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My mom went back to school for nursing. She got "This is not college level writing" on one paper. Her grade: 96%. It was pretty funny actually, the professor wanted them to basically chop up the writing prompts and write a paragraph on each. The "not college level writing" mistake was (evidently) trying to incorporate every point into a cohesive argument.
Heard back from the Buffalo Trace allotment person, and they missed my name on the list. Turns out that I got a bottle of Thomas Handy. Woo.
This guy I knew in grad school had a super weird brother. Classic neckbeard type, was in school for video game design, make uncomfortable jokes all the time, that sort of thing. Apparently he went over to China for something, and now has a Chinese wife. She doesn't speak English. He doesn't speak Mandarin. Is this just in-sourcing mail order brides?
But we don't care about what's best for Gurley. We want to win football games.(I'm only part joking here)
I'm sure that Hutson Mason can provide enough offense to more than offset the loss of Gurley.Wait.
Do you have any unfocused observations about ethnic minorities that you would like to offer to us? I'm interested in Cambodians, maybe some Paraguayans.
Ron Zacapa 23 is a nice sipper. Sweet and rich. There are so many styles of rum. Many of them just have this rawness to them that makes them harder to appreciate as sippers. I haven't had the Clement, but it's a rhum, so it's going to have those vegetal notes that don't rub everyone the right way. Another one I like straight is El Dorado 15.
What's the fabric on that?
The question is more why you think anyone would care about four random Bangladeshis you know.I know some people from Bangladesh too! Should I describe them in detail for your consideration?Did you perhaps comprehend that I noted you were actually correct about the language?
Ok, then nobody gives a fuck. I guess that's better?Upon further investigation, apparently Bangla is an alternative word for Bengali.Failure rating reduced to 7/10 edinas.
New Posts  All Forums: