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Unnamed Tiki Cocktail #7 Rittenhouse Rye Ron Brugal Extra Old Ginger syrup Lime juice Falernum bitters mint garnish No measuring for me, just eyeballed it. Heavier on the rye than the rum. Pretty good actually.
I have one of the Able filters. I'd be interested to know what you think about the finer mesh ones.
Imagine how Wade is feeling about opting out right now.
The pressure to win rings wouldn't have been the slightest bit lessened if they had just shown up without that little intro circus. Three superstars joining up = you win or you're failures. Hell, LeBron was already getting that in Cleveland before he left.
Have you tried the Clynelish DE?
Being "That Guy" can make you less likely to be included on valuable projects, less likely to get promoted, etc. Being visibly at odds with the work culture is rarely a good thing.
They had a sumo wrestler in 2009. Everything is on the table.
I've worn a jacket maybe a dozen times since I quit teaching. My workplace is so damn casual these days, at least until you get into management. I miss it really.My wife gets after me if I outdress her, and she never wants to dress especially well for most occasions. Sigh. All these nice clothes sitting around.
It can absorb alcohol!
I was walking down the sidewalk, and some idiot was focusing on their cell phone and was walking on the wrong side while weaving all over the place. I slow way down, and this idiot just crashes right into me. I probably have 100 lbs on her, so she basically bounces off and drops her phone. She glares at me, apparently waits for me to apologize, then says "EXCUSE YOU" and snatches up her phone. I'm just dumbstruck. She glares some more, mutters about my striking...
New Posts  All Forums: