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I binge watched South Park my freshman year of college (no cable at home) and it did real bad things to my language choices for a couple days.
1g water = 1 mL. 15 mL = 0.5 ounce Hard to say for grams of coffee to tablespoons, since the grind size and how packed it is matters a lot.
Did she have overwhelming urges to shock people with car batteries after that?
True Detective was awesome. Hard to believe it was TV a lot of the time, even HBO. Hopefully Season 2 is on par.
Can we keep the NSFW pics in DT? Or at least just links.
The Botanist seems to have a different bottle now. I think I liked the old squarish one better. Excellent gin though.
These variety boxes seem to be getting more popular. My wife was doing some makeup assortment boxes. Now she has an absolute pile of makeup, half of which she'll never use because it was randomly chosen by someone else. I don't understand it. Ostensibly the point is to try things you wouldn't otherwise, but I'm pretty sure they just dump excess inventory on you at a markup.
What are the last two? 17 year something? (you bastard)
Send them an email along with the order, attach photos to the email.The latter works. Refer to a previous order and specify changes. They still have the old patterns so you don't need to send anything back in physically.
Can you imagine anyone blowing in Jordan's ear He'd have made it his life's mission to drop 50 on you for the rest of his natural life.Anyone read the article on ESPN about the Dream Team scrimmage, Team Magic vs Team Jordan? Interesting picture of how ruthlessly competitive those guys were, even when no one was watching and the game didn't matter.
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