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It's poli-sci, they're kind of behind the times on this sort of thing.
The fact that model has "Communist/Fascist" as equivalents kind of makes it suspect. The two-axis representation has always made more sense.
God knows with Trump, but he made a weird pick for Attorney General if he was planning on being lax on drugs. Trump has been pretty negative about drugs too, including the comment to Duterte the other day that the Phillipines was "going about the War on Drugs the right way."
I think some of it started happening after the forum redesign. I basically only check threads that I have saved. Navigating the forum was a mess for awhile, especially when the spambots were running rampant.CE is kind of a special case because there are so few posters.
That's rather reductionist, isn't it?People are agitating about this because Trump overturns a long standing US policy before he's even President, and it's not exactly clear that there's a strategy here. It makes people twitchy. International relationships are a delicate thing and nobody knows what rules Trump is playing by, or even if he has any idea what game he himself is playing.
"I can't be wrong, everyone else must be biased!"Hah.
And you're still delusional.Neat.
WashPo has an article condemning Buzzfeed's attack on those two. Liberal media?
lol nice gatekeeping bro
If Medwed doesn't have a bird meme for this, I'm going to be very disappointed.
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