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I have a pair of taylor and love them. But I only love them with suspenders. The waist at bellybutton does not stay up with a belt, for me. YMMV, but that's what I require. I love the comfort and the look of the suspenders, though, and they do not look costume-y.
It is a natural progression to become more efficient and corporate-like. It is cool to be one who was there at the beginning and can say "I was there at the beginning." I was.There is a sadness in me, though, that we have left the nascent stage of Epaulet in the dust. A strange psychology is at work when one is not angered by a message that an item is out of stock, but is rather nixed by his silliness in not purchasing earlier.My comment is ridiculous though - so many have...
Please tell me you've read Graham Greene's "The Destructors." Love this, especially the pants.
It could be worse. You could have designed a boot for Leathersoul a few years ago, came in second, gotten nothing for your efforts, and noticed them sell the boot out over 4+ runs and even expand the boot to another leather.First world problems, but still....
Isn't it sheepskin?
I'm pissed at myself for not having the diligence to drink less beer; it's been a rough winter. And I have dealt with stress by deadlifting. Doh.
I also had a blue lapis suit made up -- Double Breasted with blonde horn buttons. It is amazing...and too small. Will be in B/S soon, but if there is a 41S / 32 Rudy guy out there, hit me up.
GT's are tanks compared to Buttero or Loake. Wear them hard and they'll get better with age.
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