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Your title should answer all your questions; "Slob thinking of jumping to bespoke". Don't do it I don't care what a bunch of internet clothes nerds say, this is insanity. you are 26 years old. Unless you come from money, you and all the other 26 year olds cannot afford bespoke clothing. Save that for the 1 in a million hotshots and trust fund brigade Take a more gradual approach that is wallet friendly and ensures you actually like dressing better. Forget online...
What race are you? Some races do better in black suits (Asian people). I think the same applies to midnight blue. Black shoes with midnight blue is probably fine for some skin+hair types
Whilst I strongly prefer 2 button suits, I have a very nice 2.5 button suit that I adore. High cut 3 buttons are out of style; balance 3 and 2.5 button suits look normal to me
Merlot/Burgundy is excellent on quality calfskin shoes. For the suits you bought, I would pair black or merlot with them. Dark brown works with charcoal and navy, but black and merlot will suit you better. If you do not like black at all, then steer clear; however, a pair of black park avenues is the prototypical dress shoe. Good for important meetings, interviews, weddings, funerals, etc. Every man needs a pair of basic, black cap toe oxfords at some point. I am...
Being a poor scrub, I can't afford English shoes Thus, I pair America shoes (I have 5 pairs of AEs) with Italian suits and American suits (Canali, Hickey Freeman, Corneliani). I think it looks good for a man on a budget
Where did the popularity of these carmina shoes come from? This is out of the blue. Back a few years ago, I never heard of 'em once. Edward Green, C&J, Alden, and especially Vass were the loved makes here
Tie wise, I'd pick the solid. I see no issue with a med grey windowpane suit. If all you SFers really think that dressing this way will have any impact on the outcome of the interview, then:1. You are nuts2. If you are correct and I'm nuts then this isn't a company you want to work for3. Do you even work an office/professional job?As long as an interviewee is dressed half decently, then attire is no longer a factor
where did all the clothes nerds go!
cmon, any comments. I have lots of shoes!
Whats the concern about RTW? You could get a very nice RTW, well tailored for 1/2 that!
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