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I have the McClain but never wear it as the shoe looks a bit busy and cluncky. I purchased after seeing a picture which had a slimming perspective. Out of the two Silver hands down.
Any takers?
Looking closer if it is the Saint James it would have to be the first version. I looked closer at the quarters and this shoe doesn't have the styling.
Greetings, I purchased and 11.5 EX (UK) and they fit well in the length but are wide. EX was said to be on the narrower side. I usually wear a 12D US which usually fit me very well. The 11.5E (UK) fits more like a 12E US. Does anyone have any insight on the brand's fit?
I just lost 20lbs and my shirts 17 shirts are too big. I fit a 16 1/2 shirt but could fit 16 in some cases. The challenge is the arm length OTR. I'm a 37 sleeve. My 46 jackets are a little loose in the shoulders and large in the chest and waist. A 44 is a bit snug in the shoulders. The chest and waist are extremely tight. I haven't lost all of my belly but working on it. I plan on losing another 15lbs. I will wait until I'm done to make purchases. I will just be a bit...
Can anyone identify this shoe (brown calf)? It look similar the St James II. I can't see the quarter well on my pc which would be a give away.
I've been looking at those in vintage cherry. I feel what you feel. If I could just justify them.Well I could lie to myself and believe myself but I just lost a bit of weight and need to buy cloths to wear.
Greetings, I'm in need of assistance with a Remo Mat issues? Long version - I bulled a pair of brown double monks with Kiwi brown. The cap toes had hairline fractures on the first wear. My reading said it could be the fit of the shoe (which I doubt as the shoe fits well and there is no creasing on the cap toe - just multiple fractures of the bulling). I read that Saphir bulling usually doesn't fracture but Kiwi would. I don't know how true that is but I decided to start...
Waiting to wear them in the summer? It's spring, you can wear them now. I will.One addtional point - they feel usual and will take some getting used to. I'm accustomed to the support and the weight that leather gives. These shoes are extremely light. They give quite a bit in the quarters. Not a bad feeling just different.
Some say shoes should never be lighter than your trousers. Have any of you heard that?I don't agree with that.I've worn walnut shoes with dark blue trousers and thought it looked good.
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