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Quote: Originally Posted by TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES Cool boots, but too worker like. Going to return-- plus mine had some construction blemishes. Any Alden Alternatives that will handle Southeastern winters? How Southeast? If you don't get snow, then pretty much anything. Look for the double waterlock sole, the Indy, the commando sole or even (I don't like it, though) the crepe sole. Alden's most hardcore boot is by far the 404 Indy: heavily...
Re size that pic, man. Quick question - are BiG measurements available for Weird Guys anywhere?
Quote: Originally Posted by geoffmartin17 Those look good - is that what whiskey looks like without flash? I might consider it now...i always thought it was wayyy too light. Whiskey also darkens over time.
Measurements, please.
Quote: Originally Posted by lagsun 8.5d too. Unfortunately I just pulled the trigger on some cigar boots. That is certainly not unfortunate.
Measurements, please.
Quote: Originally Posted by HorseHide ^ My first thought is "Some retailer gets an allocation of cigar shell and that's what they make?" +1 million. Awful to see cigar abused like that.
Quote: Originally Posted by mediahound I don't know what they are but you can see some pictures of J.Crew's preview here (from above): http://www.styleforum.net/showpost.p...ostcount=12057 I agree with you, btw. There is not a chromexcel plain toe boot there; Coniston boot is the only brown leather boot shown.
Quote: Originally Posted by Danito Alert!!!! Just saw a new alden boot at The J Crew store on Madison Ave. It a Plain toe boot with the same Chromexcel leather that is used on the indy 403. It also has a leather dress sole as opposed to the beefy cork sole. $460. feel free to ask Q's...... Are you sure they were Alden? I know J.Crew is now selling Crockett and Jones boots, specifically the Coniston (which is awesome), and they...
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 Worth the wait. Plain toe boot in natural chromexcel: What last are they, and where are they from? Excellent boots.
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