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P2 Alt Wein Whiskey.
Reverse welted tankers are the business.
Not sure, but I found it a worthwhile post. Maybe to empower cordovan scratchers?
Nice description. My low instep and wide forefoot is maddening. P2 is one of the best I've found.
Yes, you're right. I thought he said US9.
This."Black shell is so underrated" plus Mac sycophancy = Here's a random alden pic from a long time ago, for posterity:
What are those boots on the floor? I haven't seen a black shell ptboot with a reverse welt. They are awesome.
Based on that, I'd try 42 wide in P2 or Banana last (if they do G width in banana). If you have a high instep, then 3636 is for you, same size.
I would highly recommend Obenauf's HDLP or Montana Pitch Blend - get that beeswax.
Meister, those aren't rolls - they're creases. Here are rolls:
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