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I'd set them before I went to bed, and they usually got set off before I even fell asleep. Critters come out within like 15 minutes of the lights going out. Would get multiple rounds per night sometimes.
Peanut butter worked for the first batch of mice, but apparently they figured out how to eat most of it without snapping the trap. Crafty vermin. Must not have been the right consistency to stay stuck in the trap.
Also helps to really wedge the bait in there. I had good luck with almonds, cut 'em to the right size and wedge them into the bait cup. The mice can't just scoop them up, they gotta press down to get some leverage. Then, *snap*.I actually got three mice with one trap, in one night. No idea how the idiots pulled that one off.
We got Friday off. Woo. Good thing too, because I have no leave at all. I missed most of a week because of the flu (four half days and one full day off) and got shit done. Now my routine is all wacked, barely got anything done last week. Need to get back in gear. My productivity drops every winter. The time change and the darkness messes me up (especially working in the basement and not getting any sunlight), and half the office is out for a good three weeks. Just...
Starbucks is the only coffee place near where I work, so I end up going there more often than I'd like. There's an amazing difference in quality between the ready to serve stuff in the tureen and when they have to do a single cup pourover. I've been getting the blonde roast simply because they don't have it ready in the afternoon so they have to make me a fresh cup.
That's a nice sweater on Lebron.
I read a lot of news, but I only see TV news in the gym. It's horrible, can't believe people willingly expose themselves to it. I guess I can understand the older people, get in a habit before it was totally intolerable and just never break it off.Fortunately it fills me with enough anger to get through my routine and GTFO out of the gym.
The buffalo chicken finger sandwich at Wegmans (grocery store, not fast food) is pretty damn good. I was hungry yesterday and got the 14". Eyes were bigger than my stomach, felt like I couldn't move for the rest of the day. Only like $7 too.
Maybe if you ate less fast food, you wouldn't clog toilets
Oban Distiller's Edition is a really nice step up from the 14 year. The DE has moved up to one of my favorites, and I found the 14 very run of the mill. I'm looking forward to trying the 18.
New Posts  All Forums: