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Bumping this up. I'm hoping we can convince Alden that Moulded Shoe should be able to do what Anatomica does in Paris...
+1. Cordovan can be brought back from the dead, and, oftentimes it seems, become better after the resurrection.
Buy them large, son-seal them and use proper wool socks and you'll be in business. You must buy large enough to use a wool liner sock and then a heavyweight - I'd suggest Wigwam's Canada socks.
X-post from MC... Pitt Boots in Black Shell, worn maybe 8-10 times. I will also consider trades for a black boot on the trubalance last in 10D or the modified last in 9.5E or 10D (which does not have to be shell). They are in excellent condition. They are unadulterated since new - I have only wiped them down after wearing each time. Kept in trees. 390 --> now 375. Price includes shipping to lower 48.
Doesn't matter - they're on the Modified Last.
I should have gotten these when I had the chance. I will get them someday.
I just can't get fully behind the 360 welt. I believe it to be the fatal flaw of my Pitt boots...
Please read through this. The post did not mature as I wanted it to, but, nonetheless, there is time...
Absolutely. Recommended.
I have good news for you all, bad for me: I'm selling my Pitt Boots - both pairs. Cigar and black shell. And I am serious about trading as well. I definitely need a black boot, and would trade the cigar for a cigar indy any day. I have a small heel and wide forefoot and collapsing arches - all perfect for the trubalance and modified lasts. I will certainly consider trades for calf, too.
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