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Peach and Ginger Smash 4 oz bourbon (used Knob Creek) 1 oz peach brandy muddled 2 peach slices Filled with Reed's Extra Ginger Tasty, great for this slightly chilly night. Nicely layered peach flavor between the brandy and the actual peaches.
I'm totally on board with the idea of not giving people a hard time for not following conventional gender roles. If you're a more feminine man, that should be fine. But all this stuff about "genderqueers" and such...do we really need to do that? If you're a man who doesn't follow typical "masculine" behavior patterns, is it really a big deal to be called "he"?
It seems like a neat historical curiosity but I certainly wouldn't buy it expecting a quality product. Odds are it wasn't too good back then (given the market at the time) and even lower odds that it held up over the intervening decades.Still, neat to stay you had, I guess.
One of my friends got her PhD in chemistry (at ~28), taught for a couple years, and has now decided to devote her life to medicine on account of her dad dying while she was in grad school. Started out as nursing, progressed to PA, now maybe med school. I can't imagine doing another terminal degree, especially with residency and all that. She desperately wants to have kids too, so god only knows how that would work.My wife thinks she's just so super brave for doing all...
William and Mary almost beat WV. You guys can take 'em.
Average height has gone up significantly, and I'd guess that shoe width and length scales roughly with height.
Both approaches are just exploiting the rules. Offense can pin the defensive players on the field by not huddling, so they get this "pace" going and just gas them out. Teams fake injuries because the rules are stacked against the defense. Change the rules on substitutions and you reduce that incentive, and likely in a way that's a lot less offensive to our sensibilities than faking injuries.
UGA does get LSU and SC at home, vs Florida is on the road.We got a good Dawg crowd in this thread. None of my work buddies watch college ball (heretics), so it's just me and the wife up here. DC is pretty bleak college football territory. Va Tech fans will always say "But Tech fans love some football!" They just don't get it. There's a reason your stadium is only 66k guys.
Bacardi is why so many Americans think rum is a death-spirit. I encourage this belief, as it keeps rums prices reasonable. I can't afford for rum to become trendy like bourbon.
Excellent emoticons for Reev threads.
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