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Double leather, sanded heel by Bakers, vibram haf-sole added.
This is sarcasm, yes?
Rob, did you actually have one charge you, or is this a boss vanity pic? Either way, still a very cool way to spend time.
So, I'm a High School Teacher and was invited to the annual Senior Culinary Program Banquet at my district's BOCES in May. The student wants us to match in all white; I'd like to oblige. The white I have: *button downs (various) *sneakers I'd like to have the community play with possibilities to get me to Tom Wolfe's look, albeit inexpensively -- say, $200 (I live in upstate NY, so all white is not going to be my look for more than 350 days a year). Suggestions? I...
^ I'm betting those are not Chippewa.
I do hope they carry that style in other leathers and into boots - it looks perfect on the modified (anatomica has some sick makeups in that style).
Was seriously considering dropping for retail on the camel pt boots. Just snapped them for less than 5 bills. Johnnyrich you are the man.
corn starch on top immediately. Let sit for a couple days and hope for the best. Otherwise, it may be time to "dub" them. They are boots. But if you use them for dress purposes, that may be a moot point.
No way, they are definitely barrie. I have jcrew's plain toe tobacco boots and you can spot the barrie/tb difference from a mile away, even from 3/4 stance.
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