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On the topic of very old malts, this offering showed up in my email today, for only $7,493.45.
The janitor on my hall has been having an extended monologue/rant/schizophrenic episode for the last hour. It's starting to freak me out, like the background track to a horror movie. Except with more flushing toilets.
You're just trying to convince GF to go to a boxing gym and get punched in the face a whole bunch of times.
We had someone at an in-house conference ask us to define the name of our agency, which had been displayed as an acronym (and is commonly used as a word).It would be like going to a meeting an NIH, and demanding that they define NIH. How could you not know that, when you work in the industry and have gone out of your way to come to the event?
That's way too physical for the WNBA...
Has anyone tried this stuff?I picked up the new decaf Arpeggio and it's pretty good, quite similar to the ordinary Arpeggio. That and the Intenso are the only decafs that I liked. Most of the others are just weak tasting.
According to ESPN, they had a call to foul, but just screwed it up and didn't do it. "We didn't execute the game plan," Williams said as he shook his head on the postgame podium. "We were supposed to foul."
That means they'll show up around 3pm.
I have issues with that issue.
You'd think that, but people keep hiring Byron Scott and Mike Brown.
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