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That's the magic ebay price on those butteros, you could always flip them if you don't like them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hermoon Sounds like I made the right choice then, but how does your jacket fit on the sleeves? Yes it is, i didn't expect it but it's a pleasant surprise because the wind here is strong and cold. I only wore that much layering to see how much I could fit and to get a feel of how it will fit when i get my weight back, i know the quality of my pictures are shitty but how do you think it fits? I'm normally long in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Hermoon I don't think there is any difference, some stores label it as new redford and other as redford I believe it's the same. I wore a thick sweater and a shirt under it so i think that's why the jacket seems puffy, bad lightning and my crappy 1.3 mgp web camera dosen't help either. I don't know if i made the right choice when it comes to the fit, I'm 6"1-2 and around 180 lbs and I bought a large, it fits close to the body...
Quote: Originally Posted by jet buy this (7) I give up, what's (7) ?
Quote: Originally Posted by Hermoon It's quilted but from Belstaff, the model is called new redford. Is there any difference in that from the regular Redford? It might be the lighting you've got because the photo looks really puffy. If it's the standard Belstaff redford then it's a great jacket and those are just shitty photos or its not fitting you right. Also, are you sure about the authenticity? Because there's a lot of good Chinese...
Is that a quilted puffy barbour?
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira I feel like I saw another one that more closely matched, but I can't seem to find it in my links/posts. I guess this is what happens when you overdo eBay, you start making auctions up in your head I prefer the Aston, sorry. It's less expensive as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Ugly, buy the Margiela one on Ebay instead. link?
Quote: Originally Posted by handsometigers Do you know a place to get Sno seal and Obenauf for a good price online? Amazon seems to be the only place. There's a guy on ebay that sells obenaufs for cheap.
Quote: Originally Posted by eightdouble barbour wool sapper. i am looking for a less ubiquitous replacement for a pea coat. this is similar wool and weight to a pea coat. this seems warm, but i am not totally sold on it. wanted some outsider opinions. I like it.
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