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Trubalance has a significantly wider toebox than both barrie and moreso grant. For those with a wider forefoot, lower instep and narrower heel, trubalance (and modified) are a godsend. Here are j.crew PTboots: Also, AoC has the AF43 and 53 (just scored the 43 on ebay) which are fantastic. I plan on replicating my long gone Pitt boot with the trubalance last, and am psyched.
Agreed. I have a Bureau Belfast Indy, AF43 and the J.Crew Tabacco boots, and all are amazing in fit. I actually think I like them better than even my modified last boots.
Yes, and size to size, modified is wider in D width (most are TTS in 379x but can go down .5 in Modified).The 379x is Alden's approximation of the munson last, iirc.
Yikes. I actually wanted a double leather rebuild on the trubalance, and they turned down the work - they won't do double leather. I'll be trying B. Nelson now.
Brown Houndstooth Rudy, size 32. Inseam hemmed to 30" with a 1" cuff (yeah, I know, a little short - but they look good regardless). I've worn them maybe 5 times in the three years I've had them, so I'm clearing them out. Price includes shipping to US. Anywhere else, PM me. Hope Mike and Adele do not mind, here's their website photos of the fabric, which are better than my randomly lit study:
Hello there. For your consideration: Vass Cognac Calfskin Theresianer, size 43.5 (excellent approximation to US 10.5). These were MTO from a forum member. They are brand new, in box, and come with Vass trees. Double leather sole, inset metal toe taps. Gorgeous. I have too many tan shoes and I've had these close to 6 months without wearing them. They need to be worn. They are on the BANANA LAST - they fit the same as the P2, for reference, but have a slightly higher toe...
Double leather sole? Where are these from, Sazon?
Not sacrilege - it's all about technique, the meat, and your mood. I swear a local joint to me (50miles N of NYC) had better brisket than OK Joes - but that was a long time ago. The place expanded and quality went way down. Places that crank consistent BBQ are marvelous, in more ways than one; it's not easy to be consistently excellent.
RTP, you have forgotten MO - Kansas City, specifically:
Ben, my eye says 379x last - which would most likely make them an Asian or Japanese makeup (EDIT - saw replies that almost confirm). Shoemart seconds are fantastic because you can score literally unique-to-the-US models. I got this snuff suede boot on the modified and it is exceptional:
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