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You are kidding me, right? BE A MAN.
You have many that trump these by miles and miles and miles. There are better CXL options out there, if that's what you're into. Same can be said for the tan boot.So, yeah, I'm saying they are all at the bottom. I'm kind of sick of the 403, because j.crew has slowed Alden down for real retailers, and it was their intro of the 403 that started the madness that now crushes my dreams of buying rare cordovan colored shoes and boots. Alden is now strangely ubiquitous in my...
Rob is the man. Cords and Moleskins are awesome.
I picked up my second pair of sand suedes (same deal as you). I'm going to dub them and use them as my work boots, along with my iron rangers.
Thanks man. P2 is the business. I'd love to try the budapest and banana, too.
Red Wing 877. I wore these twice. They got a bit dirty, but are basically new. I wiped them down, but they will clean up like new if you want them that way. Size 10E. Price includes shipping to cont. US. These are not the newer version; I got them at my local RW dealer about two years ago.
I had these proxied to the US from Japan. The are Ash Settler leather, RW stock # 8112. Size 10.5 D I wore them inside to try them on. They fit, but are too close to a pair of Chippewa boots I have. These are amazing, and unavailable in the US. It cost me more than 500 bucks to get them here. You can have them for $245, to your door.
Yeah man. P2 last, whiskey shell. Got these in Antic Cognac at the same time:
P2 Alt Wein Whiskey.
Reverse welted tankers are the business.
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