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Trump was close before the first debate. He's been getting killed since then. The tape was the icing on the cake, but he had slid a long way before that.
Does anyone really care what Petraeus has to say anymore? He doesn't have any role in the administration any more, so it's not like this is some official position.
Are Canadians collectively responsible for that meme or something? What's the supposed hypocrisy there?
Glengoyne 15 is a solid sherried scotch. It's not quite in the A'bunadh tier, but it's quite pleasant.
I thought that was weird, because I just glanced at it originally and figured it was clickbait. Then I re-read it a couple hours later and it was like "Hey wait, this isn't even clickbait. It's just a headline."That's some bullshit. Liberal bias or not, they ought to note when they change text. That's like basic journalism right there.
That's why it's so hilarious when his supporters call people RINOs. It's like...none of those policies are Republican. The whole reason you like Trump is because he's not a conventional conservative politician. Of all the things to bash his critics with, why go with "RINO"?
Interesting....sneaky little CNN's.
Everyone in Aleppo is going to be dead before Clinton gets into office anyway, so the no-fly zone is probably going to be a moot point by then. It's a terrible idea either way, but I doubt we'll actually have to worry about it.
Back up a second here. The CNN headline is actually "Glenn Beck: Opposing Trump is 'moral' choice — even if Clinton is elected." That is exactly the message Beck was describing. suited is either read it wrong (just read the URL or something) or is just lying to fit his narrative of liberal media bias.
Anyone who doesn't completely agree with your brand of orthodoxy is a heretic and, more than that, probably a bad person to boot. Not to imply that Republicans are worse about this than Democrats, but Trump is an amazing test case. You see absolutely core party guys getting called "RINOs" because they aren't lining up to kiss Trump's ring. I really wonder if these people could even articulate what "Republican values" are, beyond "support the guy that I like or you...
New Posts  All Forums: