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I'n not mad at him.. Any way you can get it...
Greetings, I have a pair of medium brown leather and suede spectators. After polishing with medium brown polish I finished the job with neutral polish. After the shoes sitting for a while the shoes developed the white look of the neutral polish in the holes of the medallion. Is there any way of devolving the polish without compromising the shoe. I have to be extremely careful of the upper of the shoe is suede. The medallion has quite a few pin hole size holes. I did use...
Oh! The humanity!!!! The Carminas
Congratulations.. I want an invite.. I will bring a Sam Hober as a wedding gift..
Thank you for taking the time out to make a suggestion.
Well I might have to make that $1,000.00 and 1/3 of my cash for shoes not by the Carmina shoes.I will just wear a pair that I already have. Any other options now that I'm willing to spend $1K ? When I looked at a few suits on the Suit Supply web site I thought they said canvassed.. I will look a little closer.
Greetings, I need a suit for a wedding. I need to have it by the first week of December I’m a little less than 3 hours from New York. I have $700.00 to spend on the suit. This will be my restart as I lost a bit of weight. Nothing fits anymore but it wasn’t all that great anyhow. I’m thinking a darker blue suit as it will be a beginning. I feel blue would be more versatile. I was thinking of grey but I’m not sure of grey for a wedding. I wanted something crisp and well...
Thanks.. Boyds Men Store won't be happy. Wondering if they usually have an interesting sale upon opening..
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