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Trump came off like an absolute imbecile begging for credit for "not attacking Bill's affairs" during the debate. It was like eight grade tactics. If you're going to make a point, make it. Otherwise, shut up.Hillary's involvement in damage control over Bill's affairs and alleged sexual assault is kind of a touchy subject though. I don't think Trump is deft enough to work it, and his personal history (public affairs and multiple divorces) kind of takes the edge off. If...
I bought plenty of nice bourbon and then drank it
I don't really complain, it's mostly that it's very hard to find products. I find more things through announcements here on the forum than on Luxire's site. The search isn't great, the filtering is minimal, there aren't really any built in categories. It was fine when they didn't have many fabrics, but now that they have a bazillion different offerings, it's pretty cumbersome.
Chuck Schumer was supporting the bill, and said something like "unless we pass this and make it general (don't restrict it just to 9/11 victims), countries won't have an incentive not to do this again."I mean, FFS. If we have to use the threat of legal action as the only disincentive to keep countries from perpetuating terrorism against us, we've done something deeply wrong. We can go fuck their shit up, Chuck, we don't need to rely on suing.
Given the number of times they've tentatively announced the imminent launch of the new website, one should assume the date is "whenever it appears."
I think a non-trivial portion of it is that the label and bottle look a lot like Pappy. And really, every premium offering has dramatically increased in price.
Didn't think of this the first time, but speaking of patterns, this exchange mirrors the primary debate question from Megyn Kelly. He got asked about his pattern of sexism and ended up starting a feud with Kelly about it. Out of everything in that debate, a question about sexism from a woman is the thing he got outraged about. And then made some...questionable comments about Kelly over.No? Pointing out that Trump is the outlet for many attitudes that haven't been...
Hillary's a lot better at playing the game the normal way than Trump is. She's got an army of proxies to do all the dirty stuff for her. Trump is getting on Twitter and doing it himself and getting his hands dirty. One of the benefits of being a "typical politician."
It's kind of unfortunate that so many media writers dove into the swamp and insulted Trump. His crassness rubbed off on them, and took some of them credibility away with it. There was plenty of substantive criticism, and playing the insult game just validated his approach.
It's disingenuous because the issue isn't one insult 20 years ago. It's a pattern of behavior, and that's one example of many. The particulars of that one example really don't matter all that much.And the fact that Trump's "defense" was to bring up another time he insulted a woman for her looks and say it was justified kind of plays right into that pattern."Well he's just an asshole to everybody" isn't much of an excuse.Many women are justifiably touchy about men in...
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