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How good of a discount? I'd try cleaning them with a good shoe cleaner and see if the mark comes off and pocket the savings. if not, return! Or if you don't mind a slightly darker color, shoe cream will even that out
Thanks for the replies guys! by the way, I looooove closeout items at outlets! I live on that stuff, HAHA
Hey SF - I almost never buy clothes online, but I may do some winter coat shopping at Yoox. Is this a reputable site? I'd be spending a decent chunk of change, so I am trying to determine if they sell seconds or counterfeit product?
If you are in a R&D environment, remember - the smartest engineers dress the crappiest. If you come in with long ass hair, jeans, worn shoes without polish, etc, people will say "god damn that man must be smart to dress like that"
not sure what that edging is but I don't like it. I would go for oxfords > derbies as well
Style forum, I ask for help in finding a good discount vendor for a coat. Discount has been emphasized because I am cheap. Really cheap. Simply put, I want to buy a $1200 MSRP coat for about $450. Here are my requirements: 1. I am a brand whore. Yes, I am just like many here but I'll just admit it. I want exclusive but not completely mainstream - my favorite brands are Canali and Corneliani. Also Zenga... 2. Do not care about fabrics, just want to know where to get...
here is why I advise against any plaid shirts.. any buddy who wears one seems to get permanently ragged on for wearing a 'table cloth' or looking like a 'picnic table' please to not be making same mistake
i like that pattern specifically. years ago I stupidly didn't buy a similar nail head type pattern suit [on the cheap from a top manufacturer] and mad at self.
even if they had a plant in china they would NEVER put that on the label. its a brand image thing... they'd make components and low level raw materials for finaly assembly in italy
I thought Vass supposedly made the best RTW shoes? EG isn't even hand weltedhuk huk I troll :P
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