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Does this translate to "I just noticed my ban lifted"?
And it was lopsided because it looked like the Bulls were getting paid per foul and forgot they actually needed to play ball between fouls.
Hmmmmm.........That'd show 'em for sure.
People seem to think that "raising awareness" is meaningful in and of itself.It's not just Facebook either, look at all the ridiculous Susan Komen "awareness" crap that's still going on. Nobody is getting any more aware of breast cancer from NFL players wearing pink cleats at this point.
People really ought to learn not to post anything negative about their relationships on Facebook. Nobody wants to read that, and you've just aired your dirty laundry to everybody in a way that's very hard to take back. I vaguely understand the point, although she's missing a lot. When your partner isn't happy, it does tend to make you less happy as well. But there's a big upside when things are going well, your aggregate happiness ought to be higher. If it...
I just got suckered into the middle of teenage family drama with my neighbor. Asked me over for "tutoring," (which I've done with them before) turns out they were trying to use me as leverage to force their daughter to work harder and stop fighting their authority. Don't appreciate being lured into such situations. Leave me out of your drama.
I was not exactly planning on falling asleep on the floor.
I've been kinda sick since Friday and have been abnormally tired. Went home for lunch today and sat down to pet my dog. Fell asleep on the floor. Woke up ~20 minutes later because said dog farted on my head
I hate reading stories like that because I never know if "USC" means Southern Cal or South Carolina. Rest of the country, automatic Southern Cal. Writer from the South...could be either.
There is a reason I don't have blue curacao. Also, I doubt the availability of anything that would stack up to decent uncolored versions and I'm not going to drink crappy stuff just for the color. It does make for an interesting green color in the Leatherneck though, or so shows the picture in my book.Picked up a bottle of Combier today, going to see how I like it over Cointreau (my usual). I've also got a bottle of Solerno blood orange liqueur, which is interesting but...
New Posts  All Forums: