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Welcome to conservative religious thinking. Enjoy your visit.
Given those lithium battery fires, I might prefer some antique technology.
Exactly. It's pretty much an intrinsic part of the conversation given how closely the show has followed the books. Of course people are going to talk about the differences and speculate on how the show is going to diverge or pull itself back onto course with the books. Unless you have two very active parallel threads, it's going to be really onerous to separate the two conversations.
That could well be true. Lots of rumor-milling in the etymology of these things.They're certainly sweet, but the overall flavor profile is quite different from most oranges.I was also using cherry Marnier, which may make a difference.
22C is summer weather. Heh.
Blood oranges That's where the name of the cocktail comes from. They do have a distinct taste profile, which to my palate works a lot better in that drink than others.I haven't tried them in things like the Monkey Gland, which is another tough cocktail to balance right.
Your glass would make me feel really drunk really fast. What kind of orange did you use? I found it made a lot of difference.
They'll do that. kulata posted a shirt made with fabric he sent in a few posts back, although I don't know the pricing details.
Lena Headly looks better with the dark hair. She doesn't look like a natural blonde on the show, which is sort of critical to the whole Cersei look. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau fits the part as Jaime quite well though.
+1. I'm not a basketball purist, but I've never really understood the appeal of having star athletes being murdered by brutes simply because they "dared" to go near the basket. The "and one" mentality of basketball can be annoying, but I'm watching to see freak athletes do their thing. Goons creaming anyone who goes up the middle doesn't push that button.
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