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Quote: Originally Posted by shasta With regard to the sole issues I posted several pages back. So Alden instructed me to return them to the merchant (Blackbird) who would then send them in for inspection/repair. Leo at Blackbird has been great to work with but I have a feeling I will be short a core pair of my Aldie inventory for quite some time.... What sense does it make for m to ship these all the way to seattle when i could send these in to...
Have you tried soaking in hot water and then sitting in the dryer for an hour? You might shrink to a more reasonable size.
Quote: Originally Posted by chestercopperpot That being said does anyone have pictures of Leather Soul Beverly Hills? I think that Tom guy probably does, he seems pretty obsessed with the place. Are you casing the joint to do some kind of oceans 11 on the stockroom? Count me in, I'll rig up an EMP on my Piaggio and take out all of the Beverly Hills police cars while they're parked in front of Lindsay Lohan's place.
Quote: Originally Posted by bombers I hate J Crew return policy. I remember reading it 2 weeks ago and they said they accept returns for store credit with no receipt and I went in today and they manager said they changed it not too long ago. Yep, they changed it a couple weeks ago. Too much abuse I guess.
Can we not have this degenerate into a crapfest again please.
Quote: Originally Posted by oneeightyseven ballin wit a 30 gummi worm, suuup. Rule 34 that, stat.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol oh jesus christ Ok.
Quote: Originally Posted by ltb for the Winn Perry tan vegano calf captoes if that helps Barrie last. Size down 1/2 unless you have a fat foot and are buying them in a D.
Quote: Originally Posted by trunks206 ^ the coupon stopped working a while ago on the Aldens. It worked for me last week. Alternatively buy something that doesn't go on sale w/ the 20%, return it without receipt in store and use gift card for the shoes. A lot of work but if he's strapped I'm all for creative Alden acquisition strategies.
Quote: Originally Posted by echau Not sure, but I think it would be too soon for that. Shoes are pretty new: Drunk carpenter?
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