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Well, I had one pair of Carmina back in the day, and they were nice. I hope they can get their MTO house in order. I'd hate for them to go the way of Alden....
Well it's about damn time. Now they need to be able to order rare shell colors.
@rockascout excellent stuff. You look sorta like Brick Top from "Snatch." You don't own a pig farm, right?
I'm sorry, but you've got to be fucking kidding me.
Japanese issue. They are still made. Imported the tan ones awhile ago. I sold those; I should've gotten the burgundy instead, they are outstanding. Munson last rules.
Ask and you shall receive. Crazy. Pumped for the sand tennies. Looks like I'm fucked, because I need those, a Teba, and the new Rudy Rivets.
Mike, any chance you're putting together a tan suede tennis trainer? I'm looking for something tan suede for spring/summer. I'd prefer your stuff.
Sorry. The internet is terrible. Aldens are the best, though.
That teba is boss. I will be in, at some point, in some fabric. Please make it up and have it at the LES store so I may get the right fit. Linen is a bit...constricting (fabric-wise) for a piece I'd like to roll with all year round. I have a barena sport coat from you guys that I wear fall-spring. Would love a Teba that rolls all year round or spring-fall. .02
DUBS, Thought for today: Please lobby Alden and/or retailers to start making boots on the Trubalance last besides plain toe and Indy stitch. A brogue toe, alt wein and wing tip on the Trubalance would be next level. Down with the ill-fitting Barrie.
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