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That series probably got finished faster because Jordan died.
Long time ago I mentioned a guy who kept posting his two mile in 25 minute running routines. He stopped posting for about six months, then they came back. Looked at his pictures, and he'd gained at least 50 lbs.Moving to Minnesota was not good for him.
For my future advisement, which varieties of cats are known for talking? I must subscribe to the appropriate Facebook groups.
Watching Don instantly recognize Coffee Guy's shtick and just walk right past him was hilarious.
Congrats, gotta feel good. Drink something special!
That's a great drink, thanks for reminding me about it. I've since had three this week
Does this translate to "I just noticed my ban lifted"?
And it was lopsided because it looked like the Bulls were getting paid per foul and forgot they actually needed to play ball between fouls.
Hmmmmm.........That'd show 'em for sure.
People seem to think that "raising awareness" is meaningful in and of itself.It's not just Facebook either, look at all the ridiculous Susan Komen "awareness" crap that's still going on. Nobody is getting any more aware of breast cancer from NFL players wearing pink cleats at this point.
New Posts  All Forums: