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Quote: Originally Posted by Bartolo Would you mind reposting the coupon code? Thanks! They're unique. hit ebay for one.
Quote: Originally Posted by Walking Man How long does it usually take to break in the Indys? I wore mine for the fifth or sixth time yesterday and after a few hours of walking/standing around my feet were hurting. I'm asking this because I'm considering wearing an insole or should I just break them in more? Do you have wide feet? Did you size down? Which indys, are they shell?
Quote: Originally Posted by Newstyle Yeah the showmart has longwings but the are around$150 more, albeit a bit nicer but I'm already stretching myself to get these. Did you get the tobacco colorway, and do you like it? On the J. Crew website the color looks different in two different pictures, so I'm having trouble pinning down the color. jcrew has a 20% off online purchases coupon that can be used on the aldens.
Tried these on today at unionmade. Nice boot, but not as nice as the alden cordovans I've purchased. I own two pairs of the 1000 miles that I'm very happy with but at $725 I'd rather give alden my money. IMHO they're priced about $200 above what they should be priced at. The color isn't quite color 8 on these, at least in the light I was under. It was more burgundy.
I want a pair of these soooo bad. Alden took all my cash. :/ I think I'll ring up unionmade to see if they have my size though.
I'm going as Sarah Jessica Parker.
Quote: Originally Posted by HorseHide I tried a pic but it didn't do the boots justice. This may be my favorite pair of Aldens at the moment - nice rich brown (more milk chocolate than dark chocolate) and very comfortable. Could you post it anyway? It would still help. Thanks. Not sure about the speed hooks. Decisions, decisions...
Does anyone have a "real life" photo of the LS Snuff suede flex PTBoot? I'm considering ordering a pair but am unsure of the true color.
New, unworn. Not sure what I did with the tags but it's $1500 MSRP. Will sell for net $500, you pay paypal fees, shipping, etc. This thing is *heavy* - somewhere around 8-10 pounds. Men's large. 30" length, 18.5" shoulder to shoulder, 46" bust, 46" waist, 48" hip, 26" sleeve length.
Love those RL Darlton PTB.
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