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Dave's on 16th iirc.
Also, get one more pair of Aldens or the like and rotate them every other day. They need some down time.
Or buy some shoe goo - the crossfitters are using that glue to make slam balls. Clean the areas that have separated, let dry, shoe glue, and see. I'm betting it'll hold for another year at least. Props for wearing them so hard.
^ Water Buffalo.
First foray - absolutely outstanding, even the "oops" extra burnishing on the heel counter. [[SPOILER]]
This is a conservative estimate. Mac is being benched.
They will never fit right. Your toes need wiggle room, especially in boots. Sizing down a full size is madness, man (unless you have a narrow foot).
The point of a lottery would be to allow all interested to have a shot - not just those who can be on the interwebs during the first 30 seconds of the offering.
What about a lottery instead? These pre-orders seem to go to hungry sharks; why not let all interested actually have a shot?
New Posts  All Forums: