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The ugliness and rhetoric Trump has brought to the race has really amplified the negative emotions on both sides. It's not his fault that people on the left are getting violent, but I think we can see a cause and effect here.
Most people on the progressive spectrum of politics don't "hate America", they want to see an improved version of it. Just because we're in the top % of the world doesn't mean it couldn't and shouldn't be better.There's some small number of very loud Tumblr types that are actually anti-America, but they're relatively rare in the real world.And define "sense of duty or patriotism." It's easy to put an American flag in the back window of your truck, or shout MURICA at some...
It's kind of fun that Trump is a billionaire and still feels the need to use his name to run a real estate seminar scam. I guess that's how you get to be a billionaire, never pass up the next opportunity to make money.
You know it's entirely possible that a lot of those Hispanics are American citizens, right?Ok Nostradamus.There's no chance Trump wins in a "landslide" unless Hillary get indicted. The demographic advantage is just too big for the Democrats to allow a landslide under almost any circumstances.
That's the 1968 law that was rendered unconstitutional by United States vs Eichman, which upheld Texas v. Johnson. So yes, it's outdated.Flag burning is constitutionally protected speech.
Gotta say this is not a good look for American democracy, from either side. When was the last election with this much anger, 1968?
Seems to have realized the error of his ways and removed it. Or a mod did.
Easier to talk about statist fuck pigs on the internet than actually make changes in the real world, I suppose.
I was totally geeking out at the Udvar Hazy Air and Space Museum. It's like plane porn. They have one of everything, including an SR71.Also, you know, the space shuttle Discovery.
Limoncello might work. Homemade is super easy and better than any of the storebought stuff.
New Posts  All Forums: