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Style 4065. Grant last.
I bought these on ebay, and they don't fit. 5th Ave. in excellent condition - footbed not broken in. Looks to be worn about 5 times. Size 10D Price includes shipping to Lower 48. I will ship pretty much anywhere for cost.
Absolutely. Apply with vigor.
Are those Day Trippers? Big win. I'm anticipating the Grant last boots I ordered. I have given up on the Barrie.
[[SPOILER]] Which model? Leathers? Love the simplicity in these.
Is it just me, or is the toe cap on those J.Crew boots too short?
Disagree. PTBoot on trubalance is a great color and will look awesome beat to shit or shined up.Black shell wingtip boots are weird imo, though.
Uh, really? No.And those Chippewas went up 30 bucks from a week ago. I went with the Steven Alan Thorogoods (the "Chukka") and they are awesome. Either one is a better option to the 1000 mile imo. Red Wing GT is a better looking boot than the 1000 mile as well. But just an opinion.
These have a leather sole. Do not use them as snow boots. Get dedicated snow boots when the weather is disgusting. But for just wet weather, they're fine and will hold up, without doubt.For snow, look to Sorel or LL Bean.
Seriously, since when are Red Wings 400 bucks? Insane. Bison leather is not a $100 up charge; neither is regular tan leather with a vibram lug sole.For $400, I would want a custom makeup from Red Wing.And they need a dress last, like Viberg - something with a sleek toe box.
New Posts  All Forums: