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Maybe he just doesn't get your office culture yet and needs to be informed that management would prefer that he stay home rather than show his utter devotion to work by showing up and infecting everyone. There are plenty of businesses that have the "come to work unless you're dying" culture, and in this economy, he might not want to take any chances unless explicitly told otherwise.
Like it, makes a very nice martini. Smooth, good mouthfeel, plays well with vermouth. No one note stands out to me, got a lot going on.I have a hard time ranking gin. I stuck with Hendricks for a long time, then Plymouth really jumped out at me (obviously a different style). Most of the others have been "good" but I can't really distinguish beyond that. Some of them work better in certain cocktails than others, and I'm trying to nail that down. I feel like Botanist...
It's certainly not a faux-vodka. Not a juniper bomb, but it's got plenty of botanicals. So far tried a little bit straight, the Negroni, and working on a martini now. It held up well to the Campari in the Negroni. The citrus profile really worked well there. Perhaps not my favorite in the martini but it's still good.Been on a gin kick recently, after drinking almost exclusively Hendricks for a long time. Went through Citadelle, Plymouth, The Botanist Islay Dry, and...
Had a Negroni with Bluecoat gin earlier today. Now working on some Redbreast 12 year.
Fedex left a notice saying that this was the final attempt for the delivery. They stuck the notice directly on top of the signed "leave the package here" form from yesterday. WTF else do I need to do for you idiots to leave the damn thing? Now I need to drive 20 minutes to the depot and pick up my package or they'll ship it back to India. Nonsense.
Looks like a whole mess of coordinated socks/trolls who all registered this month. NORE flipping out again?
My wife just asked if me if she should make sure to put the accent marks on "Résumé" when applying for jobs. She was completely serious and concerned about this apparently important detail. No wonder she's so stressed about all this.
I thought the little icon in the bottom corner of that was the Red Lobster logo for a second.
Rent one of those big augers.
Not talking about "cleaning", I'm talking about a total tear-down of a room and then trying to figure out better ways to arrange it all. Like, take every piece of clothing out of the closet, "sort" them, then put them back up in a different fashion.
New Posts  All Forums: