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Apologies temporarily lost track of this, but appreciate the thoughts. I came to a similar conclusion to consensus here - overpriced given the fabric (esp nylon interior) and am not buying. But still haven't found anything I like quite as much. Maybe next season... Also specifically on LP I haven't seen a vest from them that I like... they all seem a but too flat/thin to my tastes.
Thanks all for the feedback. Marcodalondra, nto a fan of the swideways zipper thing - looking for a more classic thing. Seems like consensus is that it is overpriced, but on the question of whether this is something where the construction and style will give me lots of years of use I would still like anyone's thoughts.
Would put a vote in for Kent Wang MTM tux, esp if you can make it to a trunk show to get fitted. To me a tux was something that I would wear so infrequently I could not justify a full custom thing. Kent Wang one is great, though he does not do grosgrain (only satin).
May be a bit of an odd post, but wanted to get forum's thoughts on this vest - Full disclosure - I really really like it and am close to purchasing, but want to make sure no one here thinks I am overpaying (is this brand overpriced? are there similar things out there for less?) and that this is a classic piece that will serve me for...
hmmm... I haven't had the problem you mention with the EG belt either.
retronotmetro, thanks for the helpful post. I actually have a few shirts made by David's (simpilar pricepoint to AC, at the Mandarin Oriental) and was thinking of wearing these during my fitting. But I may get another shirt from Chan, particularly since I feel that the David's shirts have armholes that are a little too big. Does this sleeve length bias extend (excuse me) to to their shirts? Yeah I think the best way for me to settle the pleats issue is to just go try...
Ok thanks a lot for the advice. I was also debating the 2.5 button look, because I like the way it looks on the STP links. I'd also be interested to hear from anyone with experience of other tailors in Hong Kong in the same quality range that they would recommend.
I'm looking to buy a suit later this summer. I don't want to buy a cheap suit (did that in high school and can't bear to wear it anymore). I'm also in Hong Kong for the next couple of months, so WW Chan is starting to look like my best choice. The only problem that I can see is that I don't really know what I want in a suit. I haven't been able to try on lots of types of suit, much less wear them around. Do the tailors at WW Chan give advice on what kind of gorge...
Yes, inside yoke is probably the most discreet place.
I think I saw those PDC polo shirts you are talking about. Just awful.
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