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Gene, are you normally an 11E in other shoes as well?
Quote: Originally Posted by richardwallace UK E width is narrow... the US equivalent is C width... 10.5 C is the correct US size Mystery solved, I did not know that. Thanks.
Yeah I'm officially jealous of Tom's collection.
Quote: Originally Posted by GreatHighway yes they are. i walked as much as i could today ive looked through your online store more than once. i like a lot of it but i wear an 11E. hawaiian stompers, ranger shoe just to name a couple i like. the make-ups are very appealing. oh and the blue suede boots. man. I'm 11E as well yet all my Aldens are D. As long as I go true to size they work out, albeit sometimes a little long in the toe. Did Peter...
Quote: Originally Posted by TintoTerra I would like this thread better if there weren't any sockpuppet replies in it. This thread would be fine if people just let things die. Jet and ahab seem to feel the need to attack at every opportunity and add nothing to the value of the discussion- I am at least attempting to do so. Want to chat about Aldens? Then back off with the personal attacks. I'm not the one that starts them. I am happy to leave...
Quote: Originally Posted by edubs01 Thoughts on these Reverse Chamois Indy Boots? Can the plantation crepe soles be worn year-round? I am not familiar with the plantation soles in winter conditions- it doesn't snow where I live. I like the style of these a lot but went with a pair of two stroke Indys instead. Either way, very nice alternative to the standard issue indy.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet motion to ban cockpuppets indefinitely You reap what you sow, asshat. Everything's going fine then you and your girlfriend decide to chime in. I'm happy to retort, it doesn't bother me in the least.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ahab It's from the link you posted..... No it's not. You must be copy and pasting from your other open windows. Best just to zip up from your circlejerk with Jet before you wind up posting the sexts from your dad, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ahab You and your father I assume?
Quote: Originally Posted by Ahab You must be new to the internets.
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