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Why Chemex? Mostly because I'm a chemist and liked the story and glassware. The technique element is somewhat interesting to me as well.I'm fully aware that I borked the ratio. I messed up some math. Was not by design. I was pulsing it and stirred on the bloom, which probably explains why it came out rather decent in spite of my ratio.
New to Chemex, I have no idea if it's considered pourover by the cool kids.
450 mL, so ~18 oz. For that amount of coffee, you're supposed to use more like 700 mL.I'm not ordinarily this precise with coffee, but new to pourovers so I'm trying to get the concept down before I start eyeballing it.
As long as they get a national championship or two out of it, totally worth it.
Got a couple inches of snow this morning. I'm on my way to work, and there's somebody stalled out on every hill heading up out of my neighborhood and someone rear ended on every hill going down. There's maybe four inches of snow. No work for me, apparently!
I picked up a Chemex and made my first cup at lunch today. Was in a hurry and borked the water:coffee ratio, and overdosed the hell out of it. Did something like 38g coffee to 450g water. Came out pretty well, actually, but I was all jittery the whole afternoon.
Might want to call the police, get a papertrail started.
That looks like something out of a WNBA game.
So....every SEC West team except Arkansas lost their bowl game.
If Keurig is your standard of excellence, you probably don't need to both with the coffee-nerd level considerations in this thread. If you want to really try good coffee (which is not automatically a hugely expensive process), you might be interested.I just got some nice coffee for $12/pound, local roaster.If you want anything approaching "good" coffee, you gotta buy whole beans. Pre-ground coffee will go stale rapidly, not really a matter of opinion. That makes a...
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