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Pointer Brand Chore Coat. Size MEDIUM. Brown Duck Canvas. Worn a few times (took pics after I did a little spackling). In amazing condition. No tears, holes, etc. I really need a large, so, grab this at half price. Price includes shipping to contiguous United States. Elsewhere, inquire.
Black Alpine Grain Florsheim Imperial Plain Toe Bluchers.
Brand new with tags, Le Tricoteur Guernsey Jumper (Fisherman Sweater) in Beige. Shipping is included to lower 48 states; elsewhere, please inquire. Size 44. This thing is amazing. I imported it from the source ( I'm a solid 42, and it's sized accordingly (they say size one size up). Heavy English Worsted Wool, Reversible (no interior tag or scoop in neck; can be thrown on forward or reverse - good for a Pole like me), water-resistant (has a...
Two Epaulet Rudy trousers for sale. Size 32. I drink too much beer and deadlift too often. I'm a 34 now. One is black Japanese military twill (current offering). Stock with 29" inseam (3" to let out). Worn about 10 times, in great condition. Washed once. The other is a slate-ish grey brushed twill (super soft). Stock dimensions with a 29" inseam (3" to let out). Worn around 5 times, in amazing condition. Never washed (they don't stink, I'm a High School English Teacher,...
Sambam, Would a double leather midsole + single leather sole be the same as a single leather midsole + double leather sole? (apologies to the dyslexic among us for this question) I would like a sole that is thicker than the single but thinner than the double and was hoping that'd suffice.
If you do not wear the cigar, you shall have missed an opportunity of, perhaps, a lifetime. They're meant to be worn. Bring a towel and a horsehair brush. Wipe them down and give them a light brushing each night.They'll return better than when you left.The other boots and shoes? They're good. But your best pair is the cigar caps.Bring those.
Well, I had one pair of Carmina back in the day, and they were nice. I hope they can get their MTO house in order. I'd hate for them to go the way of Alden....
Well it's about damn time. Now they need to be able to order rare shell colors.
@rockascout excellent stuff. You look sorta like Brick Top from "Snatch." You don't own a pig farm, right?
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