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Roger is right. The 3636 also has a very high (well, higher than P2) instep. P2 is an awesome last, their best if you have a wide-ish forefoot.These are my old 3636:
I was replying to a post pages back. And I am lazy.
Modified last is so good. And it does not look clownish as has been said before. I keep getting complimented profusely on these:
Norwegers are perfect. .
Wow. I hope to not do this, seriously. They'd be just hitting their stride at 50 wears minimum.
SAZON, sell or return those Winn Perrys man. Wear the hell out of the #4s. They look brand new and will look better with wear.
Get to Moulded Shoe and consider the Modified last. Trubalance will work better for you as well.
Go Epaulet and do not look back. Seriously.
Shoemart seconds. It is the neo-cork. Love these, plan on wearing them in all weather but snow/ice.
New Posts  All Forums: