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I'm not doing the stuff either, but I understand the appeal. I never did until I was on IV morphine while in the hospital and developed a mental fixation on it for weeks afterwards.
Ain't nothing feels better than opiates. If you've got an addictive streak, it's pretty hard to forget that kind of high.
I apologize in advance to all Broncos fans, but this is just too funny. The guy hacked Madden and rigged it so the Seahawks were perfect at everything and the Broncos were inept at everything, then ran the game. Comedy ensues. This was done before the actual game took place.
I know, right? It's funny though, I honestly think people like my FIL can't tell the difference. It's not just bad taste, he just legitimately doesn't process any improvement past a certain low level. I almost envy him that, then I remember how awesome this stuff is once you develop your taste for it. Being capped out at Jack would be a shame.
It's all still better than the wine market. Sometimes I wish I didn't have good taste in spirits. My father-in-law just loves Jack, and drinks Franzia (with ice) happily. It'd be so much less expensive and time consuming to be happy with that stuff, but I just can't do it.
Some NFL rating commissioner just committed suicide.
When did Birthday Bourbon get trendy? I remember seeing it routinely a few years ago, often with multiple years available.
I wonder if my vermouth might be a little stale (was using Martini and Rossi as well), it's almost empty and I can't remember when I opened it. Haven't been doing nearly as many cocktails recently. I'll crack a fresh bottle later this week and see if it makes a difference. I was thinking about Dubonnet Rouge with the sloe. Let us know what you think.
This thread finally convinced me to go out and get a bottle of Plymouth sloe. Did a sloe Negroni and I think it needs a different vermouth. The flavors weren't really distinct enough. What worked for you with the sloe Negroni?
I'm not one of the shoe experts, but Goodyear welting is basically the machine adaptation of hand welting. There's a canvas rib inserted so that the sole can be stitched to the rest of the shoe, which can wear out eventually. In held welting, there's no need for the canvas, it's all leather-on-leather contact.
New Posts  All Forums: