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Man, my property is a vestige of old-school Orange County (the first OC in the US). I may not deny my roots!I have an excalibur dehydrator...hmmm....
A deer ended up dying on a trail on my property. When the coyotes and buzzards are done with it, which bone should I take for my polishing needs? I'm being serious.
MSAINT's posts are so good. Never underestimate the wicked intelligence of those who are irreverent.
The left shoe looks amazing. Give the right shoe the same treatment and keep wearing them. Stop worrying.
Gents, quick question: Alden Trubalance 10.5 fits me perfectly. Which size and last is comparable in Tricker's? Hoping to do a MTO soon....
The design may be good for a smartphone, but it is wonky and clunky on a computer. Not easy to browse styles at all. The styles these two outfits are producing are currently the most exciting in the Alden universe, though.
Tumblr post had an American Psycho vibe. Respect.
Refer to original post. EE varietal is seriously generous in the forefoot. Try them and you can wear IRs.
Those are from Anatomica, Paris.
Best post in a good long while. Most posters seem to have too many shoes with barely any wear on them. These are spectacular.
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