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So what's the consensus on defective Aldens lately. My cigar shell boots just blew their stitching out after wearing them maybe a dozen times. -_- Terrible quality control imho.
I used obenauf's on Leather Soul's Chromex Aldens. Turned out just fine. YMMV I suppose.
Dibs on the jeans.
Quote: Originally Posted by Horty Any thoughts on Indy sizing by leather: Aniline vs Chromexcel vs Cordovan? I went to the Alden store in DC and tried on an assortment of Indys. The aniline (403) in 11C fit my heel well, but was a little tight on the widest part of my forefoot. The 11D fit ok, maybe felt a little spacious, maybe they could work with thick socks. However I wanted the chromexcel pair, which they didn't have in my size. The salesman...
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus isn't this enough tread? I've never slipped on my ass in mine. Love those.
Quote: Originally Posted by eightdouble not usually an NST guy, but damn these look good. Not to beat a dead horse but I have yet to see a pair of LS shoes that look remotely like they're photographed on their website. But yes, those are looking quite nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by eightdouble new 10.5 indy boots on ebay for 350 buy it now. not mine, but my size. good deal if you are looking for them in this size. He had others, I picked up a pair for 330 delivered. At that price I can deal with the jcrew finish on these.
Bonobos has 30% off w/ free ship. They have some nice bags here including Ernest Alexander. I have a $50 referral available as well (not sure if it's stackable w/ the 30%) , if you want it PM me.
Bonobos has two gray ones for 30% off with coupon code RobSanta. Picked one up for $240 delivered. That link gives you $50 referral credit as well, making it $190 delivered.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol I would totally buy those if I could afford them. You could put it on credit then make extra cash herding cats.
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