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That shit is hilarious.Fareed Zakaria gave a pretty solid description of how Trump keeps doing that stuff. He's used to being a salesman, working the crowd, seeing what gets a reaction and running with it. Only now...he's being filmed the whole time and he's trying to represent a country instead of making a sale. He gets into these town halls and he can't help himself once he starts riffing and the crowd is loving him.
I don't think it's a self-evident thing that the US is on a trajectory to become Europe at some point in the future.The biggest difference is just the fact that Muslims can't walk here. But there's all kinds of other stuff. Culture, history of immigration, our welfare system, the fact that we're one country instead of 28.
I think almost all of them were non-violent drug offenses.Granted many of those were stuff like "selling three kilos of heroin", and not "sold a joint."
My point is that it's too simple to say that you can just ban Muslims without any costs. It may still be worth it, but lets not pretend it's something we can do for free. You're going to prevent X terrorist attacks and inspire Y new ones. It's hard to know what those numbers are, but neither is probably zero.Depends on which "we" you're talking about. I don't think the US needs to do much of anything at this point in time. Easing up on drone bombing people might be a...
Feeling like you're not part of society is a pretty common thread for mass killers, Islamic and otherwise. I'm more familiar with the ones in the US, but nearly all of the school shooters express those kind of sentiments. The Tsarnaevs did as well.It doesn't mean society is to blame for their actions, but I think you can reasonably extrapolate that cracking down on Muslims is going to cause a short term increase in those situations. It's not so simple as "reduce Muslim...
ISIS has explicitly said that they want the West to overreact and start persecuting Muslims. They want a clash of civilizations. They also think they're going to win said clash of civilizations because prophecy, so uh, there's that.Not that we should automatically do the opposite of what ISIS wants, but I think they're probably on to something. At least up until the "and prophecy will have us win" part.
That's another part of the cost/benefit, and would influence which solutions we're willing to consider. I think people in Europe tend to pretty heavily overestimate the effects of Muslim immigrants in the US.I don't think it's fundamentally absurd to limit immigration from certain Muslim countries, especially those where "rule of law" has become a foreign concept. It's hard for someone from Somalia to adapt to a a society like the US, and that has little to do with...
You can pull all sorts of different situations out and wonder why we spend resources on defending against them. It's all a cost and benefit analysis. Terrorism gets vastly more resources and compromises in our way of life than any other threat, especially those on a similar rate of incidence.
The fact that "there is terrorism" doesn't mean we actually need to make significant changes. Comparing the risk of terrorism to the risk of other crime gives us some idea how much we ought to be giving up (money, civil liberties, etc) to deal with the problem.
He asked if Trump had ever read the Constitution, about the religious test on immigrants. It was a pretty silly convention thing, because the Constitution doesn't apply to people outside the country. We can exclude whoever we want. Whether that's a good idea or not, or in tune with "American values," is the real question.Then Trump responds by saying that Kahn "doesn't have the right to criticize him", which is hilarious in context with the whole Constitution thing.
New Posts  All Forums: