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Double leather sole? Where are these from, Sazon?
Not sacrilege - it's all about technique, the meat, and your mood. I swear a local joint to me (50miles N of NYC) had better brisket than OK Joes - but that was a long time ago. The place expanded and quality went way down. Places that crank consistent BBQ are marvelous, in more ways than one; it's not easy to be consistently excellent.
RTP, you have forgotten MO - Kansas City, specifically:
Ben, my eye says 379x last - which would most likely make them an Asian or Japanese makeup (EDIT - saw replies that almost confirm). Shoemart seconds are fantastic because you can score literally unique-to-the-US models. I got this snuff suede boot on the modified and it is exceptional:
Uncle, your "grandma" knot is unsightly.
Oh, they will be - here is a lowly theresianer in antic cognac shell. I have an alt wein in whiskey...
They have it all - they actually make some insane custom/bespoke shoes. I'm going to have them resole my modified last Aldens when the time comes.
For some reason, Alden only does single on the modified. They do the neo-cork as well. I have not seen a reverse or storm welt on anything other than the Indy Boot, either.
They are great guys. Go to the shop, it's a total trip.
That 1/2" too short is better than too long, and is negligible imo. Super sharp.
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