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Swerwo, what are you shooting with? I love the creamy bokeh. Are you post-processing?
This thread needs a photography FAQ. Awaiting mdubs proper whiskey Indy photos, as others are...yeah....
No matter what you do, whiskey darkens over time, DV. It settles into a cognac shade.
Plug this in and make me a latte.A cobbler, perhaps?
Incredible film. Those who love Jackie Gleason, the Brooklyn Dodgers or Lenny Bruce MUST read Don DeLillo's Underworld.Also agree on the polo.
Well, you don't have many options. I'd try either of these:1. rub the stitching with a magic eraser and see if you can get some bleaching. Wipe dry, then condition the leather to make sure the eraser doesn't dry the skin totally;or2. use black creme polish on the stitching and go stealth. If you can keep the welt clean(ish) I bet that'd look excellent.
Sometimes I feel well dressed, and then Rob posts.
Funny, when it was 41 here in NY last weekend, I was outside in the garage for the first time in a long time.
I have 43.5 in shell P2. If you have a wider forefoot, beware of the downsize....
I've had cxl and cannot understand its popularity. There are many other black leathers that will not wrinkle like hell and be, well, too soft. The black dress, the black smooth, black buffalo, black french calf - all better options imo. CXL looks seductive when new; it looks old really fast, and not in a good way. The tanning process seems to make it too wrinkly and too pliable imo. But some continue to love it. If you see the dress leathers with patina, they simply shit...
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