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The Modified does. Alden makes specially contoured insoles for the Modified if they're too big.
For snow, you should have snow boots. Sorel or LL Bean come to mind. 1/4 the price of the 404, and will work four times as well.If you must have an Alden snow boot, then, yes, get the 404. Then treat thoroughly with Sno-Seal for water proofing.
He's most likely sold out - I called the day they were available, and got the only pair left in my size. The details on these were just so good; I had Tom's Snuff Suede PT Flex Boot, and these blow them away - they work in a semi-formal way as well, with the brogue cap and the 270 degree welt.
Snuff is darker in certain light. They rarely look very orangey, like some pictures show. These are really dead on. I'm liking how some retailers are branching out from the Barrie. Aberdeen is really sharp for a boot.
Nice. I'm still more drawn to the PT boot, though.
Excellent. May he rest in peace.
Alden x Leffot Snuff Suede Cooney Boots: [[SPOILER]]
What is the opinion of Meltonian creme wax? My cobbler has it, and I have found it to be pretty good. I really need renovateur, though. How far does a jar go (should I buy two)?
They would work. Remember: work boots can be worn large - they're meant for thick socks and/or insoles.
The 1/2 size extra is good for a boot. That way you can have an insole and thick socks if ever needed. aAlso, post pics - I'm intrigued by this boot.
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