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Yes, both. Whiskey and antic cognac.
Gentlemen, thank you. The P2 fits so well I am feeling scant interest for any other maker....
Shell, indeed.
Alt Wein is "whiskey" - though much, much darker than my Alden whiskey.Straight cap toe is antic cognac - it is insanely nice.I now have P2 and 3636. Both are great lasts, but I much prefer the P2; it has a low instep (good for me) while the 3636 has a high instep.
New Vass Cordovan to whet your appetite: [[SPOILER]]
"Whiskey": [[SPOILER]]
Antic Cognac: [[SPOILER]]
Ugh. There is a shoe porn thread and an AE thread for this. Sorry. This thread is getting...clownish.
No. Cornstarch first. Perhaps two applications. Then the suede cleaner.Next time, get the tarrago spray. It is unreal.
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