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What variety did you get? I really enjoyed the Single Barrel.
I never saw the picture
Ontario gets 30% of all the bottles in the world?
Yikes. Our just has rocks, but it's not bad at all considering.One time a deer pooped on home plate. That was pretty funny.
I empathize Played a game in the rain last week and slid into 2nd. Scraped my leg up and sprained my ankle. Slid about a foot further than I expected because of the mud.At least I was safe.
I'm just waiting for him to freak out and threaten to shoot Piob with kryptonite bullets or something.
Are you set on 7 posts per page or something?
Who are these people commenting? I've gone to plenty of movies by myself (traveling, what else are you going to do?) and nobody has ever said shit.
I only see a few weird sizes and mostly black, same as yesterday.
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