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Please take the time and post measurements - especially for the jeans. Looks like nice stuff that *might* fit me...
I dumped imageshack for photobucket months ago. I am happier now.
Drops. Added Levi's.
My opinion of shell vs. calf? Shell all day.
Quote: Originally Posted by APK . Edit: I think it's going to vary from person to person with regards to how someone's body tolerates grains. I spent many years often feeling bloated and had digestive issues. Those issues pretty much disappeared once I stopped eating grains. Not everyone is like that, but after talking about it with other people who have also cut down or cut out the grains entirely, I'm definitely not alone here. Exactly....
Got a new camera, so working on better pictures. Alden x Leathersoul Pitt Boot in Shell: Alden x Leathersoul Snuff Suede PT Flex Boot:
Fantastic stuff here. Wish I had the funds for that Belstaff.
Quote: Originally Posted by SirLurksAlot Are those the JCrew version of the 899? Where did you pick those up? Stock boot, in Oro-riginal leather. They are MTO from a Red Wing dealer; they're close to $200.
Quote: Originally Posted by spaceballs My Red Wing dealer can do it for $70 - which includes shipping and a factory resole. I had a pair (not IR, though) done for 55 just a few months ago...has it gone up that much?
Don't forget Wigwam and Darn Tough.
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