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Quote: Originally Posted by marg no, the barrie is just as wide as the trubalance, or if your foot is shaped similar to mine, the barrie fits roomier than the trubalance. as probably has been stated ~300+ times in this thread, barrie and trubalance size similarly. The Barrie is NOT as wide as the Trubalance in the forefoot. In the heel, the Barrie is wider. I have wide feet. I take a 10D Trubalance perfectly, but need a 10E or 10.5D in...
Avoid excess carbohydrates. Even inactive, if you consume fewer than 150g carbs/day, you should be fine. No sugars/sweets/pasta. Do as much as you can. Pushups? Planks? these would involve you being on your forefoot. Look into Yoga leg extensions. Just don't push the area affected - let it heal properly; you'll spring back fast after you convalesce.
Too much. Keep the 5 x 5 - go every other day, but, really, 3x week is fine. Cut out ALL shit from your diet: Pasta, sugars, sweets. You want to reduce your carbohydrate consumption down to about 100-150 grams/day. If you want to lose more weight, keep carb intake below 100. Start eating quality meat and fat. Look into: pastured beef and chicken, fish, eggs (all ways), oysters/clams/mussels (definitely oysters - zinc content is highest in universe). Cook with...
Stop counting calories like some lab rat. Go here and dive in: www.marksdailyapple.com
Gents, the answer is simple: vibram five fingers. Once you lift With them, you won't consider anything else.
Your screen name is awesome, but your tact in creating a new thread for this is not. Put it where it belongs and read more poetry.
Drops. Cleaned up. 6.27 Offers welcome.
6.23 drops. Red Wings and SeaVees left. Make offers.
6.19 - Added RW 899 Make offers. Wife and I are spending August in CA, so I'm willing to deal for spend money.
6.18 drops
New Posts  All Forums: