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I saw that last weekend, pretty good stuff.No wonder Trump is winning. Cruz, Marco-bot, Low Energy Bush. What a bunch of maroons.
What a fitting encapsulation of Cruz's campaign right now. Between that and Fiorina falling off the stage, you can't ask for more.
Pretty much everyone I know that went through grad school developed some kind of stress related disorder, mild alcohol abuse being the mildest.I started grinding my teeth. Wee.
Step 1: : Think so highly of yourself that you'll chase literally anyone regardless of how hilariously outside your league they are.Step 2: Be rich.Don't attempt Step 1 by itself.
They certainly jumped on that quickly.
Apparently it was also a big deal because McD's was trying to expand in India.
You can ask Luxire to scale the collar down. My first NOBD collar was a little small, so I asked them to scale it to size. Worked great.
I'm honestly amazed that cop was so calm. He barely raised his voice, even while she was screaming like a toddler. Bitch is lucky she's white. And really white from the sound of her voice.
They used to be good, then the vegetarians found out they were using beef tallow to fry them.Now they're bland as hell.
My grandparents didn't speak English, but I have blonde hair and blue eyes. Am I approve for white culture or not?
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