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I'm in the US, so it was just domestic shipping to their New Jersey facility. I think they have a pre-paid option to go direct to India but I don't remember the cost.
It's much more reliable to send the pants in rather than trying to do the measurements. It only adds a week or so to the order, really works well.
Works great, absolutely the best way to get pants done. I've done it twice, for dress pants and jeans. Spot on both times.They do a good job modifying the pattern once they've gotten it down too, so you can adjust on the fly for future orders.
I mean, it seems plausible but you'd have to go completely work the results up yourself to know if they did the numbers correctly.
I'm pretty sure a lot of people do actually want to see the police go in shooting there. Like, they wouldn't admit it, but that's the only apparently conclusion to the rhetoric.
Well, and that's where his success comes from. He can motivate the hell out of college players, get crazy consistency, out-recruit other teams. He loses all of that in the pros, because you can't treat adults with big money the same way. Hell, half his carrot at Alabama is convincing 5* guys to subsume their own interests for a couple years so they can go pro. You saw some of the same stuff with Harbaugh on the 49ers. His motivation approach (in his case, being an...
A pipe burst in the wall above my office. Now a bunch of large greasy guys are tearing apart my office to get to the leak. Wee.
So far as we know, Alabama isn't facing imminent NCAA sanctions. That was a pretty good incentive for Carroll to return to the NFL.
That was such a weird game. Can't really say it was "good", but it was dramatic. Oregon might have won by 50 if Adams hadn't gotten hurt. Adams and the center being out just killed them, they looked like the JV team in the 2nd half. TCU with Boykin and Oregon with Adams would have been a good game.
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