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Aren't the Japanese crazy about baseball?
I don't care to think what hallucinating about smart electric meters from companies outside my region might mean for my mental health.
Cooking with Cyaninde?
I keep getting a "BGE Smartgrid" ad that is talking to me. I can't find an actual physical ad, just the talking. Very annoying.
Cinnamon challenge, stick version.
You've got a pretty narrow vision of a "decent adult life."Doing PhD work is really more like a job than "being in school" for most STEM people. I've been in the real world for awhile now and my day to day is not very different from grad school. I actually work fewer hours if anything, for a lot more money. I get a salary now instead of a stipend. I never paid tuition. Was certainly not "shielded from the real world," aside from being too busy to worry about spending...
"Young people these days."
This problem is so SF that it hurts.
I take the combo because I have trouble falling asleep when I'm stressed, and it helps me anyway.
Like, in the David Carradine sense?
New Posts  All Forums: