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Worn once, purchased from the SF member here who has all the BB deals. They are in outstanding condition. Size 31 x 30 Price includes shipping. Cheers.
Worn once, washed once. They are too slim for my thighs. Excellent pants. Price includes shipping. As seen here: http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/JCrewingoodcompany/Vetra/PRDOVR~65980/65980.jsp Measurements: W: 33" Thigh: 12" Hem: 7.5"
Vass Theresianer. I've worn these fewer than five times. Come with Vass trees. Cognac Calf 43.5 - US 10.5D Super thick double leather sole Metal Toe Tap Price includes shipping.
To the chagrin of the owner of these, I say you should offer these in a full size run, Leaves. I'll take a uk 9.5, thank you.
Whetting your appetite:
I've yet to buy from Unipair, but I would not hesitate. They stock excellent Alden models, and not at exorbitant overseas retailer costs. I have paid 150% of retail for shell Modified Last shoes, so I appreciate their involvement here.
Chukka is on a slimmer last (224); the 6" is on the 8.I'd go with the 8.5, OP. You want them to run roomy.
Don't you have duck boots or equivalent? Neither of those are waterproof - comfort is key at a game.
I don't get a 360 degree welt on a single sole. These would look better with a double.
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