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I was over at gilt and I see the heynow, famous red and gray scale axes have sold out. I was admiring the $300 blanchetta but I wasn't sure if it would go with my SC Aldens. What axe do you carry?
Quote: Originally Posted by URALLMORONS it does not include collaborations or third party brands. Instead of regurgitating the coupon's small type like a corporate zombie you could actually try the coupon because it works on pretty much everything.
Quote: Originally Posted by BBC 100% corrected grain. The mistake in the listing is that those are NOT Peal shoes, but from the "Brooks English" line. BB never sold shell cordovan under the "Brooks English" label - it was their lower end stuff. Perhaps they're Church's?
Thank you all for your input. I've always thought corrected grain shoes were inferior and if that's the case I'm surprised to see a pair of them from Peal & Co for BB. The asking price on these is $150, should I pass?
Quote: Originally Posted by eightdouble i wanna say that i got that bag in 2005. i work as an airline pilot though so i travel with it constantly and i am sure that has helped it's patina develop. I'm surprised the tsa doesn't strip search you after spotting that weaponized pin you've got attached to it.
I can't tell. The creases make me think regular leather but the rolls, dimple around the eyelets and color 8 similarity make me think cordovan. They're peal & co. Anyone?
25% off all orders including belstaff, alden, etc with code TURKEY.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Whichever one you like/would fit into your wardrobe best? To be honest though, not really a fan of either, especially at that price He could buy 50 members only jackets instead.
Quote: Originally Posted by URALLMORONS 11/11 is now 11/19. My order for a XL is being bumped back to the 19th an that isnt even guaranteed. XL's were all shipped out, if you haven't received a notice give them a call.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hermoon I was thinking more about if it feels too baggy around your biceps area, I know that the sleeves should be a little bit loose but idk it feels like mine is too baggy. Haha I have to agree with you on that one but I won't be wearing that much when I go outside, I only did it to see how much layering I could fit inside. I think a sweater underneath it will do just fine when the weathers gets cold, but then again you never...
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