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It's hardly just one city. Dallas is just the example that's in the news right now. Why would you apply the same standards of evidence for a vague thesis of correlation like the "Ferguson effect" and the results of direct reforms implemented by police departments? There's an overt cause and effect in the latter. The police have made a point to change their behavior. It's a known factor. It's much more reasonable to look at the crime and officer violence statistics...
"Suicide by cop" is almost uniquely American. It's fascinating that the knowledge of how American cops will engage with threats and eventually kill someone has permeated so deeply into the culture that mentally ill people use it as a controlled form of suicide.
BLM is a response to a general feeling of unrest in the black community about their perception of the interaction with the police. I think it's quite reasonable to question some of their tactics (blocking highways and such), but the idea of pressing the concern into the national discussion is exactly how a community ought to respond to a serious concern like this.I don't think we can demand that they shut up because the 0.0001% outliers like Micah have responded with...
If police use of force was strictly related to crime in the community, you wouldn't see such huge effects when police department reforms are implemented.Dallas, as a topical example, has seen consistent decreases in the use of force by officers and complaints about excessive force since reforms were implemented in 2013. The policies and practices of policing matter. There's a great deal of room for improvement in many police departments before they can reasonably throw...
Guiliani is an authoritarian shitbag.And? Police use of force is a serious issue, and one that can be addressed more directly than systemic violence within the community. There's no rational reason why the police issue should be ignored just because there's also a community violence problem.
Meh, pretty similar most places. Not great, not terrible. I was up at Lake Como for a work thing for most of it, so it's probably not the best coffee scene. Had a bunch of Nespresso at the conference. One place in Florence was pulling really good shots.I had a Nonino Eight Year reserve which was fantastic.
It turns out that jet lag and a windowless basement office are not a good combination. So. Tired. I was fine going east, pretty much just stayed up 28 hours straight and was fine by the next day. But coming west and coming back into the office is brutal so far. Was easy getting up this morning but I'm dying by lunchtime.
Menta is sweeter and the mint really tamps down the bitterness. Some of my favorite Fernet Branca cocktails have mint in them, so it's probably not surprising. Branca Menta is a lot more approachable. My wife liked it, and she hates most amaro.
I was in Italy for the last couple weeks and went on an amaro binge. Basically tried anything I've seen in the States and never sampled, along with any local variety that was on offer. It was always fun watching the bartenders blink at the American ordering amaro, must not be that common. Had a couple actually double check my order. Drank a lot of Montenegro. Seemed to be the most common choice for the Italians too. Really enjoyed Branca Menta, hit the spot in the...
No True Feminist, hmmm?Most traditional feminists would see egalitarianism as the majority of the goal. They wouldn't have an issue with a woman choosing to be dominated in bed, or choosing to be a stay at home wife, or whatever. The point is about having the choice. You've pretty much defined "feminism" as "rad fem", because.....why? Those voices are loudest in the right internet echo chambers?
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