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Wow. Blows my mind. Friend of mine got married at the Botanical Gardens there and it was awesome, but she was smart enough to do it the week before football. Doing it on a gameday weekend is just incomprehensible for anybody that lived there. Grade A dumbass/bridezilla alert. I guess best case scenario they fucked around on the scheduling and only gamedays were left.Also anybody who is traveling into town and staying in a hotel is going to have to pay 3x more for a room.
Ardbeg Corryvrecken is pretty briny, but also heavily peated.
Nucky doesn't have any particular fondness or connection to her. What would be the hook?
Planting more trees is going to make a difference in ten months. You heard it here!
All local roads. Going across/under I270. Whenever 270 backs up, local traffic grinds to a complete standstill.Of that 45 minutes, 30 of it was going the first 1 mile from work to the other side of 270. If I had had ANY idea how ridiculous this shit could be when I moved up here, I'd have made sure I was on the right side of the damn road. Figured "oh it's 4 miles, how bad can it be?" NOPE.On the plus side, a couple glasses of port have made things much better.
Took me 45 minutes to drive the four miles home from work. Fucking DC area traffic. Wasn't even an accident either. I need a drink.
I've always wondered how many cans people can use that they feel the need for a mechanized can opener. Is every meal coming encased in steel?
Oban is pretty light on the peat, even compared to HP. I wouldn't even call it a "peated" scotch, although I know there's some in there.
I actually misread your post, thought you said "I'm mostly a troll." Kind of changed the interpretation there.I don't like the G+ integration, but I never post comments so it's not a big deal.
Getting rid of Youtube trolls. What a terrible thing they're doing.
New Posts  All Forums: