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Not recommended. Seriously. Get a pair that fits.
THANK YOU. Been looking for these forever and was reluctant for retail. Awesome.
Serious Mad Men swag here. Awesome. Now start smoking cigarettes and ruining the world.
teh Vash does the Alden stitching as well.
I'm beginning to think this.P2 should be wider in the toe box than the F.
Found pics of my 957s: http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/134161-rare-red-wing-957-8-boots-bnib/
I'd say 957. I had a brand new pair I sold awhile ago.Use obenauf's to try and bring them back a bit. Give them a good clean first (I use lexol), then wait for a hot day, put them in a bag in the sun, let them get soft, then apply obenauf's. You'll get plenty out of them.
Haven't really worn them since the fall - this winter has been unrelenting. I'll consider cleaning them up and snapping some pics this week.
Fitchie, I'm with you: I dig that suede Indy, I love the trubalance, and find the j.crew boot to be not as amazing as everyone else. If you wear more SWD stuff, the Indy is awesome. It has a unique look, unlike the j.crew which 98% of Americans will think are Bass or Johnston Murphy or Cole Haan....
Oh man thank you. Genuinely laughing. Government tits, indeed. Except when you need some milk, right?
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