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I think the guiding principle of the Republican Party from 2008-2014 was "shoot down anything Obama supports." Then they got power in the Congress, and that was all they had. You can't run Congress by being the contrarian party, but they never developed a message beyond that.They're not going to lose many seats because districts are so gerrymandered, but does anyone see what the path forward for Republicans is right now? None of the Presidential candidates are "the guy"...
It seems to me that the Republicans have backed themselves into a corner. They were happy to play to the "make government small enough to drown in a bathtub" types so long as it resulted in general gains in Republican power. And it worked, for quite a while. But it led to the creation of politicians who apparently fundamentally don't believe in government. They want to blow shit up, and don't care if nothing else functions in the meantime. You can't manage people like...
So what's the way out, exactly? As you say, our system of government is not designed to move rapidly and especially not with a divided government. The Freedom Caucus types cannot reasonably expect to set a radical change agenda with Obama (or any Democratic President) in the White House. But there are certain things that need to occur to maintain the basic functioning of government, to say nothing of producing a steady stream of new expansive laws. A government that...
That seems like a cute gimmick for a Cracked article, but why would anyone want to buy a whole book of it? It's like someone took a Cliff Notes version of Shakespeare and ran it through a Google translate filter for "teen."
It's a primary, and all the energy is stemming from Bernie's crowd right now. Makes some sense that they'd pander to that base (who also want to hear them bash Republicans).Hillary has traditionally been pretty moderate. That's supposedly the big strike against her given the populist outrage this cycle. It'll be interesting to see how (if) she tracks back to the center assuming she wins the nomination.Bernie had the best quote of the night ("tired of hearing about your...
About 40% of it is just Republican bashing.
Hillary: "I won't be another term of Obama because I'm a woman!" Yeesh.
It's almost like he's polling at 1% for a reason.
All of them except Bernie are fighting for a veep slot.
Wut?These questions are way better than the ones in the Republican debate. Maybe it's just because there are only five candidates.
New Posts  All Forums: