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I've yet to buy from Unipair, but I would not hesitate. They stock excellent Alden models, and not at exorbitant overseas retailer costs. I have paid 150% of retail for shell Modified Last shoes, so I appreciate their involvement here.
Chukka is on a slimmer last (224); the 6" is on the 8.I'd go with the 8.5, OP. You want them to run roomy.
Don't you have duck boots or equivalent? Neither of those are waterproof - comfort is key at a game.
I don't get a 360 degree welt on a single sole. These would look better with a double.
Chippewa Service Boot in Sand Suede. Purchased from Zappos, worn once to dinner. Walked to car, into carpeted restaurant, went home. Probably 60 steps all told. They are as new. I've sprayed them with Tarrago Nano-Protector. Size 10.5. Price includes shipping to Continental US. Elsewhere, inquire.
Tupperware + spackle knife = save.
Challenge accepted. I'll take a pic next to P2, and "on feet", as you say. Sometime.
I need these. My next Aldens, for sure. Under-rated and photographed.
False. US 10.5:
Exemplary. Worth an un-spoiled quote.
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