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Quote: Originally Posted by Captain Winky Yea, I plan to ask about the vent, and whether it will look odd at all. I actually think I may keep the flaps, as I find this keeps the pockets from starting to sag if they're used to hold things. For me, no flap and leave the pockets stitched on not only my DJ but all suits. I don't want to be tempeted to put anything in them as "I" beleive that constantly filling the pockets alter their...
Quote: Originally Posted by Captain Winky If you subscribe to the logic that one must wear a vest with SB, but not with DB (I don't) then I'd imagine the DB is well suited to spring, as it's fewer layers. On SB = peak, 1 button, no vents, cummerbund for me (sometimes white waistcoat in cooler weather). I also have an ivory DJ but don't want to look to casual at some events.
Its warming up here on the East Coast. I own a double breasted and a single breasted tuxedo. I like to switch up every now and again. Is there any unwritten rules/suggestions about wearing the double breasted DJ as the temps go up? Will it look out of place in the warmer weather?
Quote: Originally Posted by Aaron01 +1 this stufff really works.
Thank you. You both answered as I would have. Someone mentioned that it would show respect in one taking time out to dress. My thoughts are "it's about the couple getting married".
Is it ok to wear a tuxedo to an evening wedding as a guest? I'm not sure what the wedding party will be wearing but they won't be wearing casual wear.
Is a VAT allowed on items shipped outside of the UK? I've seen some vendors attempt to charge VAT for shippments to the US and other don't? If found this on a retailer's site" "Customers Outside the VAT territory of the EU, Such as the Channel Islands These territories are outside of the European Union for VAT purposes and customers receiving goods at addresses in these areas will be NOT be charged VAT. " Does this mean that no VAT should be charged for US...
Greetings: Does anyone know the current VAT in England? Is it different depending on the area or the same throughout? I'm looking to purchase in the Caistor St Edmunds section?
Looking at the US to UK shoe sizing a size 11 UK = 12 US. I've also read a few post and they are pointing out 1/2 size difference. Also does a US D = UK F? How true is that? Does anyone have real life experience and can clarify? I do understand that brands may very a little but I can't imagine they would very an entire 1/2 a shoe size?
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC Almost 2 years later, here you go: I guess they don't make theas any longer?
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