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My grad school gave the professors a choice between a defined benefit and a 401k style plan. The DB was something like 60% of your high 3. Back in the 90s, a number of them switched (irrevocably) to the 401k plan to try and catch the rising bubble. Didn't work out so well.
What are you going to be wearing it for? Office work environment?The best is taking an existing shirt and sending it in. Even if it doesn't fit perfectly, you can have them offer suggestions on what measurements to change (send in fit pics if you want this). It's not a bad idea of have a local tailor work over one of your shirts to serve as your template.Second best is measurements, but there's room for error there. A distant third is body measurements, which is a...
Left my coffee at home and had to turn around to go get it. Ran into the Fedex man, who had my Luxire package. First try on delivery, a miracle! Didn't get a chance to unpack, so I have jeans, a Persian green shirt, and a (comically unseasonal) flannel waiting for me at home. Total was about six weeks, but that includes shipping a pair of jeans in to be replicated. If you're in a hurry, place multiple orders and leave the replications on their own orders.
Bushmill's 21 is pretty good. Three casks: Olorosso, bourbon, and Madeira. Pretty nice depth (esp. for an Irish) and rich. It could use a higher proof but I think that about everything that isn't cask strength already.
The Botanist is good stuff. Worth picking up.
Get the cask strength if it's available. More of everything, and you can always dilute it down to the usual proof if you want.I'm a Laphroaig CS evangelist.
If your selection at home sucks, you'll be able to find all kinds of good stuff in the US. It just might not be regional craft stuff. The national brands are still your best bets, especially if you can't get all the good ones at home.
I've got one of those in transit. Yours looks really nice, looking forward to getting mine!
Almost all of them are trying various gimmicks to keep afloat until they can properly age a supply. There's only so much you can do to make a young bourbon interesting.
I get read receipts from salespeople all the time.
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