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No. Cornstarch first. Perhaps two applications. Then the suede cleaner.Next time, get the tarrago spray. It is unreal.
2 eyes, the rest hooks is classic vash.
Black Cordovan Boot, F-Last (or P2), Double antiqued sole. A better version of the Leathersoul Pitt Boots (which I miss - bought a size too small) Pic:
Neither. P2 or Budapest. Haven't seen a chukka on Buda last yet, but it'd look awesome.
Or if they shipped to US. Abenomics ftw!
Lakota moc toes are so good. Anatomica sells that model as well. Either way, you pay EG money for Alden.
Shit. I need to make more monies.
Pull up leather creases like hell. It's why I don't like Horween's Chromexcel. Some love it. I ordered the suede. I'd love to see the tan renegade aged as well.Great post bloster.
That is eerie. I believe I have the same exact pair coming to me ( though in p2 last). Is that antic cognac cordovan? I was supposed to get a brogued cap toe, but they made a straight instead.
Saphir Netto-something or other.
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