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Tupperware + spackle knife = save.
Challenge accepted. I'll take a pic next to P2, and "on feet", as you say. Sometime.
I need these. My next Aldens, for sure. Under-rated and photographed.
False. US 10.5:
Exemplary. Worth an un-spoiled quote.
wj4 - sometimes you genuinely puzzle me with your sartorial choices. But other times you TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF! Like this time. Outstanding look all around.
I'm surprised by this. I'd highly recommend you spend some more and get the Made in USA Jiffy. It is a fine piece of engineering, especially the one with the wooden handle.
No way those are F - I'd bet money on P2, as I have the same shoe in whiskey shell. The aerial view is P2....
This. Exactly.
J.Crew Boots. They do have an orange tint, which I like.
New Posts  All Forums: