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11.5 A unfortunately
I gotta say it's a little strange to buy a case of something you've never tried, especially something expensive you've never tried. Pretty baller move there.I'll take a bottle if you don't like it
Very little. The amount in that picture would be making people freak out.
Diamond nipple rings?
Jackets are cut to have the middle button done and the lower button undone. Not buttoning in that fashion will spoil the lines of the jacket, and screw up the proportions. It looks bad visually, and you'll look like the moron who doesn't know how to button his jacket. Might as well wear your pants backwards if you want to be a rebel just for the sake of it.
Some different bullshit theory. "If (bullshit) is true, then (extrapolatory bullshit) might be true too!"
I know this isn't really a thread about atheism, but you're describing psychopaths there, not atheists. Disbelieving in God doesn't make one any less likely to care about other humans, to identify as human, to value emotions and try to avoid and mitigate pain. We're all still part of the human species, and it's painful for anybody to see this kind of thing regardless of your view of spirituality. That whole "biology doesn't care about humans" sort of atheism is a...
"A girl I'm dating.""A girl I'm talking to" sort of implies that it's unusual to talk to girls and that that's all you're doing.
I'm pretty sure it's just tissue paper.
$35 is a bit of a tough price point for scotch. There's a lot of bourbons I like around that, but I usually go for scotch in the $50-60 range. Might be able to find Balvenie Doublewood for around $35. That's a great value scotch.
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