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Uncle, your "grandma" knot is unsightly.
Oh, they will be - here is a lowly theresianer in antic cognac shell. I have an alt wein in whiskey...
They have it all - they actually make some insane custom/bespoke shoes. I'm going to have them resole my modified last Aldens when the time comes.
For some reason, Alden only does single on the modified. They do the neo-cork as well. I have not seen a reverse or storm welt on anything other than the Indy Boot, either.
They are great guys. Go to the shop, it's a total trip.
That 1/2" too short is better than too long, and is negligible imo. Super sharp.
Pics do not do modified justice. But, then again, they can look good in pics:
No, I am not kidding. Drink real bourbon, there are many available for just a couple bucks more than that dreck.
DV, I dare you to wear these every other day for two months, without treatment, and see how they patina. Just sayin' (...not even every day...).
If you wear Alden, you deserve better than Jack Daniels.
New Posts  All Forums: