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Everyone in Aleppo is going to be dead before Clinton gets into office anyway, so the no-fly zone is probably going to be a moot point by then. It's a terrible idea either way, but I doubt we'll actually have to worry about it.
Back up a second here. The CNN headline is actually "Glenn Beck: Opposing Trump is 'moral' choice — even if Clinton is elected." That is exactly the message Beck was describing. suited is either read it wrong (just read the URL or something) or is just lying to fit his narrative of liberal media bias.
Anyone who doesn't completely agree with your brand of orthodoxy is a heretic and, more than that, probably a bad person to boot. Not to imply that Republicans are worse about this than Democrats, but Trump is an amazing test case. You see absolutely core party guys getting called "RINOs" because they aren't lining up to kiss Trump's ring. I really wonder if these people could even articulate what "Republican values" are, beyond "support the guy that I like or you...
It's kind of funny when guys say that they "prefer a natural looking woman." It almost always translates to "I prefer a heavily made up woman, but it shouldn't be obvious that it's makeup."
I have an Aeropress for making individual cups at work, but use a French press in the morning for the household. I don't feel like farting around with the Chemex most mornings, and I can get the French press going without thinking about it and get a good cup every time.
Related to StyleForum, there have been a bunch of complaints circling around about how fashion designers don't market clothes for average (read: overweight) women. Seems odd to me that if there's really demand, nobody has filled it. Capitalists leaving money on the table? Seems like there's some more complicated dynamics going on than "they're just not available." Seems likely that there's some self-reinforcing patterns, like the desirable brands are the ones worn by...
See, ed was willing to go there.
It wasn't just free media either, they normalized Trump as a political candidate. There was one week in particular where all of the broadcast news networks seemingly simultaneously accepted Trump as the nominee and started talking horserace as normal. They all had Trump proxies on their panels, talked about Trump policies with a straight face like he was a more or less conventional politician. It gave him a huge amount of credibility and mainstream validity that he had...
Yeah, it's kind of past the point of schadenfreude by now.
New Posts  All Forums: