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SVB, those last two fits are - to use the parlance of our times - bonkers.
Ok, I need to know now, because this is not common knowledge: what is Alden's "glazing?!"
Epaulet has 3636, F and P2 lasted shoes. Maybe U, too, I can't remember.I'm anxiously awaiting the P2 cognac pebble shoes to go on sale. One can hope.
Alden makes better shoes than Carmina and C/J imo. More character, better lasts, heavier aesthetic. The Carmina lasts are feminine in my opinion. I've had shoes from all brands.The Budapest makers are the best alternative to the Alden-favorites (boots, nsts, etc.). For straight up "business" balmorals, since I don't wear them, I'd just go AE on sale and polish them well. But Alden cordovan is better than cordovan from the makers you've listed, hands down. And the "flaws"...
Seriously. Though he needs a pair of low-tops, yo.
P2 last, as I've said, is amazing - go .5 up from your modified fit, though. I will, when funds allow, order a shoe on their banana last as well. These are P2: wide forefoot, supportive heel cup, etc:
Anatomica, undoubtedly.
I say 42.5. 5-last is narrow in D width, and F is not a super-narrow last.
I don't agree with U or K last being traditional.
Obenauf's and Sno-Seal will darken the leather, but will lighten over time. The treatment is called "dubbin". Both products are far superior to Mink oil and work with pretty much all leathers. Please research Crane's posts on the Wolverine 1000 Mile thread. Sno-Seal, Montana Pitch Blend and Obenauf's have anti-bacterial properties, which is key to hide health. The key is the beeswax.
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