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Quote: Originally Posted by bl@ster What was modified? Just the heel? Yes.
1st, sizing: if you have a wide foot, err on the larger side. Now, the good stuff: Cigar GT 9016, modified:
Modified Cigar GTs (9016):
Quote: Originally Posted by Shoreman I pm'd the seller yesterday and have yet to hear back. I want these boots, as well, but was hoping for some better communication. It was yesterday - relax.
It may be the new swing last.
Quote: Originally Posted by enigma77 Serious question: Is there a way to manually alter the edgetrim on a pair of Aldens? Have my eye on a pair of tan wingtips from Shoemart's factory irregulars, but it's burnished tan leather with black edgetrim, and would much rather the edgetrim either be a similar shade, or, preferably, natural edgetrim. Thoughts on altering the edgetrim oneself? Look back through this thread - some people have had...
Get a black Alden boot. Alden of Carmel's AF89 comes to mind, though there are many other options. Can be shined to look immaculate, or can withstand being beaten to hell and back.
Will update soon. I want more names and will be compiling info before contacting Alden.
Quote: Originally Posted by TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES Cool boots, but too worker like. Going to return-- plus mine had some construction blemishes. Any Alden Alternatives that will handle Southeastern winters? How Southeast? If you don't get snow, then pretty much anything. Look for the double waterlock sole, the Indy, the commando sole or even (I don't like it, though) the crepe sole. Alden's most hardcore boot is by far the 404 Indy: heavily...
Re size that pic, man. Quick question - are BiG measurements available for Weird Guys anywhere?
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