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Tricky, Frank and Reed, all inspiring. Especially digging sportcoats; I need to get down to the shop and figure out my size.
This is good advice as well.
An 8 in modified will have more room in the forefoot and will have a "tighter" heel cup, and will have the higher arch. I can do a 10.5D in barrie, but easily a 10D in modified. In boots, I prefer 10.5e in barrie, while even a 10D can have enough room for my wide forefoot in the modified. So...they will fit, but depending on your foot, you may not get a snug forefoot.
Yes. I am in your boat - my left foot is easily an E width, while my right a D. With this in mind, it depends on how you plan on wearing these. I'd say MINIMUM 8D - if its too roomy, add an insole and your good. DO NOT undersize boots if you've got a wide forefoot. Those who religiously "size down" probably could fit in b-width shoes just fine.
Not a downside; if you replace boot laces with a speedhooked model, I recommend 46".
They don't make it, but have them. They are custom oem Alden for modified last. They gave me a pair when I bought my modified indys.
They do usually stock e widths; not sure about eee. I doubt that.
Alden thread New Years Resolution: cease the use of the word "versatile." Or maybe I should stop looking at this thread.
I agree - ironically they look more "lux" to me; the shell's plastic-y appearance doesn't work as well as the matted cowhide that will undoubtedly patina well. The saddle color is killer.I think those comipel hides should go for goodyear welted shoes (didn't EP hint at an in-house shoemaking project?).
Never cared about shoes until:I was on a plane a few years ago and saw a side profile of j.crew's 403. I hadn't seen anything that boss before, so I started searching the interwebs. Found this terrible place, along with ask andy and superfuture. I actually have regrets spending the money I have on shoes since then if I were to add it all up. But now I'm settling into a sweet spot, and have slowed down considerably. Alden just makes so many cool shoes and boots - honestly...
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