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I paid ~$101 for the van Winkle rye this week, but I had to go through the county lottery to get a chance to buy it. They were selling the 23 for $250, the 20 for $150, and the 15 for $80. I hate to think about how many lottery winners went right back out on the secondary market. It's damn tempting though. People on Craigslist are offering $450 for the rye and you could probably get more. $350 profit is nothing to sneeze at, but the rye has been my unicorn and I'll...
I'm thinking about grabbing another bottle or two of the county selected bottling, and then another one of the regular bottling to compare. Might as well at this price. I usually get Buffalo Trace or Evan Williams Single barrel for my $25 bottle, but this kills those two (and they're not at all bad).Doesn't excite passions the way the Staggs/Pappys/etc do, but hey, nice finding some remaining budget scores.Tried to get some Birthday Bourbon today but it was all reserved....
I picked up a bottle of Elmer T Lee Sour Mash, one of the selected barrels. It's quite good for a $25 bottle. Definitely a score if you see it. Nice mashbill with the rye in it, gives it some spice. There's no age listed but it's supposed to be 8-12 years and tastes it.
Picked it up today. Only one of the RVW group that I haven't managed to find over the years. Woo.
Mine shrank quite a bit. It appeared that they built them with allowances for shrinkage, as they were rather large before washing and then perfect afterwards.
Geography, how does it work?
I think it's funny how many nurses make a big push to get their DNP, and then insist on being called "Doctor." You know you ain't a real doctor, don't front.
Yeah I wasn't counting undergrad.Also, a lot of those people were postdocs at NIH. Some of them were on their 9th year (!). Getting close to 40 and he's telling them to go back to school (and pay for it this time).Sucker advice.
Anybody tried the Maragogype special release that just came out? $2/pod. Might grab a sleeve along with an order before all the prices go up.
No pink pants.
New Posts  All Forums: