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I also had a blue lapis suit made up -- Double Breasted with blonde horn buttons. It is amazing...and too small. Will be in B/S soon, but if there is a 41S / 32 Rudy guy out there, hit me up.
GT's are tanks compared to Buttero or Loake. Wear them hard and they'll get better with age.
Please do. Will be going this way as well. I inherited some high-rise trousers from my older cousin a few years ago, and modernized them (trimmed the taper, deleted the multiple pleats) and they are glorious. The gable fabrics were just not in my style range, but I will be delving into the Taylor. Deciding on the olive or navy....
Akin is not a good description. Barrie is voluminous, but has a wide heel cup, and, comparatively, a narrow forefoot. Those who have moderately wide feet are going to be happier with the trubalance. Eastern European gents know what I'm getting at.
Rob, beard is proper at that girth.
Once Jerry Brown gets done, you'll be retracting that sentiment....
Not a change of heart: a recognition of fit over fashion. I have a slightly wide foot, and need an E width in the barrie last. Trubalance fits me perfectly. I'm going trubalance from now on.
For your consideration: Alden Boots in black shell cordovan. Size 11D, on the Barrie last. I have found that I need the trubalance last. I wore these for exactly 45 minutes (I stepped on concrete for probably 50 steps), and have added toe taps. They are perfect. Price includes shipping to lower 48; elsewhere, inquire, please.
eh, mistake for them to move the "sloat" style to the barrie from the trubalance. trubalance is just so good on so many levels....
Double breasted Lapis here. First EP suit, and first DB. Hope to get to shop this Sunday to dial in the fit for the jacket (41 or 42...).
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