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When bar lacing my shoes I get this - notice the lacing under the bars. Notice this - no lacing under the bars. Like the 2nd photo my shoes don't meet. Is the latter of the two images a prop photo or can this be done.?
If he starts tapping his shoes ... run!
My first boot. I would think that it should fit like most of my other shoes other than the extra leather above the angles? I really, really like the boot.
Questioning the fit of the Fifth Street. I just recieve (via mail order from Allen Edmonds) the Fifth Street in brown. They fit well other than there is a little more than an inch space from my toe to the end of the shoe. The rest of the shoe fits fine. I have the Strand, McAllister, Park Ave, Mora which all fit my 12D foot well. Has anyone had the issue with the Fifth Street?
Hey!! I'm an American and I know the difference. Just found out a few months ago but I know now But I'm not good enough to identify these what is the make and model please?
Speaking of spectators - I have a pair of spectators in the closet that I wore once. I saw them on someone and they looked really good. Aftwards I realized that I'm not currently brave enough for them:embar:I have the McClain. Thought about dying them (as I'm in need of another pair of black shoes) but heard some stories about white being extemely difficult to dye. I also have the Bel Air in bone/brandy (never worn). If I don't feel comfortable wearing them this...
Speaking of the Sheltons... I have a beater pair that re-crafting wouldn't help. The burgundy and black are really nice neat casual shoes. They seem never ever to go on sale.
Can Anyone ID These Johnston and Muphy Domani Loafers - I would like to track down a pair in my size 12D
Your McNeils look really good.just picked up a pair McNeils in shell cordovan and haven’t' taken them out of the box other than to try them on. They aren't as clunky as I feared them to be. They also fit very well. My understanding on the care is to just wear them and after about a dozen wears brush and buff them (no cream or polish)? I've also read that polish shouldn't be used because cordovan isn't as porous as calf and it can clog easily causing issues. I read...
Greeting,I bulled the toes of my AE Moras and noticed hairline fractures upon my first wearing. Is that normal or did I do something wrong?BTW I have a new pair of Keniworths in brown. I plan on doing the same as you. I think I shoud wear them a few times before bulling them as I would need to see where the creases appear as not to bull them. Are there any gotchas that I should avoid?Thanks in advance for the advice.
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