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I expected something more clever from you both. I am disappoint.
Quote: Originally Posted by jhcam8 This statement may be open to speculation. If there's free Aldens in it I'm open to offers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's LOL! Now it sounds exactly like the same shit I heard 30 years ago. SSDD. Codgers like you and I need to go the way of the dinosaur to make room for the PROC youth brigade.
Quote: Originally Posted by jhcam8 Roger that. I have the same paint that looks like different shades in the same room depending on the time of day, particular wall or trim. Anyway, Aldens are famous for changing shades and developing a nice, rich patina with some wear and polish. The only way to be sure of how a shoe, or anything else for that matter, looks is to see it in person. I wonder if Tom has room on his couch for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol Made in China doesn't mean it's shitty, either. No, it only means toys with lead paint, milk that's made with melamine, drugs for malaria that are actually fake and everything you've ever bought at Walmart. Would you drive this? "Made in China" has always been a cultural representation of the export of our economy, craftsmanship and manufacturing base. Sure, I'm sure some things come out of there with...
Sold the trucker jacket L and bought the 5165L with the proceeds plus $25. If anyone's interested I can post pics when it arrives.
Quote: Originally Posted by zinman74 I am happy with my brown chromexcel NST Hawaiian Tankers as well, but like the wing tip boots, more reddish brown in person. Nice collection you have there! Which Obenauf product are you using? Thanks. I'm using the heavy duty LP.
I'm hoping we can have this discussion without any attacks. I am very happy with the Chromexcel Plaza Wingtip Boots from Leather Soul. See that? HAPPY. I do, however, take exception to whatever methods they use to photograph and present them on their website. These boots are significantly a different color in person, as well as the photos that buyers have been submitting. I wish they were the color they appear to be on the Leather Soul site. This is not an attack on...
For anyone worried about obenauf'ing their plaza wingtips from leathersoul, don't be. Here's a pair of treated Wolverine 1000 mile rust, laceless treated wingtip, laced virgin wingtip, then virgin cigar shell. As I said previously I was a little disappointed the wingtip wasn't a richer brown like the site photos and am trying to darken them more towards the cigar brown. Hopefully as they age they will darken with further treatments.
Oh and there's a contradiction going on in the width if it's stamped an E but measured at 4.25. edit: Photoshopping the sole photo to 12 3/16th inches makes the width 4.264 inches wide, so their measurements are probably pretty close. The shoe is slightly off axis in the photo though. I'd have to stage my boot flush and then as this one is pictured to get a percentage of error, if it's even 5% then the boot rapidly becomes a D at 4.477 inches. Ask the seller to...
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