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They are, and are available at Moulded Shoe.
Agreed. Kent Wang has them.
I'm with this guy. The 60's and 70's should not be a benchmark for formal Men's style. And who wants to dress like a lawyer, anyway? (Sorry JDs).
Epaulet products are outstanding, and, imo, far surpass most major retail brands in fit, finish, and cost in comparison to quality. You will not regret trying them.
I need to get down to the store to try on an LBM. Outstanding.
Size 10.5D These have been worn exactly once. I got these through the pre-order, but have to thin the herd to make way for Vass. I have added a plastic black toe tap as well. They are perfect, and expertly finished. Price includes shipping to continental US. Inquire for anywhere else.
E - widths may work in these for you. I can't wear any of these without an E fitting.
New Posts  All Forums: