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P2 last, as I've said, is amazing - go .5 up from your modified fit, though. I will, when funds allow, order a shoe on their banana last as well. These are P2: wide forefoot, supportive heel cup, etc:
Anatomica, undoubtedly.
I say 42.5. 5-last is narrow in D width, and F is not a super-narrow last.
I don't agree with U or K last being traditional.
Obenauf's and Sno-Seal will darken the leather, but will lighten over time. The treatment is called "dubbin". Both products are far superior to Mink oil and work with pretty much all leathers. Please research Crane's posts on the Wolverine 1000 Mile thread. Sno-Seal, Montana Pitch Blend and Obenauf's have anti-bacterial properties, which is key to hide health. The key is the beeswax.
DV, stop treating them. Just wipe them with a damp cloth and brush them to death. From your description, they may be saturated with oils....
I believe he used color 8 here as only a color (eggplant). They do not look like shell cordovan to me.
Forgo the mink oil and buy some obenauf's LP or Montana Pitch Blend. Hell, even Sno-Seal. You want beeswax in your boot dressing.
So good, thank you.
AE 5 last does not fit anything like the modified. It does not have a raised arch, has a cramped toebox and does not have a raised and supportive heel cup. The modified is an orthotic "banana" last.
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