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Also, the punched medallion pattern is identical to these Edward Greens courtesy of SF member von Rothbart:
They are women's pants. Lines 10 & 14 are menswear.Shouldn't have any problems selling those:
Looks like shark skin to me. You could post them on this thread and isshinryu101 will give you a positive id:
The label has both the European and the US/UK size, 41 cm is roughly 16 inches.
Otherwise you'll suffocate. If the shirt measures 16", it is a size 15.5.
Measure along the collar from the center of the top button to the end of the button hole (that's where the button sits when fastened), then take off 0.5 inches.
The Marinella tie has the former logo of this Italian TV station all over it: so that you are aware of it.
These PRL shoes are made by Alfred Sargent.
I know nothing about watches, but I do know a thing or two about fonts. The text "PLAQUE OR G20M" is set in Arial, which is a crappy Helvetica replacement supplied with Microsoft software (the capital R is a dead giveaway). It is never, ever used on an authentic luxury product such as a Cartier watch.
Those are Church's Chetwynd. Very nice shoes indeed. They appear to be an older model on the now discontinued 100 last (current model is on 173 last).
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