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Quote: Originally Posted by eightdouble you should go get your ass pwned in the alden thread some more. C'mon, it was funny. Here, I'll be constructive: http://www.amazon.com/Zojirushi-SL-J...2255832&sr=8-1 That thing is the best ever. Exceptional at keeping food warm. I'm choosing function over form though, you're probably the opposite.
Quote: Originally Posted by eightdouble from a purely aesthetic angle, i love this set. we have one in this color. you can actually fit some nice sized portions in the containers too. it's from oots. i am sure you can find it of you like this. If I didn't already pick up a Scooby Doo lunchbox I'd be all over this.
Quote: Originally Posted by hboogz Revolve just updated their sizing and now are listing a 10.5. I just ended up paying ~$143 for them even though I'm a little wary on the size. I wear 11 on Timberlands + Converse JP's, 11.5 - 12 on everything else. Fuck it... I have a pair of black 11's I might swap with you. They've been worn 5 times. Let me know if those work for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW I REALLY wish they would put the brown 1000 Mile boots on the same sale price! The chances of them popping up in your size is slim but keep an eye on the shoe mart's eBay auctions. Every now and then a 1000 mile in a random size and color gets blown out at $162. With bing cash back (now not available) I got a pair of rust 1000 miles in my size for $150 delivered.
Quote: Originally Posted by wj4 Hmm, thanks for your input. I have a pair of the Indy's and they fit right on the money for me, in term of width and length. I'm not sure if I should size up by .5 on these wing tip boots or stay the same as the Indy's. Indy on the left, plaza wingtip on the right. Both same size.
Quote: Originally Posted by GreatHighway ah sorry. up until recently i really didnt care about width. i knew i was an 11E because ive been measured by my friend who works at a shoe store here in San Francisco (On The Run, 9th Ave.) maybe like a decade ago, but i just took what i could get in 11. if it was too narrow id go 11.5, which only happened with a pair of vans. i dont mind the extra room in front of my toe with the indys Ah, my...
Quote: Originally Posted by wj4 Quick q, how do these chromoexcel wing tip boots fit compare to Indy's? To me, the toe box on the Indy's appear to be wider. But again, this is just from looking at pictures with no actual confirmation. Thanks in advance! They're slightly narrower- they're on the plaza last. I have about a thumb widths room to spare in front of the toes but I still have some wiggle room. I definitely have more wiggle room in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ahab Yeah, productively whining and now you are even complaining about how the colors show up on your monitor. The thread is what you guys made it. Nice, coming from the guy posting photos of "I am homosex." THAT was certainly Alden related. I digress. You seem unable to have even the most basic of discussion about criticism without resorting to schoolyard insults. Nobody's whining, it's just a discussion about...
Quote: Originally Posted by enarchay How do Red Wing size? I take a 8.5EEE in Allen Edmonds, but a 9E in most other shoes; seems like AE runs long and narrow. I really like the GT but it's not available in a wide. Do you think it could potentially fit since boots are usually wider than shoes? Otherwise, I might need to go with the Iron Ranger instead since it's available in 2E. How do you find Red Wings run lengthwise? If I take a 8.5 in AE but...
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Love how he admits he's worn it 10 times but lists it as NWOT Not Worn Often Though?
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