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I feel black is the worst color for suede shoes. Black tend to look dull after a few wears.. Just my personal experience and opinion.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt S Here's a picture I found from the set of Iron Man 2. These trousers are not what I would call "wide-leg" but more like boot-cut. They are still low-rise and tight fitting through the hips and thighs like more fashionable trousers. I think they are cut wide at the bottom to hide his high heels. Double "Heck No" on this. I was referencing the straight leg wide leg trousers of the 30s - 50s.
Quote: Originally Posted by runner-guy I hope wider pants don't come back in. I still think slimmer fitting suits always look the best. Are we talking wider legs or bell bottoms If we are talking wider straight bottom then my opinion is 180 degrees different. I happen to like the look of a slightly wider pant. I've always admired them (circa 1930-1950). It appeared as though the trousers of that era were at least 1 1/2" wider and...
I like that new fangled alarm system.... Up on the deck....
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt S I believe there are parts of the US where one can wear an ivory DJ, but not the northeast. I think it's okay below the Mason-Dixon Line after Memorial Day. I could stack our 98 degrees F and 95% humidity against the temps below the Masion-Dixon line.
I'm in the US (on the East Coast). When can I begin wearing the ivory dinner jacket? I am aware that some feel that an ivory dinner jacket shouldn't be worn in the US because it's not considered the tropics. Aside from that thinking -when can I begin wearing the ivory DJ? I'm thinking Memorial Day?
How do Lobbs and EG stack up in cost in comparable shoes?
Quote: Originally Posted by Jake2 There aren't really any rules about this. In any case, any rule that did exist would be down primarily to what is comfortable for the time of year. Given that, it seems clear enough that you can make the decision for yourself, based on what you feel is going to be comfortable, without needing to worry about any rules or suggestions from anyone else. Double breasted DJ is a great look though. I've recently got my first,...
How would you gauge a Kroon sports coat in general? I saw a tweed Kroon sports coat that looked good but I'm questioning its build?
Quote: Originally Posted by amplifiedheat Think Bogart in Casablanca. You have your answer. Lol : It's not Mermorial Day yet and I'm on the East Coast USA. Not yet my man.. not yet... Some say Ivory DJ should never be worn on the East Coast... but I differ in my opinion.
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