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While this isn't restricted to shootings, I think it gets to the point of why so many blacks are willing to immediately believe that the shootings are motivated by race. Racially slanted policing is just expected in the black community. http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/07/the-senates-only-black-republican-opens-up-about-being-mistreated-by-police/491435/ This is from the only black Republican Senator.
Pence has to announce whether he's running for governor by today, so it'll be fun if Trump makes him wait and/or yanks the rug out from under him at the last minute.
Branca Menta is basically just Fernet Branca with mint syrup, so it's pretty easy to do yourself and adjust as you like.
Many of them are just copying old orders with new fabrics. I think one of them involved a fabric that needed to be ordered.This latest one was entirely my fault, as I had to send in a shirt to copy. But the timing still worked out the same way.
I've noticed a trend with my last few orders. I wait about two months, email about the status, and always hear that they're starting production the next week. Then I get the item soon afterwards. Either I have fantastic timing with my emails, or they're waiting to begin production until bothered with an email. The turnaround times are still fine, but I'm curious if anyone else has noticed this. The one exception was the linen sale earlier this year. I had my item...
I expect most people think fire fighters would be dealing with houses engulfed in flames. It's an obvious point if you're not trying to be a pedant about firefighting technique.
Wait what's the difference between libertarians and socialists again? I thought they were at least 70% the same. I mean, I can understand how people who wanted Bernie to raise the federal budget by 50% would want to elect Johnson and have him cut the budget by 50%. The 50% is the important part, not the direction.
Probably a spam bot building post count.
It's hardly just one city. Dallas is just the example that's in the news right now. Why would you apply the same standards of evidence for a vague thesis of correlation like the "Ferguson effect" and the results of direct reforms implemented by police departments? There's an overt cause and effect in the latter. The police have made a point to change their behavior. It's a known factor. It's much more reasonable to look at the crime and officer violence statistics...
"Suicide by cop" is almost uniquely American. It's fascinating that the knowledge of how American cops will engage with threats and eventually kill someone has permeated so deeply into the culture that mentally ill people use it as a controlled form of suicide.
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