city would have this problem. Looking at the shoe when it is on I see that the leather uppers overlap the width of the soles a little. Explanation: With the shoes on, standing and looking down at them I can't see the side of the soles as the leather uppers spread out and covers them. Neither my McAllisters, Strands, Fifth Streets,...
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