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I'm with you. I've lifted a lot of weights and spent a lot of time around other serious lifters, and nobody gets a 50+ inch chest without lifting seriously unless they're just fat as hell. Maybe he didn't think of himself as a "bodybuilder," but he had to either be lifting pretty seriously or lying about some of his stats.
And throw in some drunk high stakes gambling.
Measurements of another shirt you have that fits well.It's hard to get a shirt right just off of body measurements. The same measurements could fit a lot of different bodies, and they really have no way to know the exact configuration of your particular set, much less how you particularly like your shirts to fit.
Good summary. It's a good easy drinking bourbon, although that's not my preference anymore.
I need to get a new cask first, this one is on it's last legs. Probably has one more batch of Negronis left in it. It's a bit of a pricey experiment though, Chartreuse is a lot more expensive than Campari.
Anyone ever done a cask aged Last Word (minus the lime juice, obviously, which would be added upon consumption)? It seems intriguing, especially as Chartreuse offers a barrel aged version.
I've had that happen a couple times. You're there by yourself or with other whities, order something "hot" and they give you "gringo hot." Go with an Indian or a Chinese guy, and they give you the real deal.Last time my bastard Chinese friend dared me to eat one of the peppers whole. Bad idea. Should have known better when he wouldn't eat one.
Made a little rum punch. 2 oz light rum 2 oz dark rum 1 oz pineapple syrup splash cherry brandy juice of one lime Add to glass full of crushed ice Came out well. Tried the same thing earlier with all dark rum and I like this version better.
I find that "Get your own damn soda, woman!" with the right slightly jocular inflection works just fine
If the shoulders and chest don't fit, it's going to be very hard to make it look right.
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