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Only drawback on the Grant is the higher toe box, but it is negligible, really.
You want the Modified or Trubalance lasts. Trust me. Check the link:http://www.styleforum.net/t/234635/alden-modified-last-if-you-wear-or-are-interested-please-read
This is why I went this route. I have the Pitt boot in black shell that I'm selling - the Grant last is just better. Hopefully special boot makeups will start to stray away from the Barrie.
Style 4065. Grant last.
I bought these on ebay, and they don't fit. 5th Ave. in excellent condition - footbed not broken in. Looks to be worn about 5 times. Size 10D Price includes shipping to Lower 48. I will ship pretty much anywhere for cost.
Absolutely. Apply with vigor.
Are those Day Trippers? Big win. I'm anticipating the Grant last boots I ordered. I have given up on the Barrie.
[[SPOILER]] Which model? Leathers? Love the simplicity in these.
Is it just me, or is the toe cap on those J.Crew boots too short?
Disagree. PTBoot on trubalance is a great color and will look awesome beat to shit or shined up.Black shell wingtip boots are weird imo, though.
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