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Quote: Originally Posted by Doxe just tell her it's for the same reason she's wearing her nice underwear. She'll then spend the rest of the evening trying to figure out how you knew what she was wearing. Or she'll spend the rest of the evening punching you out for being fresh...
Greetings: I have a DB jacket and wish to raise the section where the jacket crosses to make the V at the chest (what is that called?). Also, I would like to bring the jacket in about an 2 inches and get some waist suppression as well as snug it up a bit. Holding the jacket over 2 inches appears to give me the look I'm seeking. There will be a total of 6 buttons to move. Is this taboo or has it been done regularly with success?
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 There is no such thing as the "best", the term is way to nonspecific. Also, please do not suffer from the "I'm fat and look like shit but I'm wishful that if I buy the best suit/DJ/pants/jacket than it'll magically make me look like the model in that picture wearing the same outfit" syndrome. Use the money to get in shape. Everything looks good when you are in shape. I'm in shape.. I'm just built...
That's just mean Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I don't have any advice to give on the jacket, but there was a member here with those approximate proportions and he got one of these: Food for thought. - B
*** Pictures and/ or links please*** In your opinion what is the best looking and best quality dinner jacket? I'll give you a general understanding of my shape as that my make one DJ better for me than others. I'm "46R US" and shaped like a box with broad shoulders. There is a battle between my chest, my belly and my love handles. My belly has won out over chest with my love handle following close behind.
Are Charles Tyrwhitt shirts any good? I only have 1 Charles Tyrwhitt shirt. It's a formal turn down collar with a plaque. I do like the shirt but it is different from a dress shirt.
Size 46R
Quote: Originally Posted by dashiel i'm not a huge stickler for all the rules of formal wear (i won't do patent leather), but traditionalists would say the jacket pockets should be welt, not flap. also, and this is simple preference on my part, but uncovered buttons bring the dinner jacket one step closer to a suit jacket. I would tuck and stitch the pocket flaps.
Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy Does it come with the matching pants? If not, then I wouldn't recommend getting it. The lapels are really quite wide... it's hard to tell though with that terrible tie. hehe Quote: Originally Posted by Sander I think it could look great. Of course only if the matching pants are there as well, orphaned this jacket is useless. Yes it comes with matching pants = total $150.00 US
No I don't know the year. In the 40's and 50's from what I heard - the lapels where quite wider (not that I think this version is that old).
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