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Even better, their biggest revenue source was that sending messages cost money. So you'd actually end up spending money to send messages to bots. There was also evidence that the bots would respond when you were almost out of your stock of purchased messages, to lure you into buying another batch.
The first couple months I lived in Athens, I was all suspicious of how friendly everyone was. I kept suspecting that they were putting me on, like why are random people going out of their way to be friendly and helpful? Not used to that living on the East Coast.
I've been seriously thinking about either a linen or chambray popover. This might have sealed the deal.What fabric is that? Did you make any adjustments in measurements from your normal shirt orders?
They required us to have insurance, but rigged the system so that basically only the plan offered by the school was acceptable. Lots of people had to pay for it on top of the plans they had been getting through their parents, which were probably much better overall in real terms. Worked out ok for me because this was before Obamacare and I got kicked off my parent's plan at 22, so it was really my only option at the time. I remember some of the humanity grad students...
Non-religious people also don't have any pretext for special Constitutional protections to inflict their views (hypocritical or not) on others when it would otherwise be against the law.
http://usuncut.com/world/facebook-banned-photos-europes-refugee-crisis/Apparently US military action has caused the migrant crisis.
Back when I was in grad school, they tried to change the health plan to one a plan with a 20k max annual payout. They justified it by noting that only six students went over that limit the year before. I wrote a letter to the newspaper commenting that I was one of the people who would have gone over, by having a sixty thousand dollar surgery. When you're getting a $20k/year stipend, you're completely screwed if anything serious happens to you with a cap like that. Why...
Religious nuts in Kentucky? Go figure...
I've been enjoying Kilchoman Machir Bay. Nice peat style for the summer. Light and fresh flavors but persistent peat on the nose and finish.
...are coffee enemas socially acceptable?
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