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The whole concept really annoys me and I've never quite been sure why it does. Maybe just because all the people who have ever mentioned having one are really irritating people.The people that do it also seem to get some borderline inappropriately close relationships with their "work spouse." Seems unhealthy for your marriage to get emotionally intimate with someone of the other gender who you're spending many hours a week with, but that's just my take on it. Shit,...
Oban DE is a big step up from the 14 as well.
I had to seriously think about that one. MMWS = Martin Miller's Westbourne Strength. Not exactly a common acronym.
It used to cost good money to see imbeciles debase themselves for your amusement. Now they do it for free. Don't complain.
Broker's is the gin I always keep stocked. Works with most things, it's cheap, and the profile agrees with me.
Probiotics? Are you a middle aged woman?
My homemade orgeat fermented and I had to throw it out Only got to use it twice.
A couple minutes is a long time to let the water cool. I just checked, and mine was down to 202 in one minute and 194 in two minutes.Best way (if you don't want to get a fancy kettle) is to just get a digital thermometer, which is kind of necessary for cooking anyway. I've used mine enough to know the temperature from watching the bubbles, but it was just guessing before that and results are inconsistent.
It's just a cold glass of gin without the vermouth. Gin is tricky because it's rarely done straight, but the flavor profile matters hugely in different cocktails. One that works fabulously in a martini might fail in a Negroni, or even with a different vermouth. You have to know what drinks you like and how/why they work. I'll usually try a bit straight, then mix a martini and a Negroni, maybe a gin and tonic if it's something unusual. Probably not all on the same...
I like the Ethiopian lungo, but I like it as a ristretto shot instead of the lungo.
New Posts  All Forums: