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Go to a cobbler. I get "bulldog" laces, braided round, and they look good and are strong. And I get 45", so the laces don't flop like drunken bunny ears all over my nice boots.
Man, I taught in a school that had hard wood - it is preferable to the nasty short napped carpet I currently reside in, for sure. So, go for the single flex; they are awesome in summer sock less as well.
Quoting these because they are damn near perfect. From the little I have seen, I would love a pair of Carmina.
More pics of Northcote, please. Thinking of these.
This is true. And, Rob, I'm a teacher too. I had the Alden Snuff Suede PT Flex boot from LS and I slid all the time on those shitty commercial tiles in public school buildings. I'm hoping my Leffot cap toes aren't the same. The single sole gives you the most visceral "ground feel" of all the soles on any shoe I own, save my Vibram Five Fingers. Which is good and bad.
Somehow I scored a pair. Pics soon. Very excited for these.
So, you mean Dainite commando? Can you post pics. I think these on a honey colored dainite commando would be amazing.
Original Gangster. Indeed.
They are showing up on ebay here and there.Maybe David Z in NY as well. Also check Dave's NY. I have to see these in person - at that price, why wouldn't you get a real Indy Boot from somewhere?
Any word on Cigar Officer Indy pre-order? I'm still kicking myself for missing these...
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