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From my interwebs perusing, I've gathered they are not a "1/2 size down" last (though I think that is bullshit to begin with) for what it's worth.
Did you have these resoled? I have not seen the modified with a storm welt other than on the Indy....
I didn't say they didn't fit. The P2 has a high instep. This can be ameliorated with the use of tongue pads. He doesn't need less volume in the shoe, he needs some spacing for the instep. I'm usually in the same boat, as I've got a wide forefoot and low instep.
his flaps are closed completely. We're going to have to agree to disagree here.
No shame in a tongue pad.
Anyone heard from Notch?
Just showed A Streetcar Named Desire to my juniors. Brando rocks this look beautifully. I actually dig the high waist, and wish it would come back.
You copied me. You have good taste, sir.
You should have real boots for this weather. The waterlock soles provide good traction when broken in, just like all leather soles.
Yes, hdlp. or Montana Pitch Blend or Sno-seal or anything that has beeswax. Heating leather by putting it in the sun will get it to about 120, maybe 130 degrees F. Not crazy. If the leather is cracked, it's not going to become un-cracked. But doing what I said will open the pores - even in the cracks - and will keep the boot serviceable.For God's sakes, these are BOOTS.
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