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6.19 - Added RW 899 Make offers. Wife and I are spending August in CA, so I'm willing to deal for spend money.
6.18 drops
AE Clifton in Walnut Size 10D In excellent condition - see pics. $120 shipped.
6.12 drops. Added SeaVees
More drops. Buy stuff together for a deal.
Quote: Originally Posted by petit-musee ACTIVE2010 has expired early, I got this message: "Your gift certificate or discount code has expired." Pro tips? It is now 2011.
Quote: Originally Posted by shekki My bad, they're tagged 28 and ebay feedback: chimaocho Nice stuff and free bump BUT...read the rules; no free bumps without adds/price drops.
6.2 drops. Offers welcome.
Memorial Day drops.
Awesome. Where did you get those?
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