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Neat, we're having another stupid semantics argument. Trump's moron spokesperson said there was no discrimination in Ohio in the 1960s. That's a transparently stupid statement. Whether there was legal discrimination or not (Nil's word) is kind of irrelevant.
Trump wants to have stop and frisk go national. As a solution to black on black crime. I'm sure they'll love that. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/onpolitics/2016/09/21/trump-calls-stop-and-frisk-policing-fight-crime/90801616/
For the low low price of a five hundred dollars for a family of four!
Game recognizes game. Trump found another con man who was willing to play ball.
Machir Bay is really good.
Reagan was as much of a neocon as George HW.
You're looking at the motivations of the leaders. I'm talking about the people joining at the lower levels.The uneducated fuckwit from the streets who travels to Syria to fight doesn't really care about the caliphate. They probably only care about "Western influence" because of propaganda in their country. They're looking for something to identify with, and ISIS provides them that. Those weren't the people joining AQ, even if the leaders want to use them for the same...
So, uh...who was the last Republican president that you supported?Nixon?
I assume that's directed at my comment from awhile back?The point isn't to say people "aren't real Muslims," which is sort of a useless distinction. The point is understanding the problem. Why is ISIS so much more effective at creating home grown terrorists? What factors make someone susceptible to radicalization by ISIS? The differences between Al Qaeda and ISIS are going to let us address that. ISIS is recruiting different people with different motivations."Because...
Baltimore is more like Chicago than the other ones there. The gentrified/gentrifying part of the city is pretty nice, but you really have to watch out if you go into the wrong blocks.If you look at DC, they made an effort to ship a lot of the public housing people into the Maryland suburbs. Those particular suburbs degraded significantly, but the density is lower and it broke up some of the standing patterns. You get fights and robberies, but not gun battles in the...
New Posts  All Forums: