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No, no, and no.Those boots are in for repair; not for sale.Indys are on Trubalance;Modified last sizing is unique. It is not as simple as "same as barrie" for most feet. It is best to be fitted in that last. I'm a 1/2 size down in length and a letter up in width from barrie, in shoes. Boots fit differently as well.
Those are astonishingly good ^
applky, time for a resole. The storm welt is not protecting you from the storm anymore.
Tricky, Frank and Reed, all inspiring. Especially digging sportcoats; I need to get down to the shop and figure out my size.
This is good advice as well.
An 8 in modified will have more room in the forefoot and will have a "tighter" heel cup, and will have the higher arch. I can do a 10.5D in barrie, but easily a 10D in modified. In boots, I prefer 10.5e in barrie, while even a 10D can have enough room for my wide forefoot in the modified. So...they will fit, but depending on your foot, you may not get a snug forefoot.
Yes. I am in your boat - my left foot is easily an E width, while my right a D. With this in mind, it depends on how you plan on wearing these. I'd say MINIMUM 8D - if its too roomy, add an insole and your good. DO NOT undersize boots if you've got a wide forefoot. Those who religiously "size down" probably could fit in b-width shoes just fine.
Not a downside; if you replace boot laces with a speedhooked model, I recommend 46".
They don't make it, but have them. They are custom oem Alden for modified last. They gave me a pair when I bought my modified indys.
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