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Quote: Originally Posted by 123abc123 Should I or Shouldn't I? Excellent camouflage for studying domestic calicoes in their native environment. You'll be just like an indoor Steve Irwin; we'll call you the tabby whisperer.
Putting a date on a sweater is the stupidest fucking thing ever.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dipshit Coworker About to pull the trigger on these. Worth it for 245? What are they? They look similar to 1000 miles to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by slammyman Yeah, I just went on the site browsing and noticed the 25% off. I tried it first with the boots I just bought, and it worked fine. That is when I called and requested a refund. When they didn't I bought the boots again along with some Alden Cordovan Cap Toes and a sweater. My order still says "Released" which I believe means that it should be shipping soon. Your orders will be fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by Albatross I assume no one has had their Indy's ship yet? Mine still says processing, which worries me a little. You're lucky to have your order track within 4 business days on a jcrew order. A tracking # is typically sent on the second business day.
Quote: Originally Posted by blackboard_knowledge Slammyman, how did you know about the 25% off at 1:30am? Did you happen to be at, or did you see the deal on a site? I didn't get the email from J. Crew until about noon today. It rolled in at midnight pst last night, that's when I posted it here. He's right, everything was pretty much in stock.
Quote: Originally Posted by blackboard_knowledge I am not being argumentative, but how does one, let's say J. Crew, profit more from selling something that it has a finite supply of at a discount, then selling said item at full price? I really want whomever to get the 25% off, but I am simply stating that basic economics that deal with finite resources would tell one that making more profit is better than making less profit. Let's assume that J. Crew...
Quote: Originally Posted by blackboard_knowledge I would not like to be in J. Crew's shoes (Indy boots?) right now, as they stand to either anger a lot of folks, or lose their entire inventory of Alden Indy boots at a 25% loss right before the holidays. Further, if you notice, no other Alden vendor ever releases promo codes that effect their popular models (the Indy boot, shell cordovan, etc). So, I can imagine Alden and other Alden vendors putting...
Quote: Originally Posted by URALLMORONS Not true. Read the disclaimer that was up and posted as DETAILS right next to the TURKEY code on the front of the webpage! U WRONG!!! You're a troll. The exact thing being violated here is actually the credit card processing agreement between the merchant and the card companies, specifically that a customer is only charged for the invoiced and authorized transaction amount. The resolution is simple,...
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