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What size cuff are those?Thx....
Can you ID the maker? I know they are darker than the picture - what are your thought on the shoe's look?
I used 5 thin coats of brown. Reading above others have used 3 with success.I did read earlier that some use 2 coats of neutral which give a better mirror finish. I kind of make sense to me to use the neutral. I would think that the clear will give a better shine appearance. I have to read through the thread again because I read that kiwi isn’t a good neutral to use as it appears a bit cloudier (that’s all I have at hand).I will strip them down and start again.
No creasing at the toe just hairline fracture in the bulling of the toe on the first wear.
Brooks Brothers Cordovan Cap Toe Blucher only a size 13D left. $199.20 (Look under sale shoes).
I visited the Philadelphia BB Outlet on Tuesday. Only 365 in the store. The SA said they never get 1818 there. Bummer! They don't even sell shoes there.
Greetings,I have the same shoe also in brown and I plan on bulling the toe. I plan on shining the shoe (without bulling) and wearing them a couple of times to allow them to crease. Once they somewhat crease I will then attempt to bull them and avoid the creases.I usually begin my new shoes by applying Allen Edmond Premium Polish on the entire shoe, let it sit for a couple minutes then use a damp cloth and begin to rub in the 1st coat of polish as if I’m bulling but stop...
I just picked up a nice Basile seersuckers shirt today but it was too large in the neck (last one). I really liked the shirt and quality. Never heard of them before.
As for tigtening when on,lostening when taking off and wearing across the day how do striaght laces fare?
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