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Very few pictures but from the few here what are your thoughts? This is used and in great condition. Of course I wouldn't wear a necktie with this.
Quote: Originally Posted by B|aze An evening wedding is simply not possible in Denmark. Why is it a challenge in Denmark? Quote: Originally Posted by jeff13007 To The OP it is YOUR wedding, who cares if its before 6pm or not. If you want it black tie (Tuxedo) then you set the dress code. Exactly!!
Quote: Originally Posted by B|aze The problem is that it is a tuxedo and IMO should therefore not be worn to a wedding.It's even worse with a necktie....and a dress shirt for a tuxedo!?! " If the wedding is after 6PM - why don't you think a tuxedo should be worn? Quote: Originally Posted by VKK3450 A dinner jacket / tuxedo is "supposed" to be ventless. The OP is correct. K +1
No I haven't had a chance to try them on. Usally I find a loafer type shoe a little loose in the width. There is a pair on ebay but they are a different make. Pair on ebay... http://cgi.ebay.com/595-RALPH-LAUREN...item3ca9d7197b The pair that I'm looking for in 12D If you go to the site and compare the twol you will find that the pair I'm in seach of has a longer vamp and does appear to be a narrower profile. I'm confident the width would be...
I'm in seach of a pair of size 12D Ralph Lauren Orsett Opera Pumps. There are two models. I'm looking for the model that has a UPC code that starts with 883241
If that was a 46R it would be gone.....
The Allen Edmonds deal I go was that any pairs beyond 3 are 60% off.
Quote: Originally Posted by zbromer I can't imagine any possible scenario in which wearing a sober suit and tie could be perceived as anything other than respectful, and I can't imagine any possible scenario in which bothering the deceased's family over something as trivial as the appropriate attire could be perceived as anything other than disrespectful. Not necessarily all funerals call for a suit, but there simply will never be anything wrong with...
Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh It is rumoured but not confirmed that they are going to have a "Buy none, get one free sale". That should stir up interest! Well, I look at it this way - the buy one get one free = 50% off. Why go with that when at times they have suits for 70% off their inflated price. A JAB $250.00 suit would probably cost me $100.00 to have altered to my liking. It may by palatable for a kick around suit in which a...
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier Did Darren or Ed help you out? Darren assisted me. Nice chap.
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