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I don't know the model but they are said to be vintage (back when Bostonians were made in the US. Leather uppers and leather outsoles. Are they worth having in your opinion? About $100.00 US
How do you manage to keep the polish off of the cloth?Is it anything other than "just be carefull?"Great looking shoes!!!
Greetings, I have a 5 pair of Allen Edmonds that have been sitting in the closet for a few months as I haven’t had time to prepare them for wear (Mcallister (merlot), Park Avenue (black). Mora (brown), Strand (walnut) and Weybridge (brown). This is a multiple part question: 1. What steps should be done prior to wearing new Allen Edmond to get the longest wear and the best bull shine out of my shoes? 2. I’ve never thought about a bull shine on my dress shoes but after...
The plate on the bottom of the shoe as well as the literature states genuine ostrich. Either way the ostrich didn't make me lean towards the shoe it was the look. Once they arrived the fits is well. Assuming they are ostrich how should they be cared for?
Greetings, I’m seeking some opinion on shoe care for part leather, part ostrich shoes. I purchased a pair of Mezlan Tasca Wingtips. They are by far more progressive that any shoe I own but I wanted to spice things up a bit (mid-life crisis maybe). The shoes are a bit darker than the picture. They have an antique look. I used Kiwi neutral on only the leather part – leaving the ostrich sections alone. I’m thinking nothing needs to be done to the ostrich sections? I chose...
That's it. Thanks for the speedy response.. My memory isn't what it used to be.. Again many thanks.
A while back there was a post explaining the reasoning for someone wearing a thin red lace through the left lapel buttonhole of a suit, sportcoat or dinner jacket. Can someone re-explain the reasoning? I can no longer find the original post. Thank you.
Sorry.. Posted in the wrong section
No cane for me as an accessory. Now if it was a necessity then I would go for a quality cane. I would never carry a sword can. I would carry a Les Baer 1911. It has more of a reach.
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