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I think it's funny how it's completely socially acceptable to pound coffee or energy drinks, but people look at you like you're some kind of junkie if you take caffeine pills.
Don't even get him started on fuel injection. Carburetors or death!
The 10 year cask strength is great. It's a distinct step up from the normal 10.The 18 is good, but the extra aging changes the character a lot. The ten has an enjoyable brashness, it bludgeons you over the head with peat and meaty goodness. The 18 is more refined, putting it in similar territory to Lagavulin. But I think Lagavulin does that better.
RG3 is going to end up being one of those "What-if" stories. A more functional organization and he might have been great, but Shanahan completely ruined him physically and mentally. Leaving him in during the Seahawk's game was inexcusable, then all the weird drama with the coaching staff.
Absolutely. You can change small things like that every order if you want. You can ask for small changes to the measurements too, seems to come out well once the general pattern is down.
Corpse Reviver 2a?
Shirring looks nice. They've really made progress since the blouse style results of early efforts.
The conservatives told us this would happen. Gay marriage ruining straight lives. Or haircuts, anyway.
I got this today as well, and it's also not the color I was expecting. It's got dusty/tan shades to it. Looks nice in the sun, but interior light is rough on it. It's not a total loss, but I was really hoping for something closer to the pictured swatch. Serves me right for jumping based on a picture.The material is nice.Let us know if you try the bleach.
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