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Carrying in something that can be easily snatched. ????! Don"t listen to that.Carry IWB (In The Waistband) using a Milt Sparks VM2
I have about 1 1/4" in additional lenght in mine. They feel as they fit properly. The toe does have a little space but that is need to allow for the toe shape in my opinion.
I purchases a pair of suede AS loafers in a 11.5 EX UK. They were at a very good price in my opinion. They were listed as being on the narrower side of the UK E width. As the UK E = the US D I don't find the shoes on the narrower side of the US D. On the contrary I find them to be on the wider side of the US D. I'm usually a 12D US. The length of the shoe appears to be spot on. The width is about a 1/2 size too wide. I feel that loafer should fit as snug as comfortably...
I had a simular issue and I used Reno Mat first (one application) - let dry for 24 hours. Then I used 2 applications of Reovateur. Then the proper shoe cream color - not neutral (two coats) then the proper wax (3 applications).It worked out for me.
Checked out Philadelphia and nothing at all either.
Exactly,Start the holes on the toes then pull them out and cut them to size. When cutting the nails be sure to cut them on an angle to give the nails a little point. If they are the plastic type they usually come with adhesive on them which will assist with holding them in place. I usually only use two nails on the toe ( three on the heels) as it holds on the toes just fine. You should also get a hole punch to recess the nails.
I'm no expert but I would think the insoles are not secured to the shoe fully or extremely dry. See a cobbler. He/she should be able to secure or replace them as needed.
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