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This is a conservative estimate. Mac is being benched.
They will never fit right. Your toes need wiggle room, especially in boots. Sizing down a full size is madness, man (unless you have a narrow foot).
The point of a lottery would be to allow all interested to have a shot - not just those who can be on the interwebs during the first 30 seconds of the offering.
What about a lottery instead? These pre-orders seem to go to hungry sharks; why not let all interested actually have a shot?
No, no, and no.Those boots are in for repair; not for sale.Indys are on Trubalance;Modified last sizing is unique. It is not as simple as "same as barrie" for most feet. It is best to be fitted in that last. I'm a 1/2 size down in length and a letter up in width from barrie, in shoes. Boots fit differently as well.
Those are astonishingly good ^
applky, time for a resole. The storm welt is not protecting you from the storm anymore.
Tricky, Frank and Reed, all inspiring. Especially digging sportcoats; I need to get down to the shop and figure out my size.
This is good advice as well.
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