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Was seriously considering dropping for retail on the camel pt boots. Just snapped them for less than 5 bills. Johnnyrich you are the man.
corn starch on top immediately. Let sit for a couple days and hope for the best. Otherwise, it may be time to "dub" them. They are boots. But if you use them for dress purposes, that may be a moot point.
No way, they are definitely barrie. I have jcrew's plain toe tobacco boots and you can spot the barrie/tb difference from a mile away, even from 3/4 stance.
For those who missed out on Epaulet's Ryden boot, The Shoe Mart did a nearly identical makeup but in "black trapper" and a 270 degree storm welt. It looks excellent.
For your consideration: White's Boots Light Brown (TAN) Water Buffalo Semi-Dress Last (#55) Antique Eyes and Hooks Size 10.5E Double Leather Sole Vibram Half-sole added (#2337) Lowered (1/4") Block Heel Standard (2-row) sole trim I've worn these once. They are perfect. I have too many tan shoes, so these must go. The build plus vibram half soles make these close to a $600 makeup. My price includes shipping in White's box to the lower 48; anywhere else please inquire.
Swerwo, what are you shooting with? I love the creamy bokeh. Are you post-processing?
This thread needs a photography FAQ. Awaiting mdubs proper whiskey Indy photos, as others are...yeah....
No matter what you do, whiskey darkens over time, DV. It settles into a cognac shade.
Plug this in and make me a latte.A cobbler, perhaps?
Incredible film. Those who love Jackie Gleason, the Brooklyn Dodgers or Lenny Bruce MUST read Don DeLillo's Underworld.Also agree on the polo.
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