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Well thank you! I was looking for medium brown. I'm sure I can find mid tan locally.
My Sheltons in black/burgundy have arrived! They must have changed the shoe – reading you description of the leather. They look like calf and don’t have the shine of my beater pair that I’ve had 2nd hand for a few years (which Cold Iron referred to a Cobbler Leather). Looking at my beater pair it matches your explanation of the very glossy black. The burgundy section of the saddle shoe isn’t as glossy. As for the new pair it has the normal calf low (non-polished)...
I was torn between the Randolph and the Westchester. The picture on the top on the Allen Edmonds page sold me on the Randolph. The Randolph is in the mail.I agree that the Randolph appear to be -as you say- less formal. The Westchester appears narrower in the toe box.http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/cati2_Shoes_1_40000000001_-1_1_image_0_N_120552_120552_130213_subcategory
Brooks Brothers is a safe bet.
You won't sleep!My humble opinion is to send them back. My reasoning is that the Strand is still in production and another (hopefully better copy) seconds will show up in your size. For me, the medallion is one of the most important visible parts of the shoe.If were something you really liked and it was being retired then it may be different. Just me 1/2 cent...Also, what size?
I purchased my 1st pair of cordovan (McNeils in burgundy) a couple of months ago. I also find the leather to be stiffer and heavier. To me, cordovan keeps my feet warmer (I will find out how hot it gets this summer). On first wear I banged them against a metal rack wich made a mark. I rubbed it with my finger and the scrap almost disappeared. Once I got home and brushed the shoe for 10 min the mark appears to be invisible.I have an old pair of Sheltons (now too beat to...
Any takers? I found out there is a sale and would like to pick up a pair before they are gone.
I live in a cave. When did this happen??I would stop by Syms once or twice a year to see if anything caught my eye. I did find a few bargains.
For those who have specific knowledge on the above mentions shoes - could you please give me your opinion? I'm looking to get a pair of cordovan loafers. I do like the Alden cordovan loafers but I'm not willing to pay the Alden price premium at this point. Does the Allen Edmonds cordovan loafers stack up at all against the Aldens? To my untrained eye the Westchester looks more simular to the Aldens?
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