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He's doubling down on that "take ISIS's oil" line. That's pretty impressive even for Trump. Also pretty funny that they're sticking with that "until we figure out what's going on" line that was obviously off the cuff for Trump originally.
He's got a clock with the location on it on his hat. What a jerk.
We had a secretary, probably mid-50s, who was just stunningly unproductive. She seriously got 25% as much work done as the better ones. Simple tasks would take weeks.Every email she send out had at least five colors, coordinated in some way that was only apparent to her.
I like how they put luxury in quotes but not taxes. It's not a "tax", idiots, it's the market charging you more because you want a gendered product. Don't think it's fair, don't buy the shit and they'll stop doing it. On the plus side, they're just calling for people to tweet complaints and not for legislation. Still, calling it "unfair" is goofy.
I look forward to a decade of sustained mediocrity from the Giants in wake of this news.
Hah, that's who that was! I miss them naming the announcers and couldn't place the voice. Had to be a coach, kept talking about his players and former games.
That was a profoundly weird game. It looks like it would have been an awesome matchup if Boykin and Vernon Adams had both played the whole game.
Are there really zero SEC vs PAC12 matchups? Would have been nice to see some top teams paired up between what look like the best two conferences.
What an odd typo...and I read that post like four times and never noticed until you pointed it out.
We're going to pretend Florida doesn't exist.I have no confidence in Georgia against Penn State. We have graduate advisors as position coaches right now.
New Posts  All Forums: