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Oh man thank you. Genuinely laughing. Government tits, indeed. Except when you need some milk, right?
Disagree. PTB presents a cleaner look with less stitching/overlapped leather. It is also not ubiquitous (just look at all of those square toed silly Aldo/whatever-other-mall-brand most men wear: they're all dovers).But, if it is Alden to Alden comparo...well...to each his own.
These would be perfect - with blind eyelets. The brass eyelet craze has gone too far, especially for that retailer. And that makeup is awesome, particularly a structured toe, reverse welt and double sole. Oh well.
New Peter (P2)
When the apocalypse comes, the Ravello Zombies shall find MrDv. Be ready, sir.
I modified mine a long time ago, which I hope to have again some day:http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/120949-red-wing-gt-cigar-new/
You are kidding me, right? BE A MAN.
You have many that trump these by miles and miles and miles. There are better CXL options out there, if that's what you're into. Same can be said for the tan boot.So, yeah, I'm saying they are all at the bottom. I'm kind of sick of the 403, because j.crew has slowed Alden down for real retailers, and it was their intro of the 403 that started the madness that now crushes my dreams of buying rare cordovan colored shoes and boots. Alden is now strangely ubiquitous in my...
Rob is the man. Cords and Moleskins are awesome.
I picked up my second pair of sand suedes (same deal as you). I'm going to dub them and use them as my work boots, along with my iron rangers.
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