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Gents, the answer is simple: vibram five fingers. Once you lift With them, you won't consider anything else.
Your screen name is awesome, but your tact in creating a new thread for this is not. Put it where it belongs and read more poetry.
Drops. Cleaned up. 6.27 Offers welcome.
6.23 drops. Red Wings and SeaVees left. Make offers.
6.19 - Added RW 899 Make offers. Wife and I are spending August in CA, so I'm willing to deal for spend money.
6.18 drops
AE Clifton in Walnut Size 10D In excellent condition - see pics. $120 shipped.
6.12 drops. Added SeaVees
More drops. Buy stuff together for a deal.
Quote: Originally Posted by petit-musee ACTIVE2010 has expired early, I got this message: "Your gift certificate or discount code has expired." Pro tips? It is now 2011.
New Posts  All Forums: