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It's not just arrests dude. It's getting hassled on the street, pulled over for bullshit traffic infractions that white drivers don't face with anything near the same frequency, just being looked at like you're a criminal because of the color of your skin and not anything you as a person have done.I posted an article with a United States Senator who got pulled over four times in a year for suspicion of driving a stolen vehicle. You think white Senators are getting pulled...
Oh, well, if blacks aren't getting discriminated against in 100% of their interactions with police, then clearly there's no problem.
Trump's back on his "We should have annexed Iraq's oil fields" kick again.
Apparently Guiliani mentioned 9/11 so many times during his run for President that he's since forgotten about it. Rudy Giuliani, mayor of NYC on 9/11: "Before Obama, we didn't have any successful radical Islamic attacks in the US" edit: if you watch the whole clip it's not quite as stupid, but still a ridiculous assertion.
I suspect people in the black community have been trying to have a calm and rational conversation about these issues for a long time, with very little traction. It took something more...energetic to get the issue into the national conversation. When the calm voices are ignored (indefinitely) and the radical voices dismissed for being too radical, I'm not sure there's any conclusion other than just not wanting to do anything about those issues.I don't think the community...
Yeah. That guy wrote a book, "Hillbilly Elegy." He's been all over the usual intelligensia circuit recently. I think it's a pretty solid and refreshing take on the situation. Certainly better than the usual partisan stuff.
"The black community" doesn't commit crimes. Individual people commit crimes.That's not a trivial distinction. If you're a law abiding black person, you're still affected by these policies to combat "black crime." The fact that it's in proportion to crimes committed by other black people isn't going to be a whole lot of solace when you're getting pulled over and treated like a criminal because you're black. People are just supposed to be quiet and accept that until...
It doesn't have a single story about Trump in the first couple dozen articles I scanned, versus many (all negative) about Clinton.Alternative media is fun.
That looks like a credible source without any glaringly obvious sources of bias.
The usual suspects were trying to discount the experiences of a black Republican Senator who got stopped eleven times in a year, including several times for suspicion of driving a stolen vehicle.I'm sure lots of white Senators get pulled over because they were driving too nice a car. Clearly he's just a dumb sheep who only feels persecuted because "the media" has been pushing a false narrative his whole life.
New Posts  All Forums: