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Quote: Originally Posted by Factor Xll Contemplating the purchase of my first cordovan. I've gone thru this whole thread and can't tell, what are the bad things about cordovan? Other than the price? From what I see the last longer than calfs and look nice but what else? I am planning a cigar ptb or a cord boot, can't decide.. Cordovan wrinkles. Some people don't like this. Other than that... price.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 I haven't tried on the D but I have two Indy's, one is 8EEE, which fits me perfectly and an 8E, which felt a bit snug and needed some breaking in. I still can't wear it with thicker socks like I do with the 8EEE, which I prefer with my Indys. It might also have to do with the leather lining, which my original 8EEE Indy doesn't have but either way, my feet would be hurting on a D sized Indy. Shoe sizing is...
Quote: Originally Posted by jhcam8 As requested: BARRIE LAST These were from LSH?
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Damn I want those brown chromexcel, gives it an red hue. Sucks that you guys never get wide sizes. Have you tried on a pair without sizing down? My feet are very wide and I can do the Indy in D. Particularly with the chromexcel, it's very soft and stretches out quickly as needed.
Clean your room.
Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer if you want #8 or black shell, you have other options, like vintage Florsheim/Hanover/AE that would come at a huge discount to new Alden if you want Ravello, Whiskey, or Cigar...you don't have many options unfortunately I agree. I picked up an amazing pair of shell J&M for $120 on eBay not too long ago.
Quote: Originally Posted by the_state Does anyone know when Alden NYC's (Madison Ave) once-a-year sale kicks in and what the discounts are? Don't forget about the shoes mart factory seconds. I have purchased two from them now and the "mistakes" were minor scuffing on both. You can just return them if they're unacceptable. I got my pair of two stroke indys there for $300 delivered. (It's also awesome to see the vendor exclusives wind up there.)
Quote: Originally Posted by wj4 Another question from an Alden noob here. I'm looking to purchase a pair of Longwings. The last is a Barrie, which should run like a Trubalance, right? Thanks! You skinny footed types. Pfffft.
It adds character peter. I plan on beating a couple of my aldens in to the ground.
Ugh Double ugh How did I miss these.
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