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This may be old new and my appologizies... Suit Suppply appears to be opening a store in Philadelphia. Does anyone know where and the proposed date? That would be closer than the 3 hours to New York.
Greeting,Looks good. What width is the tie?I would never be so blessed as to fine shoes that fit and $50.00. Congrats...Regards,Knezz
Make sure your cloths fit exceptionally well and are clean and perfectly coordinated. When on looks different to their environment those think really count. In some environments certain things seem strange as it is not often seen (if at all). In a buisness casual environment, wearing a suit every day including even on Fridays seems strange. Don't get freaked out and go all glitzy... "Do You" but "Do You Well"!
I have a pair of Bel Airs in a 12D like my other AEs and the last doesn't fit me well. I wore them 3 times and gave up. I have quite a few AEs ( Strand, McAllisters, Weybridges, Park Aves ect) and they all fit well. Not the Bel Airs but the shoe looks good.
Does anyone know of a free shipping offer? I did get one for Halloween but missed it. The link on the side of this page showed free shipping but changed before I could read it all. Am I seeing things (wouldn't be the first time) or is there a code?
I have the same issue. I lost about 40lbs in the last 7 months. I'm pretty stable now but I'm not completely satified and wish to loose a few more pounds (mainly in the mid section).I've been at a stanstill for a few months regardless of my efforts. I'm going to give it one last try. If I don't drop anymore I will consider purchasing some new better fitting item. If I am able to shed a few more I will wait at least 3 months to insure that I'm relatively stable before I...
Greeting, I have a pair of brown cordovans that developed a white film on the top section of the shoes. I wore the shoes 2 times and just brushed them for 20 min. The shoes are in the original cardboard box and and stored in my bedroom at normal temperature and humidity. I have another pair of cordovans without this issue. What causes this? How do I remediate? Best regards.
I must be looking at the wrong site as there isn't much there. I couldn't imagine the store having less but what do I know Thanks for both responses.
Does the NY store stock more than what is on the site?
Out of the three above I would chose the Weybridge but in brown or black (in that order). I don't like the shoe in lighter colors. Some don't like bulled shoes. But in this shoe bulling the toes look great. The shoe (in my opinion) are relatively sleek and has a decent shaped toe.If you had asked for the three AE's without mentioning any I would have suggested:Fifth Aves - BlackStrand Cordovan - BrownCambridge Cordovan - Burgundy
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