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CNN had some panel of Republican drones on last night, and it was hilarious listening to some of them shill for Trump. They were all pissed off at Mitt for going after Trump, explicitly stating that it should be Democrats asking those questions.Like last week it was Fox News bashing Trump and nobody blinked. Now they're falling over each other to get behind him. Hilarious.
^good article suited. There's a lot of stuff in there that's bigger than just explaining Trump (or Sanders). There's a microcosm of some of the problems of modern culture in there.
The thing with Bernie's supposed revolution is that it's 100% centered on "getting him elected," with the next step apparently being "magic."There's no slate of pro-Bernie Senators and Congressmen. Even with universal support from Democratic legislators, which he won't get, there's no serious plan to win the House. There aren't enough youth voters in all the deep-red districts to have any hope of flipping them to someone with that kind of agenda.I suppose you could say...
We'll see, I suppose.Usually the Senate tends to be more moderated because they're all elected statewide. It's harder to be extreme when you have to face the whole state instead of one gerrymandered district. Lord knows right now.
Yup. It's literally the only thing that comes up if you put "Scandinavian restaurant" into Google maps for the DC area.
Hey, there's one in DC! Literally, one. They got co-opted into serving Slavic food too, miscegenating bastards. Plus there's Ikea.
Any culture that doesn't let their food become Americanized is good with me. I don't think I've ever seen an authentic Scandinavian restaurant in the US. Does such a thing exist? Maybe in the Midwest.
That really adds up, considering most people have two legs and all.
Yeah, we'll see. It seems highly suspect to come out against any candidate reflexively (and especially within hours of Scalia's death). Why not at least wait a couple weeks then started a low key character assassination and stalling effort like everybody would expect from the get-go? Just seems like they out-kicked their coverage by coming out the way they did. And Obama is currently vetting Brian Sandoval, the Republican governor of Nevada (and former federal judge)....
A question I've been mulling, I'm curious about how different cultures hold on to their distinctive cultural traits through generations in the US. I know an awful lot of first generation Chinese- and Indian-American kids who have intense battles with their parents over the filial piety issue, but it seems to almost universally disappear by the next generation. Most third generation Hispanic immigrants don't even speak Spanish. Are some cultural traits more...
New Posts  All Forums: