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+1 -- the previous post with the leather jac was not your best, but you TOTALLY REDEEMED YOURSELF.
Modified last is harder to produce. Add the shaft of the boot and more difficult still. I'm sure they'll be awesome - fantastic score at about 40% of what it'd cost to import them.
I agree, and avoid CXL for this reason.
These are damn near an exact copy of the LS boot contest winner a few years ago.
If you are in the US, get the Indy from Moulded Shoe in NYC. Otherwise, hold on to your balls when purchasing from Anatomica. Anatomica has the nicest Aldens, though - period.
They are NOT ALDEN.
Def Tru Balance. Barrie stitching is rounded, not squared like TB.
Smoothie, it's not just about a Ravello PTB. It's on the MODIFIED LAST - no shoe maker makes a last like it, and it is truly perfect for some. I did pass on this boot because of the price, though. A few years ago I paid a premium for the cigar ptb from Anatomica - and it was $800.
Agreed. Looks great, and cheap ass dickies are surprisingly excellent.
Huh, I have 2 P2s...I had called buda.
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