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Thanks for waking this one up as I never saw it. Happy Father's Day All.
What a fancy bulling bowl.. Now that's class.
I've found this. Its the Warwick. Looks close? Oh! seems to have only 5 eyelets. Also would need to change the last for a sleeker look.
Does anyone know this shoe model? I guess it would be considered a true balmoral?
^ +1
Thank you all for taking the time out to respond.Most who responded verified my thoughts. I thought it Would be the St James II in either brown or rioja. I chose rioja because I feel (personally) they coordinate with more items than brown.Again thanks for the responses
I have the 70 last and it appears to be an entire width wider. I also have another shoe in the same last and it's wide also.
Dress slacks, suits, premium khakis. Sometimes ties other times no tie but always a collared dress shirt. All but funerals and evening dress.Boy did I leave my chin out.!!!
What would you all feel is the most veristile G&G shoe (style and color) on the Bespoke-England page (non-MTO or non-Bespoke)?
I thought I saw them on an eBay posting. If I ever sell mine I might use the same pics.
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