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Anybody look through these?
I was surfing the web (curious about the topic) and his the jackpot. Seems like a poster named Lordpoint is about the coolest person ever and chopped up a ton of shoes, including AEs, JLs, J&Ms, and a few others. I've aggregated his dissections below. It'll take you a while to look through them all but it is really worthwhile. I've ordered the list roughly in the "SF quality hierarchy". Funny thing is, as you study Lordpoint's work, you'll really see the quality...
My new shoes, Drydens for $106 with trees! NIB: It was definetly a great snag To show how well some of these AEs hold up, here are 6 year old Wendells (I know, icky style). This is 6 years of 2-3x/wk work wear
I decided to write this post because style forum got me on to spending tons of money on shoes. I just picked up a brand new pair of AE dryens with full heel shoe trees (not in shoe right now) for a whopping $106! After picking these up, I decided to toss a pair of beaten up crummy cole haan shoes, which are now sitting in a dumpster. Before I tossed them, I did a thorough look-over and got a knife out and did some "exploratory surgery". I wish I took pictures, but see...
shouldn't you be wearing a tux?
I've had great luck with Canali dress shirts @ Nordstrom Rack. I'd look there - they are usually $110-$130. I prefer their angle cut barrel cuffs.Zegna dress shirts are fine but I prefer the aesthetics and buttons of canali more
A black park avenue or equivalent is pretty standard in every mans closet Here is the real issue, if you consider a pair of cole haan or Johnston and murphy shoes expensive (1/3 the price of an AE), then you probably shouldn't be buying AE shoes. You probably shouldn't be buying CH or JM if you consider them expensive. When I graduated from college, I wasn't wearing anything close to any of the 3 brands/manufacturers you've mentioned
College kids wear jeans and short sleeve shorts. What the hell are you doing? sneaks n jeans man, sneaks n jeans
Yes, that is fine, boring, and standard. Go for it
What do you do with your pants when you poop in them? The answer to this question will guide you on your shirt dilemma.
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