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I have no idea about the shipped and installed price.This stuff is only like 6mm thick, so the weight is less of an issue. You can actually install it with a bend if you need to.
I'm looking at one of those sealed gas things, so I don't think heat tolerance is an issue.What's the quartz run, something like $40 sq ft?
Does it come with authentic PiobPatina?
I've been looking into this for a fireplace surround, want a floor to ceiling marble look. Real marble is....expensive. The individual slabs scale really badly for big pieces, depends on much you want to avoid seams and the quality.A surprisingly nice budget alternative is large aspect thin porcelain. You can get tiles up to something like 4' by 10', and it's ~$2/sq ft. It really does look like marble, and it's pretty durable to boot (you can drive a car on some of...
Trump Towers has the best taco bowl! The Spics love me! Errr....Mexicans.
Not sure. He's got decent overlap with Sanders on a lot of this stuff. I'd say there's a reason all the corporatist mainstream Republicans were so against him and so quiet about supporting him now.
Speeches? Not sure. There are obviously politics at work, she (and her team) has to know that policy doesn't sell. You can see her shift into "wonk" mode in some of the town hall format discussions, but she's obviously work on sticking to the platitude script.You can find statements from people who worked with her at State and they all say how she's incredibly obsessive about policy details.I thought this piece was pretty nuanced about Hillary, had some good discussion...
It's kind of funny because this is why Hillary is so out of her element at this point. She's a technocratic issues person, not a natural campaigner.
3. Protectionist trade policies.The media isn't talking about that too much, but your Rust Belt voters who feel like the economy has left them behind are all about this stuff.
He's almost certainly a narcissist in the clinical sense of the word, so his outward appearance and status is enormous to him. Just look at how often he mentions people "laughing at us"; he's obviously deeply concerned about how people view him.I'd have considered voting for any Republican other than Trump or Cruz. I probably wouldn't have, but I would have been a lot more likely to just stay home.Then again, my state is 100% going to go blue so it doesn't matter anyway.
New Posts  All Forums: