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Size 10.5D These have been worn exactly once. I got these through the pre-order, but have to thin the herd to make way for Vass. I have added a plastic black toe tap as well. They are perfect, and expertly finished. Price includes shipping to continental US. Inquire for anywhere else.
E - widths may work in these for you. I can't wear any of these without an E fitting.
a hefty consensus on here would say eight; I say cigar, as I prefer my olive brown tones out of the box, not ten years down the road.
Casual in the Modified Last?Moulded Shoe has snuff suede captoe bluchers. They would look perfect with no socks.
Even better. Find sunlight, and turn the flash OFF.
Where I work - in an American High School - I could not wear these. The cheap, hard "tile" floors are so damned slippery. I once had a pair of classic Florsheim V-Cleat Longwings and had to sell them, because I almost busted my ass a dozen times in two wearings. And I am fairly athletic.Metal toe taps, though? Perfect.
The phrase "Barrie size" is unfortunate. I have not found this the case at all.
Disagree. There is a pic of Dylan (an EP employee) wearing these with a navy 120s DB suit - and it looks great.
Mike killed it on that makeup. One of the best shell makeups in years (since the black Pitt boot, imo).
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