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Gently used pocket square from Hill-Side. Still in fine condition-- no fades, very slight darkening at the creases (visible in photo -- or barely so, on account of how slight it is). 25 USD shipped.
Shawl collar cardigan from FSC. This is kind of a weird one-- it's totally unstructured, but cut from a soft melton wool (like a peacoat, but many ounces lighter in weight) making it fantastically versatile. Layer it over a denim jacket or a sport coat or under a Barbour. Wood buttons. Size small, fits a 38 or so. I've attached measurements as though it were a sportcoat. Missing one button on the left sleeve. Made in New York. Totally awesome. Winter is coming. 17.5"...
US made from Italian fabric tie from the Knottery. In James Bond's favorite grenadine. 3" wide. Navy. The only tie you'll ever need. Ships CONUS. Needs no introduction. Worn once. Size 33. 35$ off. Ships CONUS. Click through for measurements, copy, etc.
Blue cotton jacket from Scotch & Soda. Don't pay attention to the ugly half of their line-- they also deal in some really classic, well made jackets and knits. This is one of them. 100% cotton in a lightweight but durable twill. It has the texture of hopsack and the weight of light denim and makes a fine transition jacket for Spring and Fall. (I'm not responsible for what happens to you if you wear it in the Summer, but maybe if you stick to the shade you can get away with...
Neck: 15 Collar: 33.75 Chest: 41.5 Waist: 39 Length: 27 Classic oxford shirt with red bengal stripe at the cuffs and collar. Ethically made in North Carolina out of US-made oxford cloth. A great standard basic-- compared to Epaulet, the construction and fit are comparable and the fabric is at least in the same ballpark. I'd say they're roughly equivalent to Brooks Brothers' US-made oxford shirts, but better fitting. Worn and washed a few times. Only ever line-dried.... Same as here. Purchased from Mr. Deluca at about 120. A beautiful piece of work, but the trousers are a little trim for me after cycling heavily through the warmer months. Worn sparingly. PM for more info! Measurements and photos behind jump.
Uniqlo jacket in a wool blend (60 wool / 40 poly). The fabric is actually a really nice hopsack-- reminds me of the pretty decent hopsack that Lands End uses in their jackets. I bought it as a low cost alternative to the Epaulet hopsack (the fit and lapel width is similar). Regular fit XS, which I find fits a 36 nice and slim. Measurements below. PM for more info. Length: 27.5" (from the back, measurement on Uniqlo's site) Shoulder-to-Shoulder: 16-17" Chest: 20" Sleeves:...
I don't hardly ever post on this thread, but I need someone else who understands how weird it is that this Carly Rae Jepsen video (she's the Call Me Maybe girl) starts outside of Epaulet Manhattan. I don't recommend listening. The five seconds of "hey, is that Epaulet" are easily the best part. It's all downhill afterwards.
Made in Germany replica of the Vietnam-era issue watch in olive-- keeps perfect time on a quartz movement. In a steel case, unlike the plastic originals, and takes an 18mm strap. PM for more info! Ships free CONUS.
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