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J.Crew Boots. They do have an orange tint, which I like.
May be decent if antiqued to hell and back.
No, and no. Budapest and Peter are considerably slimmer than the 3636. The widest medium-width fitting lasts are: 3636, P2 and Banana (if they still make it). Many members go up .5 size on the Budapest, and sometimes the Peter.Vass does make wide widths.
They are...useless. When it comes to MTO.Gents, try the Vass P2 last. You will not be disappointed.
This. Weird angles FTL.
Yes, both. Whiskey and antic cognac.
Gentlemen, thank you. The P2 fits so well I am feeling scant interest for any other maker....
Shell, indeed.
Alt Wein is "whiskey" - though much, much darker than my Alden whiskey.Straight cap toe is antic cognac - it is insanely nice.I now have P2 and 3636. Both are great lasts, but I much prefer the P2; it has a low instep (good for me) while the 3636 has a high instep.
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