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I feel like the standardized verbal tests are mostly about general exposure to a lot of words and then strategy. I couldn't define most of the words on those things, but I can do the logical association that they want you to do because I've done a lot of reading. I have no faculty for Scrabble and such, but the game of standardized tests goes well for me.People who study flash cards are pretty much already boned.
It's not so much just that the Asians are good at math, it's that they mercilessly cram for these tests. Having an exceptional test score is pretty much their only shot at getting into a good US school, because nobody trusts their grades to mean anything.I got a 99th percentile verbal and ~70th on the quant for the GRE. Very unusual distribution for a physical scientist, had a couple potential advisers comment on it. The GRE verbal was pretty brutal, way more than the...
Your undergrad institution is also a pretty good class filter for employers. If you go to a top school, they can more easily assume you're the "right kind of people."
I've had that "oh crap a piece of my tooth just fell out" thing happen twice. Both times it's been an old filling that came loose (the same one both times, actually). I just keep forgetting about it.
Did Luxire hire more people for customer service, or did they just vastly increase their Adderall budget?
I used to be a teacher. I'm allowed to be a cynic.
Someone should tell them that sitting on the couch all evening watching TV with grading in front of them doesn't actually count another eight hours of work.
Maybe they're just not as disgusting as you
Oban DE is so nice. I was really disappointed by the 14 year, but the DE is great. I should try the 18 sometime.
I saw that UGA paid for lost performance insurance. Gurley starts getting money if he slips out of the first round. $5 mil if he doesn't get drafted.I wonder though, does this reinforce the theory that the strength and conditioning program is bad? All the stuff last year, then Gurley (and still Marshall) this year?
New Posts  All Forums: