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I got my VBC midgrey flannel and light grey hopsack last week, wearing the hopsack now actually. One of the other fabrics (houndstooth flannel) hadn't arrived yet and I'm still waiting on it, but hey, it's 90 degrees out so I'm not all that concerned.The hopsack is super comfy and breathable. It's like wearing pajama pants. Great stuff.
This forum needs more pedantic gibberish.
What's the closest style for Bacardi 8?Bacardi bought out Ron Brugal in the Dominican Republic some years ago, fortunately they don't seem to have changed the recipe any. I like stocking Brugal for cocktails, works in almost everything unlike a lot of rums.
In sort of NBA related events, the #1 thread on Reddit right now is about Lebron accidentally flashing his dick to the camera. And yes, it did actually happen. So there's that.
I think it's "Anti-Global Warming Morons," and "Anti-Genetically Modified Organism Moron".
It'll be a real shitstorm if they ever go after the Men's Rights/TheRedPill communities and leave ShitRedditSays and the Tumblr style subs alone.
DRAMA!Pretty funny though. I wonder wtf has to be wrong with someone's life for them to devote significant time to one of those hater subreddits. Like, fat people bother you that much that you're going to post 100 times a week about it? Weird.
"Real, whole foods" = not GMOGMO = needs labels.conscientious consumer = smart enough to agree that GMO is badLearn to read between the lines
The Chinese guy in the next office hacks constantly. I think he brought some Beijing air over with him.
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