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does that leather have a fungal infection? you might want to take care of that it cant be good...
Ouch. $$$ I like picking up canali shirts @ Nordy rack. Nice angle cut cuffs, about $120 a pop
I like those for casual shoes, lol
Honestly...I'm really curious to see inside of a base line Meermin. I'm hoping somebody sees this thread and is inspired to sacrifice
anybody have more dissections to share?
Those AB boardrooms looked like exact clones of the park ave. So to confirm - they are NOT 100% exact? The same except on a slightly different last? I should point out that AE's for JAB are on sale for really good prices right now
From the pictures alone of the mass produced GY welt shoes, there were a lot of savings opportunities on materials...1. cheaper leather on uppers2. cheaper insole leather3. composite / layered insoles4. lower grade outsoles5. thinner outsoles6. rubber welt7. synthetic heel stackthose were just the obvious ones to a retail consumer
given the great dissections on a range of mass produced shoes here from J&M up to crockett, I really want to see the "guts" of that $210 shoe. if its the same as AE, then wow that is a deal of a lifetime
I'm not sure if most SFs actually wear their shoes given all the pictures I see here...And OP, yes, shoe trees can be jammed in there pretty darn good. finesse that thing out!
seeing that BRAND NEW pair of crockett and jones makes me cry. I am glad to see one chopped but why new!!! Still looking to see what is under the hood of a $210 meermin goodyear welted...
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