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Hehe, am I the only one to have seen Mike wear this exact setup? Walked into the LES store and was surprised. A Scot who just retired from my place of employ wore the kilt to his retirement party. This: EDIT: Though Mike was not wearing a tasseled leather fanny pack up front.
I just came back from Paris. A shitload of people wore Stan Smiths (I have a pair) and All-Stars (I must have seen 500 sets of feet rocking optic white). I had the black tennis sneakers from EP and they are insanely comfortable, well-made and stylish as hell. I'm copping the Snuffs as well, and do not regret it. If I had it in the budget, I'd get the white to replace the shitty Kent Wang and Stan Smiths I have for a clean white sneak, but I just can't do it. Eventually....
I'm close to your size, and so is Mike (owner of EP). You need Rudy. Sorry. Or you need to get Walt and heavily modify. At that point, you needed Rudy to begin with. And I'm coming to the realization that a really tapered look doesn't look good on people our size. Go for leg openings that are minimum 8, but preferably 8.25 - 8.5"
Went to Anatomica in Paris. Highly recommended, Charles is a real gentleman. It is a shame Alden does not make shell for Moulded Shoe anymore.
Oh man I will have to venture to Buday and Dink at some point. But Vass has been very good to me indeed.
huberd's grease. huberd's grease. huberd's grease. it puts the huberd's grease on its skin, or it gets the hose again.
blue collar, that bag is exceptional. Really.
Snuff trainers on the way to my house. I'm going to rock them in Tuscany and Paris, yes indeed. I need to sell some stuff because, honestly, all three iterations are amazing. The whites put CPs to shame.
^ Yeah the Khatadins I sold had that sole.
Um, with all those boots, I'm guessing each pair doesn't get much wear. Perhaps some pics of boots that have actually been worn? For work (real work)? Yeah....
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