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corn starch on top immediately. Let sit for a couple days and hope for the best. Otherwise, it may be time to "dub" them. They are boots. But if you use them for dress purposes, that may be a moot point.
No way, they are definitely barrie. I have jcrew's plain toe tobacco boots and you can spot the barrie/tb difference from a mile away, even from 3/4 stance.
For those who missed out on Epaulet's Ryden boot, The Shoe Mart did a nearly identical makeup but in "black trapper" and a 270 degree storm welt. It looks excellent.
For your consideration: White's Boots Light Brown (TAN) Water Buffalo Semi-Dress Last (#55) Antique Eyes and Hooks Size 10.5E Double Leather Sole Vibram Half-sole added (#2337) Lowered (1/4") Block Heel Standard (2-row) sole trim I've worn these once. They are perfect. I have too many tan shoes, so these must go. The build plus vibram half soles make these close to a $600 makeup. My price includes shipping in White's box to the lower 48; anywhere else please inquire.
Swerwo, what are you shooting with? I love the creamy bokeh. Are you post-processing?
This thread needs a photography FAQ. Awaiting mdubs proper whiskey Indy photos, as others are...yeah....
No matter what you do, whiskey darkens over time, DV. It settles into a cognac shade.
Plug this in and make me a latte.A cobbler, perhaps?
Incredible film. Those who love Jackie Gleason, the Brooklyn Dodgers or Lenny Bruce MUST read Don DeLillo's Underworld.Also agree on the polo.
Well, you don't have many options. I'd try either of these:1. rub the stitching with a magic eraser and see if you can get some bleaching. Wipe dry, then condition the leather to make sure the eraser doesn't dry the skin totally;or2. use black creme polish on the stitching and go stealth. If you can keep the welt clean(ish) I bet that'd look excellent.
New Posts  All Forums: