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A lot of these places implicitly expect there to be a stay at home parent. The other parents will judge the hell out of you (quietly, of course) for not being able to make all the weird mid-day events.Hurray, sancti-mommies!
Our laws say the same thing (probably varies state by state), but good luck getting everybody to pay attention to it. It's not very widely enforced.It's a big country. It doesn't snow often enough in much of the country to really warrant serious preparation like winter tires. The people up north are pros, but it gets less common the farther south you go. It'd be kind of silly to buy winter tires and drive around on them for the one storm every five years that might...
Watching totally gassed fighters standing around lamely for the last 10 minutes sounds awesome.
He was checking out with a cart full of other crap, so I doubt it.Yeah, you see that all the time but fish oil seemed like a weird thing for a small business to buy like that. Maybe I just can't envision being at 7/11 and thinking "Damn, you know what, we're out of fish oil!"
Christ. That's a mental picture. Smell-o-vision.
I mean, I'm not making a safety claim or anything. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt you, I've just found that it gets gross if they're old, along with the possibility that it isn't as effective. No real incentive to stock up.
Yup. I wouldn't even buy more than one bottle at a time.
Back to the "Things you don't get" I saw some dude at Costco with a literal pallet of fish oil. wtf does anybody need a pallet of fish oil for? It's a lifetime supply. Always blink a little at the people buying five gross of eggs or whatever, but I assumed they're going to a small restaurant. But fish oil?
I get stopped by people all the time when I'm out walking my greyhound. Have actually had people stop their cars to ask me about him. One of my buddies had a hound of some sort with a docked tail (was docked before he got it). He moved to Germany, where apparently tail docking is banned. One of the first phrases he had to learn was explaining that he didn't have the dog's tail docked, as people would start shouting at him on the street about it.
New Posts  All Forums: