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Quote: Originally Posted by UrbanComposition I have the shell captoes in the modified last. Wear 'em all day. Crazy comfy. May I add you to the list?
Quote: Originally Posted by Renton How wide can you get the modified last? 4E
Quote: Originally Posted by alexSF Nitty Gritty sells this derby in #8: http://www.nittygrittystore.com/prod...van-derby-shoe Ah, I'll add Sweden to the list of countries other than the U.S. Those PT boots are amazing dcg.
Do you wear/like/are interested in the Modified Last? Please check out the link below. I'm looking to begin the process of soliciting Alden to allow U.S. retailers to order special makeups in Shell Cordovan (currently Alden only allows shell makeups in this amazingly comfortable last to retailers in Japan and France). http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...59#post4301159 This is what a modified boot in shell can be:
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I love Aldens, specifically their dress boots. I have owned boots and shoes on the Barrie, Plaza, Trubalance, Hampton and Aberdeen last. I always thought they were fairly comfortable. Then I visited Moulded Shoe, LLC in NYC and tried on the Modified Last. My definition of what is comfortable has changed dramatically. The Modified Last is simply sublime in its fit - apparently I have "strange feet" and this special last fits perfectly. And it has a strangely cool look...
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I saw someone doing this yesterday and thought to myself, "This is the dumbest person in America." No, this person carries the fire. Mark's Daily Apple.
Good stuff from a great seller. Post measurements of the 484s please.
Quote: Originally Posted by M4TM my new aldens - unlined #8 cordovan dovers with water-loc soles. 968 pattern > 990. Well done.
Great boots - are those soles black or brown?
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