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I really hope that along with Luxire's new website, they work out some of the kinks in their fabric availability and ordering. I've had multiple orders cancelled in the last six months because they ran out of fabric or had to order some and something got messed up. I've been waiting four solid months for an order because of various shenanigans getting some Brisbane Moss fabrics. That order only happened because a previous order (from a summer sale, I think) had...
I want to know why the color commentator had their playbook.
If you're going to really dive into coffee, you really ought to upgrade that whirly bird. Even a cheap burr grinder is going to be worlds better, and a lot more consistent to boot. You can't really nail anything down with the blade grinder, it's always going to be hit or miss.I'm sure you know all that, but it really does make a huge improvement.
Sparkling water is the traditional method.
Yeah man, almost everything is stupid expensive right now. A'bunadh used to go for ~$70 just a year or so ago, and now it's $120.
Retail is $71 around here.Prices on everything have gone up quite a bit in the last few years. 50% or more on some.
I didn't go into this for the money, that's for sure.
I'm a chemist and I've used a bunch of those things at work I bet I'd make more money working as a plumber or fitter.
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