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I have the same issue: my left is an E, while the right a D. I've found some success in taking the left shoes/boots to a cobbler for widening. The best is going big, though; tight shoes are awful.
I knew that was Halekulani - perhaps my favorite resort in the world. Went for the Mai Tais at Room Without a Key every night I was there on my honeymoon. We will definitely be back.
Corso boots in Brown, size 9UK /10US (but fit large, so good for a 10 or 10.5). Bought these off the forum, and they are in good shape. Uppers are excellent; there is wear on the soles, but they are wearable for many more miles before a resole.
Size UK 9 / US 10 I got these from Neiman Marcus - I bought them because I really wanted something that would be a close color match to Alden's Cigar cordovan, and these are it. Mid/dark brown with olive tones. Incredibly soft leather that will not crease. Italian Sestriere (Italian Dainite-style rubber) soles, which are re-soleable. Fantastic profile on these, and very comfortable. Perfect condition, worn exactly twice for maybe 2 hours each time. Selling because I...
Those shots are in direct sun; the boots in most light are a dark brown. I dig the smearing, even the spot. Unless someone is scrutinizing every imperfection, the finishing on these are the finest I've seen on Aldens. If you don't like imperfections, you should be paying for Edward Green or similar.Cigar makeups in a cool configuration are so damn difficult to come by; these are a revelation. I definitely lucked out. Somebody backed out on this pair, so I snapped them up.
Alden x Leathersoul Cigar Pitt Boots.
Look into Alden's Trubalance and Modified Lasts. The best place to go is Moulded Shoe in NYC for this. I have the same issue as you, though seemingly less pronounced.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr chorizo post some pics of those cigar boots pronto when the come in! I will.
Gentlemen, somehow I scored the Cigar Pitt boots, so, I will be selling my Black Shell Pitt boots shortly. They are a size 10, so PM me if you are interested before they go to the B/S. They are like new, worn a half dozen times.
Drops on both Red Wings. Make offers.
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