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Agreed. Looks great, and cheap ass dickies are surprisingly excellent.
Huh, I have 2 P2s...I had called buda.
any chance the steep twill in Hazel can be MTO? I need Rudy....
Outstanding, which last? I may have to do this as a shortwing in the budapester....
Morgan, thank you for posting excellent pics. Mdubs and MrDV deserve proper lauding as well. Crotch rockets notsomuch.
Oh goodness either really funny or really awkward. Either way, yes!
These were my boots and I sold to a member because they were a 1/2 size too small for me. They were my most complimented shoes. I plan on having Vass replicate them or getting a black shell ptb and having them resoled. Someday.
Roger is right. The 3636 also has a very high (well, higher than P2) instep. P2 is an awesome last, their best if you have a wide-ish forefoot.These are my old 3636:
I was replying to a post pages back. And I am lazy.
Modified last is so good. And it does not look clownish as has been said before. I keep getting complimented profusely on these:
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