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Just recieved my Strawfuts (brown/brown) today. Those pictures don't do it justice. My camera is in storage so no personal pictures yet. On my 12D feet they look sleak and classy. I must admit that sometimes AEs can look "Blobby" but not these. I do have to get used to the weight or should I say lack of. Also I like to feel firm leather around the sides of my feet. The mesh material doesn't give me that feel but it's comfortable. I will get used to it. The brown/blue is...
I'm drawn to this tie. Very, very nice. Looks versatile also.
Are they your loafers? If so, what make and model are they?
Tough one for me also. I read the snuff is softer but I like the chocolate better. No I like the lighter snuff better. Well the chocolate looks classier. Oops here I go again.
What? Shell doesn't like rain?Your shoes indeed look great. Are those soles thicker than the McAllister soles? It looks it.
Can you please tell me the model?
I did close to the same - Strawfut Brown/Brown & Players but in chocolate brown.I also returned a pair of Randolphs in cordovan (burgundy) it appears slip-ons don't fit me well. I'm trading them in for a pair of Cordovan burgundy Cambridges. I do have the McAllister in calf which is said to be the same shoe but I like the cordovans look. Oh well.
Does this tie work with the original shirt (purple and blue)? Listed as purple Listed as light blue and navy Will this pocket square work Am I going in the right or wrong direction in your opinions?
Meaning too bland?If so, I'm just out of luck..What would you change... I know I'm setting myself up.
Her is another try at it with a white shirt.. I think I will still have to go with the Burgundy McaAllisters?
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