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You dropped some lbs Mike, good for you.Not enamored with this leather, but the tenny shape is perfect. My OG black with gum soles get compliments from blind people.
Unless you are a master woodworker, there's no way you "eyeballed" 3/10th of an inch. True masters I've seen use 1/4" or 1/2" as their benchmarks.The shoes are fine, keep them, wear them for 25 years, and report back.
Double leather, sanded heel by Bakers, vibram haf-sole added.
This is sarcasm, yes?
Rob, did you actually have one charge you, or is this a boss vanity pic? Either way, still a very cool way to spend time.
So, I'm a High School Teacher and was invited to the annual Senior Culinary Program Banquet at my district's BOCES in May. The student wants us to match in all white; I'd like to oblige. The white I have: *button downs (various) *sneakers I'd like to have the community play with possibilities to get me to Tom Wolfe's look, albeit inexpensively -- say, $200 (I live in upstate NY, so all white is not going to be my look for more than 350 days a year). Suggestions? I...
^ I'm betting those are not Chippewa.
I do hope they carry that style in other leathers and into boots - it looks perfect on the modified (anatomica has some sick makeups in that style).
Was seriously considering dropping for retail on the camel pt boots. Just snapped them for less than 5 bills. Johnnyrich you are the man.
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