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I took way too long off the gym and now I'm doing a beginners program to get back in. Squatting 3x a week. It suuuuucks. Only been three weeks and I'm 70% of the way back to where I was, so that's nice.I have found lighter squats (like, an intermediate warmup set) works great to ease up soreness.
Fortunately they seem to stick to the widely known stuff, like Pappy, Johnny Walker Blue, etc. Pappy is so ludicrously expensive, rather have them drinking that than some of rare scotches they have.I had the last dram out of a bottle of Port Ellen 1982 they had there. I honestly felt a little bad about it.
Straight back, *gulp*, slapped the glasses down on the table afterwards.
I was at Jack Rose, and some table of Business Bros ordered a round of Pappy 23 for the table (like 12 people).They did shots. Then all raved about how amazing it was.
Any Indonesian that doesn't taste like dirt is interesting for me. They're either fantastic or all I get is "dirt." The Chromatic Coffee Papua New Guinea Kunjin is one of the few I've liked from that region.
Thank god there aren't any Muslim apartment blocks tho. Pandemonium, sharia law, cat and dogs living together.
It's pretty stark in a lot of areas of the US. This is a good visualization tool, colors in a dot per household by ethnicity. You can see some amazingly stark divisions in many areas.It's interesting on the microlevel too. Like "hey, that's the Hispanic block." A whole apartment complex, and it'll be 90% Hispanic while the next one over is all black.
Just the blacks tho. And they mostly kill each other.Mostly not serious
"But in Europe...."
Some people I know from college are starting to go back to school for MBAs or second careers. So glad I'm done with that. Be happy if I never had to sit in a classroom again. Stand in front of one, maybe.
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