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I'm beginning to think this.P2 should be wider in the toe box than the F.
Found pics of my 957s: http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/134161-rare-red-wing-957-8-boots-bnib/
I'd say 957. I had a brand new pair I sold awhile ago.Use obenauf's to try and bring them back a bit. Give them a good clean first (I use lexol), then wait for a hot day, put them in a bag in the sun, let them get soft, then apply obenauf's. You'll get plenty out of them.
Haven't really worn them since the fall - this winter has been unrelenting. I'll consider cleaning them up and snapping some pics this week.
Fitchie, I'm with you: I dig that suede Indy, I love the trubalance, and find the j.crew boot to be not as amazing as everyone else. If you wear more SWD stuff, the Indy is awesome. It has a unique look, unlike the j.crew which 98% of Americans will think are Bass or Johnston Murphy or Cole Haan....
Oh man thank you. Genuinely laughing. Government tits, indeed. Except when you need some milk, right?
Disagree. PTB presents a cleaner look with less stitching/overlapped leather. It is also not ubiquitous (just look at all of those square toed silly Aldo/whatever-other-mall-brand most men wear: they're all dovers).But, if it is Alden to Alden comparo...well...to each his own.
These would be perfect - with blind eyelets. The brass eyelet craze has gone too far, especially for that retailer. And that makeup is awesome, particularly a structured toe, reverse welt and double sole. Oh well.
New Peter (P2)
When the apocalypse comes, the Ravello Zombies shall find MrDv. Be ready, sir.
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