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Bulling a shoe: I attempted bulling the toes of my shoes using Saphir reno and wax. When I applied the wax for bulling through a few coats it didn’t appear to take. I resulted to my kiwi and it immediately began to take. Is this what everyone else has experienced? Also at the end of bulling I was going to add a couple of coats of Saphir neutral to add some depth to the bulling but when I added the neutral wax I had issues. I was patient when applying? Shoes were my brown...
Cordovan Alden Boots for sale. Someone should pick these up!
I bet the young guy are saying "who the heck is that"?
They would have been mine but I already have the McAllister in burgundy. That shoe looks .......speachless....I opted for the Cordovan Brown Strand... I also tossed in the Cordovan Burgundy Randolph. They are sitting at UPS as I wasn't home when they attempted to deliver. I will have them both tomorrow. Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock
I spoke to an AE SA who said that they stopped using "Cobbler's Leather" because of complaints/suggestions from customers. Customers were saying that once scratched they were difficult to correct. I kinda understand that as I look at my beater pair.
BTW .. They stopped squeeking after the 2nd wear. I did nothing to make them stop. Probably the polish I applied wore off.
Sorry they didn't fit.They are sharp shoes. I currently have them in Walnut Calf. They fit my 12D feet well. The uppers don't completely meet when they are laces snuggly (there is about a 1/4 inch of space left) but they still look good on my feet.Are you normally a 8.5D? Just curious as my Stands are true to size.
Not that I have some snobby thing against JAB - I don't like their black bows or cummerbunds. They were too thin and less forming for my taste. The OP said he wished to upgrade therefore my recommendation of BB. JAb is not an upgrade.As for a waistcoat - I don't like them in black-tie and they get a little warm.
I disagree with saying "significant defects". I own a few pair of seconds and can bearly find the defect(s). I think that they look for thing that could deter someone from purchasing at full price. I had fa shoe with 1/8 inch of over glue on the leather near the sole. Pulled the glue off which left that patch lighter. After the 1st polish the spot was gone. I wouldn't call that significant.
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