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I'd bet most of it is going to BS internal expense categories and not the guy replacing the bulb.
You're saying that the Bulls would be the favorites over the Heat because of the style of ball they play. They played the same style two years ago, and lost. Obviously the Heat can win over that type of play. The Heat are a better team this year, the Bulls are worse. I can't see any reason not to say that the Heat would be the favorite over anybody (except maybe the Spurs), other than simply not liking the Heat.
Bulls played the same style of D back in 2011 and lost in five to the Heat.
I'm doing the Gator Chomp in the direction of the monitor right now. [[SPOILER]]
Also you have to develop some emotional maturity to become successful, which discourages feuding. Well. Usually.
Around the same time people started using apostrophes to indicate plurals.edit: apostrophe's and plural's
Different Athens. B-52s originated from Athens GA, which is where the eponymous "Love Shack" is/was located.
I actually saw a couple texting each other while out at lunch one time. If one of them had said "L-O-L" (in so many letters), I might have had to throttle them.
That's great, I can just imagine some suit wearing gentleman on a train full of hobos breathing through a perfume infused pocket square.
That's like Class A stuff right there. Ed brings the Major League material.
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