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It literally is the best thread for information about the fine opportunities offered by Farmers insurance. You literally cannot find a better source on the Internets.
Dialing wands are fat phobic. We need larger buttons to accommodate a range of finger fatness.
The allegation wasn't that all cultures aren't equal, it was that increased Hispanic immigration is making the US have higher inequality and more corruption. Because Hispanics are bringing it with them and it's contagious or some shit. That's an....aggressive statement.You're getting pretty lazy with the "leftist" ad homs.
TIL a new ethnic slur.
I remember our school police officer clotheslining some girl. She had just bashed another girl's head into a window and took off running down the hallway, and he just crushed her. It was funny at the time. Would look bad if it popped up on World Star without any context.
I'm ok with that though, it's just marketing. Like having pork rinds labeled LOW CARB.
It's such a dumb thing too, like somehow changing genes through selective breeding is "more natural" and healthier than cutting out the middleman and doing it directly. We've been fucking with nature for thousands of years, we're just a lot better at it now.
I think your typical voter has certain expectations that politicians just say some shit to get elected, but obviously there are limits to that. Republicans are in a trap right now where harsh language on immigration is necessary to win the primaries, but hurts them in the generals. Not sure how they get out of that, other than "waiting for those old white people to die."Ataturk informed us that the only reason anyone votes Democrat is for pie division. Those are not...
I got the Trump/Sanders conversation threads crossed up.The Atlantic article seems to reinforce what I was trying to say, that Sanders is winning among people who don't usually vote in the Democratic primaries but are coming out this year.Hillary is seriously limping towards the finish line. It's still going to be hard for her to lose, but coming into the convention with a bare majority and a losing streak is not going to be good for her. If she was running in any other...
If you look at actual policy, not all that much different from Democrats, really. But the rhetoricI think it's one of those cases where you have a split between what the party establishment wants and what the "base" wants. Rubio was the establishment candidate, after all, but there was a lot of pandering to "the base" with talk about how tough they were going to be on immigration. It's easy to develop a public perception of being anti-immigrant when listen to the...
New Posts  All Forums: